Fields of training

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Fields of training

•General Medicine;
•Medical – prophylaxis occupation;
•Pharmacy (internal and external forms of tuition);
•Nursing (internal and external forms of tuition).

General medicine

General medicine is the largest faculty. It graduates such doctors as surgeons, therapists, obstetricians and gynecologists, neurologists, oculists and other specialists.
Students of the faculty learn humanitarian, social – economical, natural – scientific, medical – biological and clinical disciplines. Special attention is paid to possessing of practical skills and ability to perform both simple and complicated procedures dealing with patients. The leading clinical chairs of faculty are placed in the centers (bases, depots) of the largest multi – level and specialized curative establishments of the city (Applic. 1, Applic.2). They are provided with modern medical – diagnostic equipment. After graduating the university the final – year students of the faculty pass the primary specialization in the Clinical Internship, improving their skills in large hospitals and clinics of the city and republic.
Over 200 of professors and teachers work at the university: 4 Honored Scientists of Russian Federation, 1 State Prize winner, 2 Academicians and 4 Corresponding Members of the Academy of Sciences of Bashkortostan.
2 000 students are being training at the faculty simultaneously. There are State Prize winners and Heroes of Labour, 86 Honored Doctors of Russian Federation, over 320 Honored Doctors of Bashkortostan among the graduates of the faculty.
The period of training at the faculty is 6 years. The graduates of the faculty get all – Russia diploma on the specialty «General medicine» and a doctor qualification.
The main scientific directions of the faculty are: Oncology, Hematology, Rheumatology, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Immunology, Micro – Invasive Surgery, Clinical Pathophysiology and Intensive Therapy of Haemorrogic Fever with renal syndrome, prophylaxis of main obstetric and gynecological diseases under the conditions of Bashkortostan. The faculty supports active scientific connections with leading Medicine Institutions of Russia and Universities of the USA, Germany, Israel, France and so on.

Fields of training

Pediatrics faculty

The faculty was found in 1961. 4880 children doctors had been trained at the faculty. Pediatric chairs provided with modern equipment. They based on multilevel Republican Children Clinical Hospital, Republican Clinical Hospital, City Clinical Infectious (Isolation) Hospital № 4, Children Polyclinics №№ 2, 6, clinical Maternity home № 2 etc. The Specialized Centers of Rheumatology, Neurology, Children Surgery, Neurosurgery, Arthrology are under the guidance of the faculty professors. Republican Clinical Centre functions on the basis of Republican Children Clinical Hospital, Prenatal Centre runs (работает) on the basis of Maternity hospital № 4 and The Centre «Teenager» is at the chair of Psychiatry.
8 PhD, 25 MD are engaged at the 5 specialized chairs. 19 lecturers of the faculty have honorary titles «Honored doctors of Bashkortostan» and «Honored Scientists of Bashkortostan».

Fields of training

Dentistry faculty

The faculty was founded in 1976. The main work of the chairs is aimed upon the training of qualified dentists. About 1827 dentists have been graduated since faculty foundation. The students have special training at the dentical polyclinic of Medical University, children and grown up dentical polyclinics of the city, maxillary – facial departments of hospital № 21 and Republican Children Clinical Hospital.
Collaborators of the faculty take active part in practical public health, they provide consultation, treat patients and organize scientific – practical conferences.
Assistant professor T. S. Chemicova is the head of therapeutic dentistry chair. The fundamental scientific work of the chair is connected with application of physical factors in the dentistry.
Professor G. G. Mingazov is the head of surgical dentical chair. The main scientific works of the chair are: tissue allotransplantation, different aspects of purulent – inflammatory sickness of maxillary – facial field.
Professor F. F. Mannanova is the head of orthopaedic dentical chair. There is a complex scientific – research work at the chair, it is connected with prophylaxis, treatment of maxillary – dental anomalies and deformations.
Professor S. V. Chuykin is the head of children dentical chair. Its main scientific work is initial prophylaxis of dentical diseases and rehabilitation of children with innate and acquired pathology in maxillary – facial field.

Fields of training

The faculty of Pharmacy

The faculty was founded in 1981. 894 pharmaceutical chemists have been prepared since its foundation. There are few specializations at the faculty: pharmaceutical chemists – technologists, pharmaceutical chemists – analytitions, pharmaceutical chemists – managers. The students are trained on the bases of the university and at the specialized chemist’s where they gain experience in drug’ s preparation, quality control, organization and economy of pharmacy.

The faculty of Nursing

The faculty was organized in 1992 to prepare manager specialists of nursing with higher education. The faculty graduates can occupy the administrative managing positions in the public health institution, psychological – pedagogical branch connected with average and junior medical staff training. Besides, the graduates can work as clinical and scientific specialists in nursing.

Postgraduate courses

Postgraduate courses were founded in 1976. A lot of doctors and pharmaceutical chemists are trained at its chairs and courses nowadays. 14 400 doctors and pharmaceutical chemists have raised their qualification and passed specialization during the existence of the faculty. The faculty has 7 chairs and 6 courses in it’s disposal. The private practice doctors’ training has began since 1992.

Specialists training structure

The university has in its disposal 73 chairs including 22 graduating one, Central Scientific Laboratory, library, Department of Information technologies and Electronic Equipment Service, Preparatory department, Technical Service Department, Centre of prefreshmen training and professional orientation of university entrants, «Internet» – centre, Republican centre of medical products quality assurance, vivarium, student hostels, canteen, sanatorium, sports – health camp and other subdivisions.

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