Trade union

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The member of trade union has the right:
On protection from outside trade union of the labour, professional, social and economic, legal interests in state, economic organisations, in court.
The member of trade union is obliged:
Monthly to pay membership dues in trade union – 3 % from the grant. To support trade union and its actions referred on protection of the rights and interests of members of trade union.

Trade union
Nurhakimov Raphael Zakirjanovich

The chairman of trade-union committee of students

Constitution, Article 30;
Federal Law of 12.01.96 “On Trade Unions, Their Rights and Guarantees”;
Chapter 4 of the Labour Code from 30.12.2001 No 197-FZ
The trade union of health workers.

Your union BSMU
As a member of the Students’ Union BSMU, you can expect
for financial assistance in a difficult situation at a New Year gift for your child for a reduced ticket to the sanatorium-health camp “Pulse”. The work of trade union committee of students is closely linked with student clubs BSMU, and it is your part in university discos, festivals, contests, quizzes and other events.
Trade union committee of students working with urban management and the Committee on Youth Policy, and that your participation in the urban and national festivals, processions, demonstrations, competitions KVN
parades amateur sports competitions.

Join unions, and exercise their rights!
Primary trade union organizations STUDENTS BSMU
Today, the union is the only real force capable of some measure to protect your interests in the state, administrative, public bodies and organizations. Do you know what a trade union and how to join the ranks of its members? This information is for you, medical students!

The trade union of health workers RF –
-All-Russian – a voluntary, non – public, – a self-governing – not political – a nonprofit organization, which union members who share common professional interests in medical, pharmaceutical, health and spa facilities, universities and secondary schools in the health care system.
The basis of the union are union members, united in the primary trade union organizations.
The main objectives of the union is to represent and protect the professional, social and labor rights and interests of union members.
The union bases its activities on the following principles:
Voluntary union membership
Equality of all union members and free exit
Respect for the interests of minority
Trade union monitors compliance officials labor legislation, regulations and safety standards, life and health.

Union membership
Union members may be persons who have attained the age of 14, students, students of higher and secondary specialized educational institutions.
Union membership does not depend on:
Social situation
The reason for admission to the union is simply a written statement to the primary trade union organization.
All union members have equal rights and responsibilities.

Position of the industrial practice commission

the Cultural-mass commission

the Information commission

the Sports commission

The Important files:

the List of documents on the social benefit
the Social benefit
the Social benefit and diets. A food

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