Association of Young Scientists

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Work of young scientists of university is spent within the limits of Association of young scientists (АМУ) university which has been founded in 1994 Association on a voluntary basis unites to post-graduate students, clinical interns, and also teachers and other experts БГМУ having higher education and which age does not exceed 35 years. Work АМУ is regulated by the Position of the association accepted by general meeting of young scientists БГМУ and the confirmed rector of university. For coordination of activity of association and current work council of the young scientists over which immediate work the chairman of the council supervises is selected. Since 1994 as the chairman of the council of young scientists works к.м.н. The senior lecturer of chair of human anatomy Strizhkov А.Е In 2002 it and then still (at the moment of representation) chairman СНО student Bakirov who has appeared in the list awarded by the only thing to all Russia the student, have been awarded by a breastplate of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation «For development of research work of students».
Within the limits of association according to its Position in 1997 the Club of young scientists which has allowed to solve practical questions of the help to beginning researchers has been framed. Introduction of new organizational forms (Association and Club of young scientists) has allowed to speed up considerably work with young scientists БГМУ: the number and level of scientific conferences have increased, there is a concrete practical help to post-graduate students, competitors and other beginning researchers concerning planning, carrying out and introductions of results НИР, the exchange of experience on uchebno-methodical questions is carried out and activly other forms of informal association of young employees БГМУ take root
Position about awards young scientist of the Bashkir state medical university in the field of scientific researches is developed. Since 2004, 2 awards in following basic directions are annually awarded: theoretical and experimental researches; clinical researches.

References to sites of scientific associations of young scientists of Republic Bashkortostan:
Site of youth scientific associations БГМУ
Board site овета young scientists of Republic Bashkortostan
Site of regional unit of the Russian union of young scientists in Republic Bashkortostan

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