Положение о международном отделе

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1. General regulations

1.1. The International Office (IO) a self-dependent structural subdivision of BSMU and performs activity
regarding organization, coordination, assistance and realization of international
and foreign-economic activity of BSMU.

1.2. The IO performs its actions within the legislation of the RF, international
agreements and contracts of BSMU, charter of BSMU, the order of rector of BSMU and
present regulations.

1.3. List of members of staff of the department is adopted by rector of BSMU.

1.4. Functions of the staff of the department are determined by official
instructions and job characteristics approved by rector of BSMU.

1.5. The IO is a subdivision of the management department and submits only to rector of BSMU.

2. Principal tasks

2.1. To work up strategy of the activity of BSMU and its integration into world-wide
educational, scientific and medical systems.

2.2. To organize international activity of BSMU, work up methods for its realization,
prepare covenants, agreements and other documents destined for realizations
of the mission of BSMU concerning international relations.

2.3. To coordinate activity of the subdivisions of BSMU regarding working up and
fulfillment international agreements, projects, programs and covenants.

2.4. To coordinate fulfillment of obligations regarding international agreements of
the RF and covenants, contracts of the Ministry of Healthcare of the RF concerning BSMU.

2.5. To coordinate international scientific-technical relations of BSMU.

2.6. To organize together with departments and chairs of the university training,
retraining and courses on raising the level of skill for foreign citizens under
international contracts (agreements) of the Ministry of education and Ministry of
Healthcare of the RF and under conditions of contracts with foreign educational
institutions, organizations, companies or under individual contracts.

2.7. To expend academical mobility by means of activated international contracts,
exchange-students (interns, registrars, post-graduate students, probationers and
scientific-pedagogical staff) programs on interstate, inter-departmental and
inter-institutional levels.

2.8. To formulate plan ON international relations of BSMU, to organize and control
activities regarding its realization.

2.9. To assist integration of BSMU into international educational market, the
system of international information and communication field.

2.10. To work up and put into operation together with the departments and chairs of
the university the system of encouraging studying foreign languages for students,
interns, registrars, post-graduate students, lecturers and personal of BSMU.

2.11. To assist in usage international experience in raising quality of training
specialists, scientific researches, treatment-and-preventive aid.

2.12. To assist in organizing in BSMU and abroad joint research,
treatment-and-preventive and educational projects with foreign educational

2.13. To organize working up advertisements of BSMU in foreign languages.

2.14. To coordinate activity concerning international relations of educational
institutions, scientific-research and treatment-and-preventive regional institutions.

2.15. To assist BSMU\’s subdivisions in foreign-economical activity.

2.16. To attract interested enterprises and organizations to development of
international relations.

2.17. To cooperate with international partners and international organizations within
the state and abroad regarding development of international relations of BSMU.

2.18. To organize reception of foreign delegations, specialists, lecturers, students,
scientists and interaction with public authorities regarding stay of foreign citizens
invited by BSMU IN the territory of the RF.

2.19. To prepare suggestions concerning perspective and present financing of
international relations including possibility of usage of international funds and programs.

2.20. To provide informational supply of international activity of BSMU, to grant
information concerning international relations including usage of modern types of tele-

3. Principal functions

3.1. To work out annual program for IO, monitor and control it. To make up a report
on the work of the last year.

3.2. To work out programs and to organize activity regarding realization of the main
tasks of BSMU.

3.3. To assume responsibilities of the deans office while dealing with foreign students.

3.4. To prepare draft agreements on cooperation, letters of intent and covenants with
foreign organizations according to the rector\’s instruction.

3.5. To elaborate plan and program of reception of foreign specialists to the university
according to the subdivisions\’ and rector\’s request. To prepare and draw up all the necessary
documents including rector\’s orders and estimates concerning reception, meetings, meals and
hotel reservation.

3.6. To register foreign specialists in passport-visa service of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

3.7. To organize business meetings for foreign specialists at BSMU, treatment-and-preventive
institutions of Bashkortostan and in other organizations.

3.8. To help in organizing scientific business trips for students, interns, registrars, post-graduate students, lecturers and personal of BSMU abroad.

3.9. To participate in preparation of final documents, agreements, contracts, work plans for covenants on cooperation.

3.10. To accompany foreign specialists and delegations invited by BSMU, including
written and oral translations.

3.11. To make inventations for foreign specialists for getting visa to Russia.

3.12. To render assistance foreign specialists who arrived at BSMU in international
connection, in purchasing avia, rail-way and other tickets.

