Educational Resource Management

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Uchebno-methodical management (MIND) has been framed according to the order of rector BSMU from 2/2/2003 of year as independent structural sectioning of the Bashkir state medical university and submits to the pro-rector on study. The same order had been entered a post of the chief of sectioning to which on representation of the pro-rector on study the skilled methodologist, the professor, the doctor of medical sciences X. X is prescribed.
The professor X., the Deserved worker of the higher school of the Russian Federation, it is noted «by Mari and a certain distinction».
To MIND in the work the Russian Federation, orders and orders БГМУ, Position on MIND and regulations БГМУ is guided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation, Republic Bashkortostan, orders of the Ministry of Education and public health services of Russia and Bashkortostan, Department of educational programs and standards of vocational training МО.
The basic conditions of activity to MIND is presence of the licence for the right of educational activity and material resources БГМУ.
The structure to MIND is defined by occurrence in it of following functional sectionings, some of which provided earlier functioning of educational department.

Educational Resource Management

Employees of uchebno-methodical management
The primary goals to MIND are realisation of uniform educational policy БГМУ in the field of the higher medical and pharmaceutical vocational training, maintenance of intrahigh school quality assurance of formation; carrying out of actions for perfection of the organisation to improvement of quality on the basic and additional educational programs for maintenance of continuity and interaction of educational programs of various levels; formation of a control system by quality of formation in high school; the control over performance by structural sectionings of university of the standard documents regulating uchebno-methodical activity of high school; coordination of study of chairs, faculties and other educational sectionings of university.
The organizational-regular structure to MIND affirms the rector of university according to conditions and priorities of maintenance of educational process.
The basic structural sectionings to MIND are:
Service of the organisation of educational process,
The methodical centre of university,
The centre of means of training,
Service of quality of formation,
Service of monitoring of student’s shots,

Functionally, in system of maintenance of a uniform educational policy, integration with structures of target preparation, последипломного formations, and also with the centre довузовской preparation and public relations is provided.
The basic functions to MIND as integrated formation are: realisation of a complex estimation and monitoring of a condition of uchebno-methodical maintenance of educational process in high school; programmno-methodical maintenance of educational process with a view of formation of databases and revealing not enough the developed aspects in this area; studying and use of the advanced domestic and foreign experience in area of new educational technologies in educational process; working out of conceptual and organizational bases of integration, cooperation and coordination of activity of chairs, faculties, other sectionings of university on improvement of quality of preparation of students and performance of curricula; generalisation and diffusion of positive experience of chairs, faculties and other structures of university on the organisation of educational process; generalisation and the analysis of the information on quality of formation in high school; system formation on maintenance of quality of vocational training; Coordination of the methodical and standard documentation on perfection of educational process; control of uchebno-methodical activity of chairs, checks of readiness of chairs and dean’s offices to realisation of educational process of high school; maintenance of continuity of work of structures to MIND and educational sectionings of university for rising of efficiency of educational process; performance of uniform system of methodical actions and educational program maintenance in high school; rendering of the methodical and practical help to chairs in the organisation of industrial practice modules and practical preparation of students; methodical maintenance educational, industrial and predegree an expert of students; control of equipment of educational process by training means, a modern information technology; the control over performance of the contracts concluded БГМУ with clinical bases in sections of realisation of educational process and an expert of students; Control of observance of appropriate conditions of preparation and retraining of the faculty and uchebno-auxiliary shots of educational sectionings.

The primary goals of service of the organisation of educational process are the organisation of educational process on all courses of all faculties according to the demands of the State educational standards confirmed by plans and programs; the control over performance of orders, orders, instructions, indicatings of higher bodies of management, decisions of the Academic council of university and the rector, orders of the rector, indicatings of the pro-rector on study concerning the organisation and the study control at university; the control over the organisation of educational process on university chairs; preparation of orders on examinations carrying out, including examinations in writing; control of the organisation of carrying out of studies and examinations in working conditions кодировочной the commissions, experts at written examinations; the control over rational use of lecture and educational premises on chairs; Check of readiness of educational sectionings of university to the beginning of academic year, to end-of-year examinations, Total state certification of graduates; calculation and the control over performance by academic load chairs for an academic year, working out of offers by calculation of regular number ППС; the control over performance of programs элективных disciplines. The candidate of medical sciences Fazlyahmetova M. JA supervises over sectioning. The important place in functioning of educational process is taken away to maintenance of drawing up of the schedule. The senior inspector of service of the organisation of educational process of Yumashev R. S successfully provides many years this section.

