Clinical dental clinic

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Clinical stomatologic out-patient department БГМУ is structural sectioning of the Bashkir state medical university.

Clinical stomatologic out-patient department БГМУ is organised in 1984 as treatment-and-prophylactic establishment for service of students and teachers of HIGH SCHOOLS, and just as educational base for carrying out of a practical training at stomatologic faculty.

The head physician, deserved doctor РБ and the Russian Federation Goncharov Anatoly Viktorovich, the senior lecturer of chair of orthopedic stomatology heads an out-patient department.

Our address:
450077, Ufa, street Chernyshevsky, 104

Registry of bodies: (347 273-91-29, a fax: 273-82-76
Reception of bodies: (347 273-87-54
Therapy of bodies: (347 273-90-29
Orthopedy of bodies: (347 273-87-34
Children\’s unit of bodies: (347 273-89-27

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