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Approved by Agreed with

Vill M. Timerbulatov, BSMU Students Professional Committee

Rector of the BSMU R. Nurkhakimov

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Rules of Living

In The Bashkirian State Medical University Hostels

Ufa – 2006

I. Rules of Living in the BSMU Hostels

1. The BSMU hostels, which have the status of the University campus, are given to students, postgraduates, residents, interns, and listeners of preparation courses who come from other cities for the training period.

Foreign citizens admitted to the BSMU according to international agreements move in hostels on the same conditions as Russian students studying at the BSMU.

Staff and other persons can move in hostels for the period of work only in exceptional case after Rector’s approval, university entrants can move in hostels for the period of taking entrance exams after the approval of selection committee, postgraduates – after the permission of the head of the Postdiploma Education Institute.

2. The University campus is a structural unit of the BSMU consisting of 4 hostels which are supported with the money allocated from the budget, the money paid for living in hostels, extra commercial services and other non-budget means received from economic and commercial activity of the BSMU.

3. According to construction regulations every hostel has study halls, lounges, infirmaries, amenity rooms (kitchens, bathrooms and so on).

4. Premises for public catering establishments of hospitals, medical stations, sanatoriums located in hostel for servicing residents are free of charge. Except payment for public services (heating, lighting, water supply) for public service establishments and commercial organizations these rooms are given according to current legislation on lease terms.

The decisions on allocating premises for the above mentioned purposes are taken by the University administration by agreement with the Students Council of a hostel.

5. Rights and obligations of hostel staff are determined by job description and work contract.

6. The University campus is headed by the Director who is appointed and dismissed by the Rector and reports directly to the pro-rector on academic work.

7. General guidance of work in hostels, organization of public servicing of hostel residents is entrusted to the Pro-rector on academic work.

8. The current regulations are worked out according to General Regulations on students communal conduct of higher and secondary professional education of Russia confirmed with Decree # 4 of May 31, 1995 (appendix #16-211673 of September 17, 1997) of the Russian State Committee on Higher Education.

II. Rights and Obligations of Hostel Residents

9. Hostel residents have the right:

· to use study halls and public service rooms, equipment and stock of the hostel;

· to vote into Students Council and be elected;

· to participate in solving problems connecting with the improvement of living conditions, organization of educational work and spare time, equipping living rooms and study halls, distribution of the money allocated for the improvement of social conditions.

10. Hostel residents are obliged:

· to observe the internal regulations, safety standards, fire safety measures while using gas and electrical equipment, to consume electricity, gas and water economically

· to make timely payments for living in the hostel, usage of bedding and all kinds of commercial services;

· to take good care of hostel equipment and stock, to keep living rooms and public area in order, to tidy up living rooms every day;

· to indemnify damage to property according to the current legislation and the concluded contract.

11. For violation of the hostel regulations the residents can be punished according to the current legislation.

It is strictly forbidden to consume and keep alcoholic drinks, drugs, explosive substances, to be alcohol- or drugintoxicated while staying in the hostel.

III. Obligations of the Administration of the BSMU, University Campus and Hostel

12. The direct guidance of economic activity of economic activity and hostel maintenance, organizing everyday life of residents, keeping the standing order is carried out by the director of the campus.

13. The University administration is obliged:

· to keep hostel accommodations according to standard sanitary requirements;

· to conclude contracts of mutual responsibility and observe them;

· to supply hostels with all necessary furniture, equipment, bedding and other stock according to the set rules;

· to carry out timely repair of the hostel, stock, equipment, to keep the territory and green plantations in order;

· to provide hostel residents with all necessary public services, study halls, rooms for sport and cultural events and sport classes;

· to make measures on improvement of living conditions, to take timely measures on realization of residents’ offers, to inform them of the taken decisions;

· to put the residents with serious diseases in infirmaries with their agreement on the basis of doctors’ advice;

· to provide the campus and hostel with ancillary staff according to personnel arrangements;

· to help hostel councils improve students self-government on problems of work, everyday life and spare time of residents.

14. The BSMU administration appoints the campus director and hostel wardens by agreement with Students Professional Committee.

15. The Director of the campus directs all the campus staff and is responsible to the Rector and Pro-rector on academic work.

16. To exercise campus functions the Director of the campus has the right:

· to give assignments to hostel staff within his/her competence;

· to make offers on the improvement of hostel work;

· to make offers on financial incentives or punishment of the hostel staff;

· to make selection and placement of personnel in hostels according to the manning table approved by the Rector;

· to make offers to deans and the University administration on issues concerning the improvement of order and discipline in hostels;

· to give authorization to occupy a room in a hostel according to the lists approved by the Rector

17. The hostel warden is obliged:

· to be responsible for observing the rules of living in the hostel;

· to control the work of the hostel ancillary staff;

· to provide cleanness and order in the hostel and on its territory, residents’ observation of the internal regulations, safety standards and fire safety measures, lighting of the hostel according to the current rules, and hostel security;

· to carry out moving into hostels on the basis of authorization to occupy rooms, passport and health state certificate;

· to provide residents with all necessary equipment and stock, to change bed linen according to sanitary rules;

· to keep records of reprimands on keeping hostels and residents’ offers on improvement of living conditions;

· to inform the BSMU administration of the state of things regularly.

