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Located in the building No 1 (Lenin, 3)

Hours: 8h 45min to 17h 45min.
Lunch with 13h to 14h.
Acceptance of employees with 14h. up to 17h 30 min.

Chief of Staff – Nazmieva Lucius Rafilovna(room number 232) tel / fax 272-62-52

1.Vozglavlyaet work for university personnel managers, professors, researchers and others;
2.Uchastvuet work on forecasting and staffing requirements;
3.Organizuet timely preparation of the reception, transfer and dismissal of employees in accordance with labor laws, regulations, instructions and orders of the rector;
4.Organizuet management installed documentation for personnel, storage and filling work books;
5.Organizuet preparation of materials for submission to the staff to promote and award;
6.Prinimaet citizens on the recruitment for the posts of managers, professors and researchers;
7.Osuschestvlyaet monitoring of the competitive selection of applicants and the conclusion of employment contracts for faculty positions;
8.Kontroliruet placement and correct use of employees in the departments (the departments);
9.Izuchaet business qualities and other features of specialists to recruitment to fill the posts of managers;
10.Vozglavlyaet work on certification of workers;
11.Prinimaet measures to improve management;
12.Organizuet conferences team of the University in cases stipulated by the charter;
13.Organizuet control (from administration) compliance with the conditions of the collective agreement, the rules of domestic labor (educational) regulations;
14.Neposredstvenno administers and is responsible for the management of personnel, the department of labor;
15.Kontroliruet work of personnel services BSMU Clinics and Clinical dental clinics:
16.Osuschestvlyaet control over the formation of the scientific councils in accordance with the regulations;
17.Organizuet in recruiting benefits of state social insurance, personalized retirement account and health insurance of employees;
18.Osuschestvlyaet work on selection, selection and placement based on an assessment of their skills, personal and professional qualities, controls the proper use of employees in offices;
19.Provodit to update the scientific and methodological support personnel work, its material-technical and information base, the introduction of modern methods of personnel management, building a data bank on the staff of the institution, its timely replenishment of the necessary operational information to internal and external users;
20.Kontroliruet execution of heads of divisions of legislation and government decrees, orders and instructions of the rector of personnel policies;
21.Organizuet timecard, preparation and implementation schedule of holidays, monitoring the state of labor discipline in units of the University, is developing activities to strengthen labor discipline, controls their implementation;
22.Obespechivaet compilation set accountability for personnel records.

Sultanov Elvira Bagidzhanovna – Deputy Chief of Staff (room number 230, tel 273-28-53)


1.1. Deputy Chief of Staff is classified as administrative and managerial staff, reports directly to the Chief of Staff.
1.2. At the position of Deputy Chief of Staff is appointed by a person having higher education and work experience in the personnel office at least 3 years.
1.3. Admission to the post of Deputy Chief of Staff, and his release by order of the Rector on the proposal of the Chief of Staff.
1.4. Deputy Chief should know:

– Laws and regulations governing the employment relationship; training materials on training and skills development, regulations, instructions and other local legal acts regulating the activities of management personnel;
– The use, storage and processing of personal data of employees of the University, according to the provisions on the protection of personal data of an employee;
– Structure and staffing of the university, according to staffing.
– Procedure for establishing the names of professions and positions, the total length of some work, benefits and compensation;
– Procedures for registration, maintenance and storage of documents related to personnel and their movement;
– Organization timecard;
– Procedure for preparing the established reporting and timely processing;
– A computer program developed for the management of personnel;
– Internal regulations;
– Rules and safety regulations.

1.5. During absence the Deputy Chief of Staff (vacation, illness, etc.), his duties shall be a person appointed by the Rector’s order, which has overall responsibility for their execution.
1.6. Guided in their work situation on the management of personnel and this job description.

Deputy Chief of Staff:

– Follow instructions of the Chief of Staff;
– Together with the Chief of Staff determines the current staffing requirements and sources of satisfaction by studying the labor market;
– Carries out work on selection and placement of personnel based on their education, qualifications, personal qualities;
– Supervises the timely execution of orders, orders and instructions of the Chief of Staff;
– Conducts the registration of orders on the composition of employees;
– Prepares necessary materials for the qualification, certification, competitive commissions, and reporting on workers to encourage and award;
– Provides a workflow premium materials to employees of the University;
– Participates in the preparation of proposals for the development of personnel services, training and upgrading workers’ management personnel;
– Takes part in the commission’s work on social insurance;
– Acting Chief of Staff in his absence;
– Preserves the confidentiality of proprietary information;
– Has control over the state of labor discipline in the University;
– Keeps records of violations of labor discipline, controls the timely adoption of appropriate measures by the Administration, prepares draft rders of the disciplinary action to employees of the University;
– Provide information on the quantity, quality of workers and their movement in the data bank on the organization’s staff, monitors the timely updating and replenishment;
– Keeps records of employees and unemployed veterans of the University, employees, anniversary, is the accounts;
– Exploring movement and the reasons for turnover, is involved in the development of measures for its reduction.

