Scientific Council

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Scientific Council of the University:
– Defines the main directions of socio-economic development of the university;
– Takes decisions on all matters of the organization of the educational, scientific process, and collaboration with health authorities;
– Decides on the establishment, reorganization and liquidation of faculties, departments, laboratories, trustee and other councils, as well as structural units, with powers of legal persons and shall put on them;
– Conduct a competitive selection of applicants for posts of the faculty, staff reporting to the government awards;
– Gives your academic qualifications in the prescribed manner;
– Consider the reports of training, educational, research and clinical work of faculties, departments, reports of commissions of concern and scientific societies;
– Examines the planning and implementation of research, says the main directions of research at the university, plans to doctoral dissertations, taking decisions on granting sabbatical and translations as research assistants to complete the dissertation research;
– Discusses the clinical work and collaboration with health authorities;
– Consider the possibility of providing training for primary and secondary vocational education programs, declared to licensing;
– Approve the provision of scholarships and other forms of social support for students;
– Developing activities to improve physical education and health of students;
– Discusses issues of occupational health and safety at the university;
-Hear the issues of financial and economic activities of the University;
– Agrees to lease (without redemption) assigned to the University of property and land;
– Conduct the election of deans (directors IPO) and heads of departments, hear their reports;
– Approves the terms and procedure of elections dean and heads of departments;
– Report annually to hear the rector of the work of the University;
– Consider the issues that is related to its areas of competence: an increase (decrease) in terms of training, postponement of the start of the school year, the approval of provisions for the current control performance appraisal intermediate learners, the inclusion of the deans of the academic council and the rules of representation in the academic council of departments and students, the establishment of trustee and other councils, the election of the rector, the establishment of the scientific councils of the faculties, the procedure for students scholarships, on payments to employees of the University and others;
– Suspend (cancel) solutions of scientists of the Faculty Council and the Institute of Postgraduate Education, if they contravene the Charter of the University;
– Approves the transition of students with paid tuition for free;
– Approves the charges, recovery and transfer students;
– Approves the internal regulations of student dormitories of the University;
– Approve of a campus of the University;
– Consider other issues related to the university.

Scientific Council

Academic Council may delegate some of its powers to scientists of the Faculty Council.
The decision of the Academic Council adopted an open vote by simple majority, while in a meeting of the Board should participate at least 2 / 3 of its composition;
The Board’s decisions shall come into force upon their adoption and the protocol.

Academic Council decision





Academic Faculty Council

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