University facilities

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University facilities

BSMU is situated in historical and cultural center of Ufa City with its main buildings in Lenina, Pushkin, Frunze, and Teatralnaya streets.

University complex plan (Appl.3)
Table 6.

University facilities

BSMU has 9 buildings in its disposal; there are 7 lecture halls for 788 seats. 3 more halls for 260 seats are situated in hostels 3, 4 and 5 with 260 seats. Besides, there are chairs situated in the Scientific Research Institute (SRI), policlinics, clinical hospitals and chemist’s.
In addition to the educational buildings, the University has archives building, vivarium, student’s canteen for 274 seats, buffets, 4 hostels, garage for 15 cars, joiner’s, metal workshops and specialized rooms to serve medicine equipment.

Hostel I
According to the Registration Certificate, hostel I has 521 places, 168 of which belong to the after-work sanatorium. The building is made of brick, it has 5 floors with the total area 6176,2 square meters (habitable space comprising 3229,8 square meters, including the sanatorium with the total area 2200,9 square meters, and habitable space – 1008 square meters).

Hostel III
It has 460 places, 80 of which occupy the students of the Post Graduates Courses. The building is made of brick, it has 9 floors. The total square is 5327,5 square meters with habitable space 2842,2 square meters.

We can offer medical students more comfortable accommodation conditions – in Rapi Center (Applic.4).

The University has its own clinic in hospital for 600 people and its own dentical polyclinics, the area oh which comprises 22364,5 square meters. The clinical bases of the University are situated in almost every hospital and polyclinics of Ufa, where all kinds of medical service and specialties are available.

One of the main city hospitals – municipal hospital №21.

University facilities

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