Students\’ Scientific Society

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Students’ Scientific Society (SSS), Bashkir State Medical University – is a voluntary non-political and non-profit association of students, conducting research work in the departments of the university. This work is done outside normal working hours and the program is not related to the curriculum. Supervises the work of SSS Vice-Rector. For the organization of the society rector appointed supervisor of the number of scientific and pedagogical staff.
Work CHO governed by the charter, which is adopted by the Academic Council and approved by the rector BSMU. According to the statute of society work is carried out on several levels. The main element forming a society, is a student scientific circle (CNS). It works with all departments, which trained students. The supervisor of the circle is, as a rule, head of the department. To help him, to work directly in the circle, is appointed responsible for the CNS of eminent members of the department. As the volume and the subject of the CNS is not regulated by the curricula, the activity of work is determined by the initiative of students and staff of departments, guiding this work. However, it is this activity represents the greatest opportunity for students to develop their creative abilities and the acquisition of research skills. To direct coordination and assistance SSS SSS academic advisor from among the most active students, with achievements in scientific research activities, a Council of FDN. The main role of the Board of SSS – the integration of individual CNS in a single society. This is achieved in different ways. Main – organizing and conducting the final scientific conferences of university students. Each year, the Rector’s order in BSMU declared “Day of Science”, in the framework of which these conferences with the participation of all students full-time. A feature of such conferences is the diversity of scientific issues being discussed. The conference is held with the assistance of the Ministry of Education of Belarus and the Council of Young Scientists of Belarus, thus acquired the status of the Republican conference. They became involved students from other cities in Russia – Perm, Omsk, Kazan, Ryazan, Novosibirsk, Kursk, Volgograd, Vladivostok, and others, as well as Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. At the conference, working 19-20 sections: life sciences; morphology, chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology and immunology, pharmacy; Health Organization, general hygiene and epidemiology, surgery (2) Internal Medicine (2); Dentistry Obstetrics and Gynecology ; pediatrics, childhood infections, pediatric surgery, drug and alcohol abuse, psychiatry and neurology, infectious disease and AIDS, dermatovenereology; medical section in English philosophy, sociology, psychology (2), which are presented and discussed the reports made people of different CNS. Be exchanged not only academic achievements, but also organizational experience some circles and circle members. This makes it possible to overcome the shortcomings of one group and, therefore, provides students with additional experience in research work. As a result of conferences to publish a collection of materials. The average annual published 500 student papers, among them a quarter in conjunction with the teacher.

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