Ufa and Bashkortostan

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Duration of training on the specialties available to foreign students

Table 7.

Ufa and Bashkortostan

Foreign students are offered to study at the preparatory Department where they have to study the Russian language, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The period of study at the Preparatory Course is 10 months and it starts from October 1.
Foreign students who intends to study at the Bashkir State Medical University should apply to the University administration the following documents:
1.Personal application (one can find it at www.anrb.bsmu.ru)
2.Certified copy of the secondary school certificate. The Physics, Chemistry and Biology are necessary.
3.Medical and AIDS certificate.

To get the invitation one should complete the following documents:
1.Copy of passport, indicating the city where you will get the visa.
2.30 $ on the count of BSMU for the issue of invitation and mail expenses.
Applications and all the necessary documents should be sent to:
3, Lenin str., 450000, Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia, Department of International Affairs and External Economic Activities (Building 1, 2nd floor), Bashkir State Medical University.
Tel./Fax: ++7(3472) 725664 (Department of International Affairs)
Tel.: ++7(3472) 724173 (Secretary for the Rector)
Fax: ++7(3472) 723751 (Secretary for the Rector)
E-mail: bsmu-int@mail.ru, medic@agidel.ru

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