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Central Research Laboratory of the Bashkir State Medical University (CSRL BSMU)

The history of the organization and development


Are standing (left to right): Novikov, Andrei Nikolaevich – engineer; Farkhutdinov Rafagat Ravilevich – Senior Research Fellow, prof.; Ishmuratov Renata Shamilyevna – Senior researcher, Ph.D.; Mochalov Stanislavski – NS, k.biol.n.; Kataev Valery – leading researcher, d.farm.n., prof.; Golovin Valery – n. pp., MD; Lyudmila Pavlova – Art. laboratory.
Sitting (from left to right): Zaripova Rasim Mazgarovna-art. laboratory; Anderson Rosa Karamovna – Senior researcher, Ph.D.; Speranski Vladimir – Head. CSRL, prof.; Valieva Tamara – Senior researcher, PhD, Irina Petrova – ml.n.s.

Organization CSRL at the Bashkir State Medical Institute (now University) was dictated by the need to establish basic science departments with a view to a more rational and effective use of highly qualified personnel departments to solve scientific problems and innovative proposals. Focusing it expensive and rare equipment, reagents and other materials are to be rational to use them, the standard of research, methodological unification and centralized maintenance.
The predecessor CSRL is a problem research laboratory of self-financing research sector (NIS), which in different periods of supervised Professor RG Teregulov, J. S. Bikmuhametova, DN Lazareva, AG Gizatullin, F.S . Zaruddya.
The official document to the discovery CSRL was ordered MZ RSFSR № 618 from 21.11.1977, the problem for the reorganization of INS in the laboratory CSRL BGMI took about a year. First CSRL situated in adapted premises of biological body, then in the case number 6, and, finally, in 1980, was placed in the hull number 7 in the area of 1251 square meter. To date, the area occupied by units directly CSRL is about 600 square meters.
The staff during the existence of CSRL underwent “mosaic kaleidoscope: from four units in 1979 to 37 in 1982 and 29 in 1988 with a corresponding budget – and, finally, was reduced by 1996 to 13 units. At this level, it can still be maintained.
Of course, in those three decades, the operation was carried out continuously CSRL technical equipment and equipping of modern research equipment, the expansion of the experimental base, including a vivarium and engineering services.
It should be emphasized that to carry out R & D, approved by Ministry of Health of the RF profile thematic BSMU, CSRL have sufficient capacity and the formation of these features, of course, credit managers laboratory in different years (JM Nasyrov 1978-1984., VV . Speranski from 1984 – present) and its curators, vice-chancellors (professors NT Bikbulatova, FH Kamilov, EK Alekhin).
Contribution CSRL in scientific assets of the University is composed of well-functioning integrated approach in the implementation of R & D by almost all departments of the University from providing jobs to the full implementation of scientific development (ie, from idea to its realization). Evidence of this are the following indicators: based on CSRL doctoral students, graduates, job seekers are made of different parts or sections of the volume and content of the 45 doctoral and 90 master’s theses, scientific novelty and practical significance which gave grounds to obtain 53 patents and a number of innovations to preparation of a large number of scientific papers for international, federal, and federal level and implemented by health care.
Researchers have had and have the opportunity to improve the methodological basis for CSRL receive enough qualified advice.

Equity Research CSRL asset is that for several years formed four main thematic areas:
– Development of scientific bases of environmental protection in petroleum refining, petrochemical, chemical and biotechnology industries in the region of Bashkortostan
– General and Applied Immunology
– Pathophysiology of adaptable processes
– Search and study of new drugs.

Each of these areas require the formation of creative mini-bands corresponding to logistics. As a result, these groups took place.

Thus, the first thematic area worked successfully doctoral LB Ovsyannikov and N. Yegorov. Their scientific contribution resulted in the substantiation of maximum permissible concentration in the substance of the group of aromatic hydrocarbons with the inclusion of these regulations and hygiene performance in the National Register.
Significant place in the structure of research laboratories is the second case the direction in which the development of applied aspects of immunology strictly subordinated to the practical needs of health care. It combines collaboration with almost all clinical departments of the university, aimed at clarifying the pathogenesis, improvement of diagnostic accuracy and monitoring effectiveness of therapy of autoimmune diseases or allergic genesis of neuroendocrine pathology, immunopathological states, accompanying other major diseases (haemorrhagic fever, diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, immunodeficiency states with septic and inflammatory processes, etc.).
Implementation of this direction allowed to open in the 1989-90 school year based on CSRL teaching of immunology for students of all faculties of the University. In the course of the teaching staff includes full-time research staff CSRL: The author of this article, Professor. Medvedev Yu.A., MD Siberian S., PhD Imelbaeva E., MD Pakhomov DV They created the Bank of teaching aids. Unfortunately, in the crisis years of the course work has been suspended.