Deputy Chief of Staff has the right:

– Get acquainted with the draft orders and decisions relating to the activities of management personnel;
– On matters within its competence, to contribute to the management proposals to improve and perfect the methods of work; comments on the activities of employees of the University; options to address the existing shortcomings;
– Request in person or on behalf of the Chief of Staff workers have the necessary information and documents necessary to carry out his duties;
– To involve specialists from other departments to solve the tasks entrusted to him in consultation with the Chief of Staff;
– Require the leadership to assist in the performance of their duties and rights.

Deputy Chief of Staff is responsible for:

– The exercise of his official duties;
– Organization of work, timely and competent execution of orders, orders and instructions manuals, laws and regulations on their activities;
– Compliance with internal regulations, fire prevention and safety;
– Maintaining documentation called for official duties;
– Operational measures, including the timely provision of information management, to curb violations discovered safety regulations, fire and other regulations that threaten the activities of the company, its employees and other persons.
– For violation of laws and regulations deputy chief of staff may be held in accordance with applicable law, depending on the seriousness of the offense for disciplinary, administrative and criminal liability.

Syrtlanova Gulsum Akramovna – leading engineer training (room number 230, 273-28-53 tel)


supervises the staff of administrative personnel and housekeeping part:
– rector;
– legal department;
– Training and skills management;
– department documentation;
– division of labor
– Special (2nd) Division;
– Staff for Civil Defense and Emergencies
– planning and financial management;
– Accountancy;
– library;
– department coordinating research;
– Training vivarium;
– maintenance department;
– educational and athletic body;
– Division Logistics;
– repair and construction department;
– department chief engineer;
– campus;
– a sanatorium;
– Dean’s office;
– publishing division;
– Institute of Postgraduate Education;
– garage
– department for organizing and conducting auctions;
– Department of International Relations;
– department of cultural-mass work with students;
– dining.

Zhuk Elena – Engineer in Training (room number 230, tel 273-28-53


supervises the staff of the teaching staff and educational support personnel departments:
– Philosophy of law, the course of history and the foundations of the economy;
– Pedagogy and psychology;
– Foreign Language Course-Latin language;
– Physical education, exercise therapy and VC;
– Medical Physics Course-informatics;
– Biology:
– Human Anatomy;
– Histology;
– General chemistry;
– Biological and bioorganic chemistry;
– Normal physiology;
– Microbiology, virology and immunology;
– Pathological physiology;
– Pharmacology No 1 with the rate of clinical pharmacology;
– Pathological anatomy;
– Propaedeutics of internal medicine with a course of physiotherapy;
– Radiology and radiotherapy course IPO;
– Faculty Surgery of Coloproctology;
– Operative Surgery and Surgical Anatomy Course-IPO;
– General health to the environment, with the rate of hygienic disciplines;
– Public health and public health organization with a course of management of nursing;
– Endocrinology;
– Neurology with courses of neurosurgery and medical genetics;
– Dermatology;
– Faculty of therapy.

Uldanova Guzel Fagilevna – Engineer in Training (room number 230, tel 273-28-53)


supervises the staff of the teaching staff and educational support personnel departments:
– Obstetrics and Gynaecology No 1;
– Otorhinolaryngology;
– Children’s diseases;
– Ophthalmology;
– Mental Health and Addictions Course-IPO;
– Outpatient therapy;
– Hospital Therapy No 1;
– Hospital Therapy No 2;
– Hospital Surgery;
– Trauma and Orthopaedics Course-IPO;
– Mobilization training of health and disaster medicine;
– Pharmacology No 2;
– Hospital Pediatrics with the rate polyclinic pediatrics;
– Pediatric surgery, orthopedics and anesthesiology;
– Phthisiopneumology Course-IPO;
– Pediatric Infectious Diseases;
– Treatment and nursing care for patients;
– Infectious diseases;
– Emergency and Disaster Medicine with courses of thermal injury and transfusion IPO;
– General surgery;
– Faculty of Pediatrics propaedeutics;
– Surgery and Oncology, with the course of oncology and pathology IPO;
– Preventive dentistry;
– Oral surgery;
– Prosthetic dentistry.

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