The primary goals of the Methodical centre is the control over maintenance of educational process in БГМУ necessary visual aids, textbooks, an uchebno-methodical material, means of training and computer technics; the control over introduction and use of modern uchebno-methodical materials, grants, methodical indicatings, pedagogical measuring materials, etc.; the control over replenishment of library fund by textbooks and manuals; participation in working out and drawing up of perspective annual plans of the edition of the methodical literature, including грифованной; the control over timely drawing up of reports on Total state certification of graduates, summary reports following the results of examinations; Carrying out of procedure of certification ППС on uchebno-methodical work, the control over rising of pedagogical qualification of teachers, introduction of innovative and virtual technologies, maintenance of uchebno-methodical complexes of disciplines, including for choice students; the control over performance by structural sectionings of university of the standard documents regulating uchebno-methodical activity of high school, providing thus:
The analysis of the maintenance of working programs of subject matters (programmno-purposes, the maintenance of educational activity of students, reports of the intercathedral coordination) taking into account a regional component of the State educational standard, requirements of practical public health services, the basic tendencies of development of medicine and is innovative-educational technologies.
The control over the methodical maintenance of educational process framing optimum conditions for performance of the state demands to a minimum of the maintenance and level of preparation додипломного of formation.
Participation in work of methodical councils and the commissions.

Kontrolno-expert work on creation on chairs of the uchebno-methodical documentation; the control over presence in library and reading rooms of the uchebno-methodical literature.
The organisation of improvement of professional skill of teachers through maintenance of the control over performance of orders, orders, instructions, indicatings of the higher organisations, the Academic council of university, references КНМС, decisions of administration, orders of the rector concerning uchebno-methodical work at university; the organisation and commission carrying out of certification профессорскопреподавательского structure (ППС) university on uchebno-methodical and организационнометодической to work; the organisation and carrying out of exhibitions-competitions of the educational literature, the audiovisual and computer tutorials developed by chairs of university (following the results of certification ППС on УМР); preparation and carrying out of scientifically-methodical conferences, meetings and seminars on higher education problems; the regular control and the analysis of a condition of uchebno-methodical work on chairs (regular visiting within an academic year); Studying and diffusion of an advanced experience of methodical work of chairs BGMU, high schools of Russia and other countries.

Realisation of the plan of work on improvement of professional skill of teachers is provided through the systematic organisation of activity and carrying out of employment of School of the young teacher and School of pedagogical skill. Fundamental nature of results of methodical work in БГМУ has been put by the organizer of methodical department – the senior lecturer, the candidate of medical sciences Pozdeevoj E. D, the honourable worker of vocational training of the Russian Federation. The primary goals the today’s principal of the methodical centre – the doctor of medical sciences, Amirov’s professor of Century of the River adequately continues to realise
The primary goals of Service of monitoring of student’s shots are: veneering of demands on forms of the strict reporting necessary for the documentation for dean’s offices and chairs; participation in filling of the passport of university; official registration of papers of students while translating in other high schools and from other high schools; the office-work organisation on staff of students; the organisation of educational process on all courses of faculties; preparation of the report of high school for an academic year, including under the form 3-NK; preparation of statistical reports and other documentation; maintenance of dean’s offices and chairs forms of the documentation on the account and the reporting of educational process; the control over veneering and conducting educational personal cards of students in dean’s offices of faculties; conducting private affairs of students; filling of diplomas and appendices to them; the organisation of personal distribution of young experts. The big contribution to formation and development of this service has provided the leading engineer of a student’s staff department of Saljamova Sanija Ahmetovna. Now the service of monitoring of student’s shots is headed by leading engineer Zaretsky N.I.

The centre of means of training provides introduction and the application organisation in educational process of university of modern means of training (except computer aids); realisation of measures on an exchange of experience of application ТСО in educational process with other organisations; the organisation of improvement of professional skill of uchebno-support personnel regarding application ТСО in educational process.
According to the basic tendencies of application ТСО in educational process of high school working out of plans of equipment of educational process of university TSO and preparation on their basis of demands for acquisition ТСО is provided; the organisation and regular updating of park TSO of university from among the newest workings out; preparation of annual reports on department TSO activity, preparation of the data on equipment of university TSO; service of the specialised audiences equipped ТСО, during carrying out of lectures, studies; preparation of offers and plans on working out of didactic materials by forces of the faculty of university and a complete set of banks of a didactic material; manufacturing of a didactic material under orders and with the assistance of chairs for ТСО, and also a distributing material; working out together with chairs of offers on creation of methodical references on application ТСО in educational process; Carrying out of consultations of the faculty of university on application ТСО in educational process.
Service of quality of formation — the youngest. The candidate of pedagogical sciences of Husaenova A.A.Podrazdelenie heads service realises monitoring and the control in system of preparation of experts, using the basic criteria characterising possibilities and results of activity of university. Results of analytical activity of service as leading instrument of an estimation provide possibilities to MIND in search of modern management methods, establishments of reference points in the field of development of systems of maintenance of quality of preparation of experts.

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