3.13. To make up a report on reception of foreign specialists.

3.14. To provide connection with the Representative office of Ministry for Foreign Affairs
and \”OVIR\”.

3.15. To inform students and personal of BSMU about current competitions, programs,
scientific congresses and symposium which are held abroad. To participate in choosing
candidates for the trip, to consult while drawing up documents.

3.16. To participate in organization and conducting international symposiums, conferences,
exhibitions and other arrangements within the frames of international relations.

3.17. To search prospective partners to connect BSMU with foreign universities, clinics,
healthcare institutions and scientific organizations. Determine type of cooperation.

3.18. To give information about international activity of BSMU in press, Internet, etc.

3.19. To make up a reserve of faculty, personal of BSMU, students, interns, registrars,
post-graduate students for abroad trips in accordance with all courses of international
relations. To organize language-level-control committee for the candidates for trip.

3.20. To consult in filling in a questionnaire for visa or foreign passport.

3.21. To keep record of secondment of students, interns, registrars, faculty of BSMU and
its personnel abroad on all stages starting with visa and up to receiving a report on the
job carried through abroad.

3.22. To stock and keep covenants on international relations, letters of intent, in- and
outcoming correspondence and addressing it to interested organization and persons.

3.23. To study and analyse regularly international information and then elaborate
recommendations and proposals on development of international cooperation.

3.24. To assist subdivisions of BSMU in foreign economical activity.

3.25. To form and manage fund of international relations of BSMU.

3.26. To consult students, post-graduate students and personal of BSMU in grant-competitions
and programs.

3.27. To work out regulations and control distribution of funds, which were got as a result of international educational. Scientific, medical and foreign economical activity.

3.28. To study experience of other similar subdivisions of other educational institutions and offer suggestions concerning perfection performance of the IO.

4. Maintenance of the IO activity.

4.1. The department has following rights:

4.1.1. To require and receive necessary data concerning international and foreign economical activity from structural subdivisions of BSMU and its officials in a set order.

4.1.2. To elaborate project of standards regarding all types of activity of the DIAFEA for inter-university usage.

4.1.3. To form staff under the list of members of staff.

4.1.4. To determine form of payment for the staff.

4.1.5. To form a fund of off-budgetary funds.

4.2. For informational, documentary, legal, technical and transport maintenance of the IO’s activity. Social service for the departments workers is performed by corresponding subdivisions of BSMU.

4.3. Interaction with the structural subdivisions of BSMU is performed by means of common forms of the university’s management and directly (with the subdivisions involved).

5. Leadership of the department.

5.1. Head of the department is appointed and relieved of the post by rector of BSMU.

5.2. Head of the department has one assistant, who acts under the job description and acts for the head at the time of his/her absence.

5.3. Head of the department:

5.3.1. directs the activity of the department and maintains solving of the challenges under the principal functions;

5.3.2. grants for rector’ approval structural and staff quantity of the department as well as proposals to finance the department for developing and other missions at the university’s expense.

5.3.3. determines functions of the staff of the department;

5.3.4. grants rector candidates for a position in the department;

5.3.5. proposes rector to relieve somebody of his/her position in the department;

5.3.6. in a set order gives a statement about encouraging or penalizing an employee of the department.

5.3.7. distributes duties among the employees;

5.3.8. assigns all official documents regarding international relations and foreign economical activity of BSMU, its students and personal;

5.3.9. issues instructions and gives order regarding the department’s activity;

5.3.10. interacts with the subdivisions of BSMU and other institutions and organizations concerning realization challenges of international cooperation;

5.3.11. takes part in discussion questions on international and foreign economical activity of BSMU;

5.3.12. promotes in attraction off-budget fund for the department’s activity.

6. Financial and economical activity of the DIAFEA, relations with other structural subdivisions.

6.1. Financial activity of the DIAFEA is performed according budget and off-budget financing.

6.2. All actions regarding international activity, foreign citizens, organizations or trips abroad conducted by BSMU or its separate subdivisions or personal, must be obligatory co-ordinated, registrated in the DIAFEA and then the report on the fulfillment should be granted to the department.

6.3. The DIAFEA is obliged to give any information (including analytical data) on its activity by the requirement to rector of BSMU.

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