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Primary year послевузовская vocational training (internship) is obligatory for the persons who have mastered educational programs of the higher medical and pharmaceutical formation as the basis for professional work.
The primary goal of internship is preparation of the qualified medical shots and pharmaceutists on a speciality taking into account requirement of practical public health services according to demands of the state educational standard and made on its basis the curriculum and the working program.

Internship kinds
Internship БГМУ – practical and theoretical preparation of the intern is carried out on clinical bases БГМУ – transfer in internship is made on a competitive basis within estimated figures and financed for the account of agents of the federal budget;
«The internship of Ministry of Health RB» – practical preparation of the intern is carried out in treatment-and-prophylactic establishment of municipal district, city district, and theoretical – on chair on preparation of interns of IPO БГМУ – and is financed at the expense of agents corresponding (municipal district, city district) the budget.

«The internship under the contract» – paid educational service – practical and theoretical preparation is carried out on profile chairs BGMU, it is given:
To citizens of other states,
To graduates of medical high schools of other subjects of the Russian Federation,
To the persons employed in establishments of public health services not subordinated Ministry of Health RB,
To the persons employed in establishments of public health services of municipal districts, city districts of Republic Bashkortostan over the established summary digits of reception in internship.

Training term in internship – 11 months (1728 hours).
The training beginning in clinical internship БГМУ on September, 1st, the termination – on August, 1st (for ended correspondence unit – accordingly on April, 1st and on March, 1st);
The preparation beginning in internship of Ministry of Health RB – on August, 1st, the termination – on July, 1st current year.

The doctors-interns who have executed in full the individual plan of preparation, hand over final, a promotion examination in a speciality, including test control, an estimation of practical skills total interview.
The structure of the examination and qualifying commission, time and place of carrying out of examination is defined by the order of rector БГМУ (№143 from May, 22nd, 2009). Passing an examination upon termination of internship is made out by the report.

After final, a promotion examination the certificate of the termination of internship with the indicating of a speciality and the certificate of the expert, the established samples stands out. Upon termination of internship to graduates leave is granted, veneering and which payment is made by establishment where preparation of the
intern is carried out.

In the activity of IPO БГМУ is guided:
The law of the Russian Federation «About formation» from 7/10/1992 № 32661
The governmental order of the Russian Federation from 9/19/1995 № 942 «About target contract preparation of experts with the higher and
Average vocational training»
The federal Law of the Russian Federation «About the higher and послевузовском vocational training» from 22.08.96,
The decree of the President of Republic Bashkortostan from May, 25th, 2000 № УП-295 «About additional measures on maintenance of rural districts
Republics Bashkortostan experts with the higher and average vocational training »,
The governmental order of Republic Bashkortostan from May, 23rd, 2003 № 124 «About the organisation of a target enrolment of students in the state higher and average professional educational institutions in Republic Bashkortostan»
The letter of Minzdravsotsrazvitija of Russia «About preparation of experts in internship» from 5/25/2005 № 2374 – ВС,
Standard documents of Minzdravsotsrazvitija of Russia,
Charter БГМУ,
«Position about primary specialisation (internship of doctors – graduates of GOU ВПО« Bashkir state medical university Roszdrava ».

The ORDER of MINISTRY OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION (МИНЗДРАВСОЦРАЗВИТИЯ Russia) FROM April, 23rd, 2009 № 210 Moscow. It is registered in Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation on June, 05th, 2009 Per. №14032.

