Central Research Laboratory

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Central Research Laboratory (CSRL)
The position CSRL is a basic scientific division to perform university staff planning and search research, training rules and skills of research. The laboratory is focused most expensive, relatively rare equipment, reagents and materials, which ensure their rational use, maintenance, standardization research. The head of an MD, professor Speranski VV (1984-2000 years., 2005 – present). The main functional groups CSRL:
– Experimental and Clinical Immunology
– Biophysics and Biochemistry
– Pharmacology.
Profile of the research staff CSRL or with their participation consistent with the functional groups and concerned matters of general and applied immunology, the pathophysiology of adaptable processes, search and study of new drugs.
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Problem Research Laboratory of Transplantation BSMU (PNILT)
In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Health of the RF “On the development of cellular technology in the Russian Federation» № 325 dated 25 July 2003 on the basis of BSMU was organized by the Problem Research Laboratory of Transplantation.
The laboratory complies with international demands cleaner production GMP, whose main objectives are the scientific and methodical development issues related to cellular technology in medicine, as well as the organization of the fence, analysis and storage of umbilical cord stem cells, peripheral blood and other tissues.
The main challenges facing PNILT:
– Establishment of a bank of stem cells of umbilical cord and peripheral blood of Republican values of storage in biohranilischah international standard,
– Improved methods of production, storage and use of stem cells to increase their viability in transplantation.
– Pilot studies, clinical trials and the phased introduction of cellular technology in the medical practice of Bashkortostan,
– Develop recommendations and protocols governing the use of stem cells for therapy of acquired and inherited human diseases,
– Joining in a single international system of banks of stem cells umbilical cord / peripheral blood,
– Development and wide application of high-tech and effective biomedical technologies based on extensive fundamental and applied studies of human stem cells.
Acquisition of the equipment, which allows to allocate and keep a long-term stem cells. Train specialists and gained practical experience with cell culture, improved methods of storing cells, allowing to obtain high-quality material for transplantation, experimental studies on the use of cellular technology in various diseases and injuries. Developed and clinically tested treatment of deep burns, trophic ulcers, liver, pancreas and other diseases. The technologies for the production of drugs based on cell cultures. The bank of stem cells of umbilical cord blood, which is stored in a Dewar flask.
Prepared program of joint research and practical work with the Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Institute of Eye Diseases, the National burn centers, the National Cardiology Dispensary, the National Cancer Center, Republican Blood Transfusion Station, hospitals, Ufa. A Republican scientific-technical program “Development of Medical Cell Technology in the Republic of Bashkortostan for 2008-2012”.

Research Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine and Health Resort BSMU (SRI CMC)
Throughout nearly the entire existence BSMU its scientists, in collaboration with the practical doctors studied the resort factors in Bashkortostan. This work is actively under way today. Rector’s order № 33 of 26.07.2001g to implement the concept of sanatorium of Bashkortostan, approved by the President of the Republic of Belarus № 252 dated 06.05.2000g. On the basis of the department of rehabilitation medicine and balneology IPO created Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine and Health Resort whose director is the head. Department of Rehabilitation Medicine and Health Resort IPO, prof. LT Gil’mutdinova. The main clinical base is sanatorium “Green Grove”, also in the Institute of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics part Sanatorium Yumatov “,” Yangan Tau “,” Krasnousolsk “and others.
The main task of the institute – leadership and coordination of research, training and methodological work on regenerative medicine and balneology in the Republic of Bashkortostan, development and implementation of long-term research programs, and training for spa facilities in Bashkortostan.
During the existence of SRI developed and perfected new technologies and restorative spa treatments: the use of mineral waters, curative mud, Bashkir koumiss gazoparotermalnyh sources in the rehabilitation and prevention of socially significant diseases, production and use kumys year-round dry fermented mare’s milk and mineral water, methods treatment with the use of natural amber, light therapy, Apitherapy using waste products Bashkir bees, methods endoecological based detoxification of mineral water and medicinal plants in Bashkortostan. Developed and implemented technology improvement of pregnant women, health-restorative treatment of operated on organs of the abdomen, heart and blood vessels, persons with occupational diseases, patients with myocardial infarction and cerebrovascular events, diabetes, etc. Employees of Institute of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics are developers and implementers of the Republican Development Program sanatorium system of the Republic of Bashkortostan to 2010.
The annual All-Russian Research Institute of forums balneologists CMC receives a diploma degree and a gold medal for the best technology of rehabilitation medicine.

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