The third direction of research characterizes the fundamental and is devoted to the importance of free-radical processes, lipid peroxidation and the pathophysiology of adaptable processes. Achievement cycle work in this direction is the development of original approaches to the registration superweak luminescence of biological material in various states of the organism and design their own version of hemilyuminometra. Are applied in a number of medical institutions of the republic and the federal Cosmonaut Training Center. A team of researchers headed by MD fruitfully R. Farkhutdinov, who received a diploma of the first national award the best doctors Russia “vocation” for the creation of a new method of diagnosis. He is a student of the national contest of innovation projects.
In the search for and study of new pharmacological agents remarkable study MD Valeeva LA, revealing chronobiological mechanism of action kardiotonikov and beta-blockers. This trend is continuing successfully.
During the years of operation CSRL of the number of staff trained 9 Doctors of Sciences (Nasyrov JM, Speranski VV, Farkhutdinov RR, Medvedev Yu.A., Bashkatov SA, Imelbaeva EA, Valeeva LA, Egorova NN Ovsyannikov LB), some of which are now heads of departments of the University or are employed by departments and agencies of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Of the 10 trained candidates, three are still in the state laboratory.

In a scientific asset CSRL 43 inventions and patents, 15 books, 1 technical condition, 27 information-methodical publications for educational purposes and practical health care.

Among the most significant achievements of recent years, the fundamental nature should include developing methods and technology evaluation functions of oxidant / antioxidant system of the person (MD Farkhutdinov RR), an applied nature – the ways of prognosis and treatment of multiple sclerosis (Prof. V. Speransky VA), introduced into clinical practice. These achievements of scientific development is largely associated with high professional qualifications is now a senior laboratory Zaripova RM, Fellows (Mochalov KS, Baymurzina YL), engineer Novikov, AN
Contributing to this creative collaboration with the Institute of Biochemical Physics, RAS, Ufa State Aviation Technical University, institutions, Academy of Sciences of Belarus and the Bashkir Scientific Center, the state academy of postgraduate education of doctors, medical institutions of Belarus, the clinical departments of the university. Support for research is the presence CSRL own graduate from among university graduates (in 2009 to 4).

Currently CSRL has the following divisions:

– Immunology, equipped to immunological and immuno-enzyme analysis of biological material (Stat Fax 2100, Abacus Junior)
– Radiology equipped with facilities Beta-2, Gamma-12, Progress
– Biochemistry – spectrophotometers (including SP Ultra)
– Biophysics – hemilyuminomery CL 003, Spartium
– Pharmacology

All units are equipped with enough weight, incubator, suhozharovoy, photometer, centrifuge, refrigeration, appliances ionometry, light and fluorescent microscopy. There is a test cell heat-cold-vibration effect (Binder), room for short-term detention of small laboratory animals, distillyatornaya.
-Standing of the types of vivarium provides long-term maintenance of experimental animals, is operating with the appropriate equipment.

In collaboration with the Department of Oncology and the Republican Oncological Dispensary in CSRL is becoming, partly at the expense of the RF President Grant for young Russian scientists (PhDs) 2008 Laboratory of Experimental Oncology, aimed at disclosing some of the pathogenesis of malignant disease (Senior Researcher ., MD Ishmuratov R.Sh.).
In the long term – laboratory cell technology, nanotechnology, drugs (Senior, MD Anderson RK)
Special importance to continue the selection of capable of creative activity of young people from among the interns, residents, graduate students. The young require changing fundamentally new concepts and modern High-resolution instrumentation that laid now. There is a growing information security.

Address CSRL BSMU: 450000. Ufa, ul. Lenina, 3, 7 Corps
tel. (347) 273-61-45
Fax: (347) 272-37-51

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