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Pro-rector of the Academy of Arts and CP – PhD Rakhmatullin Salavat Ibrahimovic, 125 cables, Tel. 272-89-76.
Organizes work quartermaster general, bears full responsibility for its condition and operations; manages the department OPKP, DITC, PCO, CW, service chief engineer.

Director of the campus – Safin Ildus Mugtabarovich, tel. 272-39-48
Supervises regular and laws of the universe of students, graduate students and medical residents in accordance with the issued order.
Hostel No 1 – Karimov Roosa Galimovna, tel. 273-75-67, hostel No 3 – Allaguzhina Svetlana Fatihovna, tel. 228-79-72, Dormitory No 4 – Ishmuratov Ilfira Mazitovna, tel. 228-58-75, Hostel No 5 – Aznabaeva Vasil Valievna, tel. 228-79-75 – directs the work of staff, carry occupancy arrived at the hostel people.

Commercial Division – Head Nazmi Radik Razifovich, 127 cables., Tel. 273-59-03.
Conducts monitoring staff Hawse. Department of writs and the rector; ensures that activities undertaken at the direction of the district administration or the city.

Department of Logistics – Head Gafarov Fail Railovich, 131 cables., Tel. 272-48-23.
Arrange for the University necessary for its educational, research and economic and operational
of material resources.

Repair and construction department – Head Sunagatullin Anwar Abdulmazitovich, 131 cables., Tel. 273-58-87
Provides direction to work on major construction and reconstruction of the University, organizes the work on accounting and reporting for capital construction.

Division OPKP – Head Khabibullin Tagir Ratmirovich, 128 cables., Tel. 273-58-37
Manages and monitors the implementation of competitive procedures.

Chief Engineer – Protein Leonid, 126 cables., Tel. 272-08-65
Ensures continuous improvement of the technological infrastructure of educational and scientific processes, manages the service chief mechanic and chief power; supervises providing services for the University.
Garage – Head Mambetov Shamil Radikovich, tel. 272-62-43
Ensures maintenance of vehicles in good condition, organizes production of rolling stock on the line according to the schedule approved in good condition.
Engineering Departments: Senior electrical engineer Kharrasov Ramil Raisovich, 127 cables., Tel. 273-59-03; lead engineer on serv. and Tech. Valiev Salavat Faritovich, 126 cables., tel. 272-08-65
Organization of proper operation and timely repair of electrical, plumbing and heating equipment at all facilities of the University.

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