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In accordance with Federal Law “On Education” (Article 7) with the requirements of the State Educational Standard of Higher Professional Education II-generation (2000) basic vocational training programs (Prop) training specialists with higher medical and pharmaceutical professional education consists of courses the federal component, disciplines, national and regional (university) component disciplines of the student’s choice (elektivov *). Studies on the student’s choice in each cycle should complement the content of subjects specified in the federal component of the cycle.
Elect is a form of education provided by GOS, in which the learner is expected to provide opportunities for free choice of direction for more in-depth study of a theme or problem in contemporary science and practice.
Topics elektivov must encompass specialties or related disciplines for which the student subsequently assumes specialize.
Studies on the student’s choice, set in BSMU in accordance with the requirements of the GOS (2000), are required to examine the student. Data on Education in elektive entered in an annex to the diploma of higher professional education.
By elektivam as in all disciplines included in the curriculum BSMU should exhibit’s final grade (credit) in the academic records (stored in the dean’s office) and the student’s, and labor (in hours and credits).
Over the entire period of study in any university student must be trained in the disciplines of choice and receive, respectively:
> By Speciality 060101 – Medicine is not less than 360 hours (10 credits);
> Specialty 060103 – Pediatrics least 288 pm (8 credits);
> Specialty 060104 – Medical-preventive work at least 108 hours (3 credits);
> Specialty 060105 – Dentistry of at least 108 hours (3 credits);
> Specialty 060108 – Pharmacy least 126 hours (3.5 credit);
> Specialty 060109 – Nursing least 234 hours (6.5 credits);
> Specialty 020209 – Microbiology of at least 108 hours (3 credits);
> Specialty 040101 – Social work is not less than 108 hours (3 credits).
* Elect (translated from Latin) – elective, selective.
Each student in accordance with those of the GOU VPO BSMU Medical “curriculum required each year to receive training on elektivu in terms established by the department – the organizer and take credit for it.
Each student if they wish, regardless of specialty courses, has the right to select and attend any of the proposed BSMU elektivov, including planned in other specialties.
If you elektiva should consider the initial level of preparedness of students to the basic educational program for academic learning material elektiva, as well as the possibility of using the knowledge and skills in further education or future careers.

The organization and content of classes on subjects elektiva

Department, taking into account the relevance of individual sections of discipline or any suggestions dean of faculty, decides feasibility ¬ imagery training to teach at elektive of a section.
Head of Department shall decide at a meeting of the department for approval thematic elektiva and responsible for his teacher and presents data about this in mind.
Next, the teacher responsible, respectively, preparing the curriculum and work program elektiva, presents it for approval at the meeting and methodical department, subsequent to the DNC discipline, an advisory board of the specialty and KNMS.
The results of positive solutions and work program elektiva until 28 February of the current academic year are presented in MIND for planning ¬ tion for the next academic year.
MIND includes teaching load electric chair for the planned ¬ mation a certain number of hours for a particular electron-woo for a particular department to ensure the educational process from September 1 next school year. Number of planned groups in the first year not more than 1, then – given the level of methodological discipline and demand for students.
Information included in PPO elektivah with a specific number of planned hours (and therefore the planned student places) is transmitted to the dean’s office. Deans (vice-deans) coordinate educational work on this issue with the curator elektiva.
Record of students on each electron is on a voluntary basis in the dean’s office from May 1 until August 25.
Learning elektivah includes lectures, conducting seminars ¬ moat practical (or laboratory) classes, individual work of students and other forms of educational process.
By 1 June of the previous year at the Department shall be drawn up an information stand for students on the new and previously worked elektivam.
Learning elektive ends set off with the introduction of the final academic assessment and labor elektiva (hours and credit units) in the academic records and student’s, as well as in training a student card.
Failure curriculum elektivam entails the failure of the curriculum and, consequently, neattestovannost student.
By September 1 of the next academic year, Dean is on the faculty lists of students enrolled in electronically on the form (see below), as well as in the service of the educational process MIND BSMU to monitor the planned teaching load of teachers.

Information about students enrolled in elective courses

Department / Name of subjects / elektiva / Name of student / Group No / Name of responsible teacher
1 2 3 4 5
All reporting documentation of the subjects of students’ choice should be stored at the chairs and the dean.
In the department dean at elektivam (for the whole academic year) is the schedule of lectures, seminars, workshops (specify the date, time and venue).
At the end of the school year the Department reports on conducted elektivah.
If you need to increase training hours and groups on a particular elektivu Department February 28, applies for the next academic year in the MIND to provide a PPO proposals to expand individual elektiva on a specific (or related) department.
In the 2009-2010 academic year at one electron at a specialty disciplines are planned:
> 060101-Medicine – 20-25 students
> 060103-Pediatrics-20-25 students,
> 060,105-Stomatology – 20-25 students
> 060108-Pharmacy-15 students
> 060104-Medical-preventive work – 15 students
> 060109-Nursing – 15 students
> 020209-Microbiology – of 15 students,
> 040,101-Social Work – 15 students.

List elektivov and departments responsible for their security in the 2009-2010 academic year.


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