Postgraduate education

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Institute of Continuing Education BSMU Health Ministry of Social Development of the Russian Federation is the state educational institution providing post-graduate education, professional training and skills of medical personnel in order to enhance and improve the skills of doctors, pharmacists and pharmacists.
IPO organized in 1997 at the Faculty of Advanced Training of Physicians and pharmacists, opened in 1976 on the orders of the Ministry of Health. Initially, faculty taught 200 students a year.
In the last decade reforming units, opened new departments and courses geared to the needs of health and the implementation of decisions of the Government of Belarus.
Currently IPO has 19 chairs and 7 courses; IPO in 141 regular unit of the teaching staff, including doctors of medical sciences 71 (39,9%), PhD – 90 people (50,6%), 42 associate professors (number of teachers with a degree of 96.4% and is highest in the Volga Federal District, among the institutions of postgraduate education). Highest and the first qualifying category are 115 teachers (81,5%).
Over the past 5 years the institute staff defended 24 doctoral and 133 master’s theses. Published 46 monographs, published 668 articles in print and 3229 articles in the thematic collections. Received 46 patents for inventions, 13 utility model certificates. Five faculty members participate in federal research programs and grants. Published on 98 NCI guidelines (at the level of RF – 42, RB – 56). Received 78 patents. Most active in this area are members of the department of surgery with the rate of endoscopy (head prof. Timerbulatov VM), regenerative medicine and balneology (head prof. Gil’mutdinova LT), ophthalmology and otolaryngology (head prof . Aznabayev BM).
IPO staff of the department implemented a 74 new method of diagnosis, treatment and medicines. To coordinate activities in the field of international cooperation work Centre for International Relations, Centre for Distance Education.
Employees are actively involved in the implementa ¬ tion of the national project “Health” training of primary care physicians. As part of its performance for 2006 – 2008,. trained 1,356 professionals, of which 794 general practitioners, 419 district paediatricians, 143 general practitioners. For the year 2009 is planned for 450 primary care physicians.
Over the past 5 years at the Institute of Postgraduate Education trained 20,872 listeners. Training is conducted in 73 specialties.
Training internship carried out on 43 departments in 34 specialties. In 2008, 135 interns were trained on a budgetary basis. In addition, through the Ministry of Health of Belarus in the workplace hospitals attended by more than 300 professionals.
The enrollment to clinical studies on the place of free competition and a specific training shaped to fit the needs of healthcare from 54 specialties. As for targeting residency trained doctors from MoH RB. For 5 years, trained in the residency 260 people in 2009, trained 122 doctors.
Teaching staff of the IPO, according to a comprehensive plan to work together MOH RB, Gul SGPP “Bashfarmatsiya, working in all areas of healthcare, carrying out medical advice and practical work, scientific and methodical management of clinical facilities and expertise of their activities.
Department participated in 11 international programs. Thus, in the framework of the Global Action Plan on Workers’ Health “under the guidance of Professor AB Bakirova conducted a pilot implementation of the European model of health management, environment and security «Hesme», in particular the assessment of working conditions and peculiarities of the health of health workers RB. Successful international programs for Neurology and Neurosurgery: Cerebral Stroke “, prof. LB Novikova, “Health doctors with the definition of risk of fatal cardiovascular complications”, prof. AN Zakirova “Development of minimally invasive surgery”, prof. VM Timerbulatov, “Preventing and combating social diseases”, prof. VL Yuldashev, RG Valinurov, “Children with disabilities” prof. VG Sadykov. The republic target program for the protection of healthy populations ¬ vya: “Anti HIV / AIDS, vaccinal” (Prof. GD Minin, prof. Valishin DA), “Development sanatornokurortnoy help children in Belarus” (Prof. L. T . Gil’mutdinova), “Healthy Child” (Prof. G. Mutale), “Mother and Child” (Prof. A. Kulavsky), “Urgent measures to combat tuberculosis” (Prof. X. K. amines) “Safe Blood”, “Improvement of timely medical assistance to victims in road accidents” (Prof. SN Hunafin), “Health of the Elderly” (Prof. VI Nikulicheva), etc.
Effectively address health problems of the republic, to introduce high-tech methods of delivering medical care, allows the work of specialized centers, which operate from bases HCF Ufa under the leadership of professors and associate professors IPO. To date, operational centers such as the Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery and Endoscopy MH RB, prof. VM Timerbulatov, Neurosurgical systemic thrombolytic high-tech center to provide medical care with acute ischemic attack, prof. LB Novikov.
Among the newly established centers should be noted effective operation of the centers: Coloproctology, laser surgery, neurorehabilitation based RCH; kidney transplantation, endoscopy and laser surgery, cardiorheumatology, cochlear implantation, cystic fibrosis based RCCH.
The contribution of teachers of the institute, their high professional level of yearly undervalued the Government of Belarus and the Ministry of Health of Belarus. Only the 2008 year 56 members of the university presented awards.

Public health and the organisation of public health services ИПО
Ophthalmologies with a course of otorhinolaryngology ИПО
Pediatrics ИПО
Pediatrics and children’s surgery with a course of training of interns of pediatrists and children’s cardiology ИПО
Polyclinic medicine ИПО
Skoroj  помощи  и  медицины  катастроф  с  курсом  термической  травмы  ИПО
Stomatologii    on preparation of doctors-interns ИПО Stomatologii    и    cheljustno-litsevoj    хирургии    с    курсом    стоматологии    the general practice ИПО Therapies ИПО
Therapy and the general medical practice with a course of geriatrics and preparation of interns of therapeutic profile ИПО

Traditional medicine ИПО
Pharmaceuticses with a course послевузовской preparations of pharmaceutists ИПО
Surgeries with courses of an endoscopy and preparation of interns of surgical profile ИПО
On a contractual basis
Eye and plastic surgery with a course дерматокосметологии ИПО
Manipulation ИПО

Courses ИПО at chairs:
Anesthesiologias and reanimotologias;
Radial diagnostics and radial therapy;
Oncologies; Operative surgery and surgical anatomy;
Psychiatry and narcology;
Traumatologies and an orthopedics;
Are a part of institute последипломного formation.

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