«About carrying out of internship of graduates of medical HIGH SCHOOLS in establishments of public health services РБ in 2008-2010»
№264-Д from 20.03.08 MZ РБ and №60 БГМУ

The LIST of the licensed specialities of preparation in internship БГМУ
> On the basis of the Federal law «About the higher and послевузовском formation» from 22.08.96 № 125 – ФЗ and the licence which have been given out by Federal Agency of supervision in an education sphere and a science from 2/16/2009 series АА № 000799, on the right of realisation of educational activity on educational programs, specified in the appendix, valid on August, 4th, 2013 on following specialities

1. Stomatology of the general practice
2. Pathological anatomy
3. A dermatovenerology
4. Children\’s surgery
5. Infectious diseases
6. Clinical laboratory diagnostics
7. Neurology
8. The general hygiene
9. Otorhinolaryngology
10. Social hygiene and the organisation госсанэпидслужбы
11. Ophthalmology
12. Pediatrics
13. Psychiatry
14. Obstetrics and gynecology
15. The first help
16. The Forensic medical examination
17. Therapy
18. Traumatology and orthopedy
19. Management of sisterly activity
20. Management and pharmacy economy
21. Pharmaceutical technology
22. Pharmaceutical chemistry and a pharmacognosy
23. Phthisiology
24. Surgery
25. Эпидемиология
26. Endocrinology
27. Oncology
28. Anesthesiology and resuscitation
29. A roentgenology.

Quantity of the interns who have finished training in 2009

Speciality – БГМУ (bjudzh/komm), MZ РБ.

Obstetrics and gynecology-/4, 35
Anesthesiology and resuscitation 0/0, 25
Dermatovenerology 0/9, 12
Children\’s surgery 9/1, 8
Infectious diseases 2/0, 2
Clinical laboratory diagnostics 3/4, 9
Neonatology 0/0, 13
Neurology 5/3, 19
The general hygiene 5/13, 2
Oncology 0/0, 1
Otorhinolaryngology 1/3, 9
Ophthalmology 1/3, 18
Pathological anatomy 0/0, 2
Pediatrics 19/0, 67
Psychiatry 0/1, 11
Roentgenology 2/2, 13
The first help 3/2, 16
Stomatology of the general practice 7/6, 80
Forensic medical examination 0/8, 0
Therapy 29/1, 130
Traumatology and orthopedy 3/0, 14
управл. And economy of pharmacy 8/0, 0
управл. Sisterly activity 0/5, 13
Phthisiology 0/0, 5
Surgery 31/5, 35
Endocrinology 0/1, 6
эпидемиология 1/2, 0
Total 135/73, 545
Only 753.

Following the results of competitive selection are enlisted for internship passage in 2009-2010 on following specialities:
Specialities the Budget/extrabudget
Obstetrics and gynecology 11/6
Anesthesiology and resuscitation 16/
Dermatovenerology 2/15
Children\’s surgery 11/
Infectious diseases 3/
Clinical лаб.диагностика 6/
Neurology 7/2
The general hygiene 15/21
Oncology 5/
Otorhinolaryngology 5/2
Ophthalmology 6/2
Pathological anatomy 2/
Pediatrics 24 1/
Psychiatry 4/1
Roentgenology 5/
Fast медиц. The help 9/
Stomatology of the general practice 20/7
Forensic medical examination 6/
Therapy 34/5
Traumatology and orthopedy 6/1
Management and pharmacy economy 7/
Management of sisterly activity 10/2
Pharmaceutical technology 7/
Pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy 6/
Surgery 35/1
Endocrinology 5/1
Эпидемиология 2/5
TOTAL 272 / 73.

Quantity of interns
Year of release the budget/kommer., MZ РБ – All
2008 137/51, 572 – 760
2009 135/73, 545 – 753
2010 272/73, 731 – 1076.

The SCHEDULE OBLIGATORY ЦИКЛОÂraspisanie-2008-09.rar [10,42 Kb] (cкачиваний: 187)

Interns of a budgetary mode of study to present following documents to internship department:
1. The diploma, a diploma repetition
2. The diploma loose leaf, a loose leaf repetition
3. The passport a repetition
4. An INN repetition
5. A repetition of the pension certificate
6. The work record card, if is not present to get
7. The marriage certficate, a repetition sv-VA about marriage
8. Birth certificates of children, a repetition svid-VA
9.фотографии 3*4 4 pieces
10. 1 folders, 2 files
11. The autobiography
12. An extract from an academic council
13. The order on transfer

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