18. The hostel warden has the right:

· to make offers to the BSMU administration on the improvement of living conditions in hostels;

· together with the Students Council to make offers to the BSMU administration on financial incentives or imposing punishment on hostel residents;

· to make offers on financial incentives or imposing punishment on the ancillary staff of the hostel.

19. The Director of the campus, the hostel warden and the Students Council of the Hostel resolve the differences which arise between the residents and the staff of the hostel.

20. Material responsibility is laid upon the hostel warden and linen keeper.

IV. Public Bodies of Campus Government

21. Hostels residents elect the Students Council of the hostel consisting of the students living in this hostel.

The Students Council is guided by the current regulations, as well as the internal rules of the BSMU hostels.

22. Every room (block) of the hostel should elect the monitor who is approved by the Students Council. The monitor of the room (block) demands from the residents to take good care of the equipment, to keep their rooms (blocks) in order.

The monitor is guided by the decisions of the Students Council.

23. To coordinate educational work it is necessary to form the United Hostels Council which consists of the Students Councils chairmen, representatives of the Students Professional Committee, deans and the administration.

V. Rules of Moving into Hostels, Eviction from Hostels, Payment for Services

24. Students, postgraduates, residents, interns, listeners of preparation courses can move into hostels only in accordance with the current regulations and standard sanitary rules.

Both the University administration and Students Professional Committee take decision on distribution of rooms between departments which is confirmed by Rector’s order.

The list of students, postgraduates, interns, clinical residents and listeners of preparation courses for moving into hostels is made and confirmed by deans.

Students, postgraduates, interns, clinical residents and listeners of preparation courses can move into hostels only if they have authorization of the standard sample given by the Director of the campus on the basis of the above mentioned list. The authorization contains the number of the hostel and room.

As a rule, the living room is assigned to the resident for the whole period of training in the BSMU.

If it is impossible to live in the room because of damages or some other serious reasons, the resident can move into another hostel only after permission of the BSMU administration and Students Professional Committee, into another room – after permission of the administration and Students Council of the hostel.

The rules of using hostels by students, postgraduates and clinical residents who have a sabbatical leave are determined by the BSMU administration. In this case a special order is issued.

24. Registration in hostels is carried out under control of the Director of the campus.

25. University entrants who get unsatisfactory marks in entrance exams should leave the hostel within 3 days from the day when the exam results are announced; entrants who were not selected – within 3 days from the day of official acceptance to the University.

26. If a student is expelled (or graduated from the University), he/she should leave the hostel within the period indicated in the concluded contract of mutual responsibility.

27. Students, postgraduates, interns, clinical residents should pay for living in the hostel for the period of training, as well as the period of vacations (sabbatical leaves). If students, postgraduates, interns and clinical residents leave hostels for the period of vacation, they do not pay for using bedding. They do not pay for bedding and living in the campus only if they leave hostels for more than a month because of the practical work in another city.

28. Hostel residents can use personal electrical equipment (refrigerators, TV sets and so on) after the permission of the hostel warden. They also should make extra payment for electricity consumption. Such household equipment should be registered by the hostel warden.

VI. Rules of Giving Rooms in Hostels to Students with Families from another City

29. The decision of giving rooms in hostels to students with families from another city is taken by the BSMU administration and Students Professional Committee. Moving into hostels is carried out if the above mentioned students have authorization given by the Students Professional Committee.

Both the BSMU administration and Students Professional Committee choose area for keeping baby carriages, take measures on giving rooms for children.

30. Rooms in family hostels are usually given to students if both a husband and a wife are from another city.

31. Students with families should give an application (for getting a room in a hostel) to the Students Professional Committee. They should also submit a copy of children’s birth certificate, in pregnancy – a certificate from hospital.

32. Students who have a family and live in the hostel should observe the internal rules.

Students with families should pay for hostels the same way as single students do, i. e. for each place they occupy (the number of places is pointed out in the passport of the hostel).

VII. Educational Work in the Campus

35. Educational work in the campus is carried out in accordance with the General Plan of students education for the whole period of training.

Educational work in hostels is a component of educational activity in the BSMU and is carried out under Rector’s control and Campus Director Deputy.

The personal responsibility for educational work in the hostels is laid on the Pro-rector on academic work. Together with deans, chairmen, campus director deputy, students professional committee, lecturers, professors and instructors the Pro-rector takes measures on education of students living in the hostels, improvement of educational work system, on increasing of work activity, strengthening discipline and order and so on.

During educational work the Students Council widely introduces new traditions, customs, forms sport and tourist clubs, and organizes meetings with scientists, artists, veterans of war, discussions, and parties.

The purpose of educational work is achievement of exemplary way of life, giving up harmful habits, and observation of the internal regulations.

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