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Mustafin Tagir Islamnurovich
The dean of medical faculty managing chair of pathological anatomy, the doctor of medical sciences, the professor, deserved doctor RB.
Speciality – 060101 – Medical business. Training term – 6 years
Annual release – about 370 experts

Medical faculty there since 1932, since the founding of the Bashkir Medical Institute. At the same time a degree in Medicine “learns Baule 2500 students. The faculty consists of 22 faculty. After a complete course in the specialty graduates work on a wide range of clinical specialties: medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, cardiology, traumatology, family medicine, psychiatry, dermatovenereology, oncology, urology, clinical pharmacology, Rehabilitology and many others, as well as continuing education in graduate school and become a scientist in the fundamental areas of science: biochemistry, pharmacology, normal and pathological anatomy, histology, normal and pathological physiology.

Murzabaev Hasan Xamzovich dean (since 2003), MD, PhD, Head. Department of Histology
Specialty-060103 – Pediatrics. Duration of training – 6 years. The annual output – more than 160 professionals

The faculty was founded in 1961 at the same time at the department are trained more than 850 students. Currently, the Faculty has 15 departments. Faculty graduates receive a primary specialization in the following specialties: neonatology, pediatric surgery, childhood infections, children’s gynecology.


Chuykin Sergey dean (since 1995), MD, professor, academician of RANS, Honored Doctor of the Republic of Belarus, Head. Department of dentistry in children, clinical director of dental clinics BSMU
Specialty – 060105 – Dentistry. Time courses -5 years (full-time form), 5.5 years (extramural). The annual intramural issue – more than 100 professionals

Faculty of Dentistry opened in 1976 on the faculty at the same time taught more than 480 students. At the Faculty of 9 specialized departments. Upon completion of training graduates have the opportunity to post-graduate training in medical specialties: general dentist, dental therapist, dental surgeon, dentist maxillofacial surgeon, dentist, orthopedist, pediatric dentistry.


Valeeva Lilia Anvarovna dean (since 2004), MD, PhD, Head. Department of Pharmacology, No 2
Specialty – 060106 – Pharmacy. Duration of training – 5 years (full-time form), 5.5 years (by correspondence). The annual intramural issue – more than 50, Correspondence – more than 120 professional

Faculty of Pharmacy opened in 1981 at the same time enrolled more than 200 students on full-time and 530 – on the basis of the correspondence. The faculty profile 8 chairs. Graduates of the faculty led Pharmacies pharmacists, technologists, chemists, analysts, in control and analytical laboratories, STCCC, pharmacies and pharmaceutical warehouses and pharmaceutical factories, research centers and pharmaceutical institutes and laboratories.

Medical and nursing care with the Office of Social Work
Allaberdin Ural Talgatovich dean (since 1998), Ph.D., Associate Professor of Physiology
Specialty 060101-Medicine. Duration of training – 6,5 years (part-time form). Specialty – 060109 – Nursing. Term of training – 4 years (full-time form), 4.5 years (by correspondence). The annual output – more than 60 professionals.
Specialty-040101 – Social Work. Duration of training – 5 years (full-time form), 5.5 years (extramural)

Faculty of Higher Nursing Education founded in 1992 under the special at the same time attended by more than 60 students and 250 face to face – in absentia. At the Faculty of 5 specialized departments. Upon completion of education in the specialty Nursing graduates work of middle and junior medical personnel of medical institutions, faculty, medical schools and colleges.

MEDIKOPROFILAKTICHESKY From Department of Microbiology
Mavzyutov Airat Radikovich dean (since 2006), MD, PhD
Specialty – 040104 – Medical-preventive work. Duration of training – 6 years. Annual output, more than 60 specialists.
Specialty – 020209 – Microbiology. Duration of training – 5 years.

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