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In connection with the set of model questions received, decided to give answers to the most popular of them in a separate section
(Section will be constantly replenished as income issues)

Q. What are Points are awarded on the EGE for admission to BSMU (for different forms of learning and the different faculties)?
A. Points are awarded vary from year to year, and officially established after the main wave passing USE. In any case, you can focus on last year’s strip, in most cases, a substantial increase or decrease the amount of points on one or another faculty (some form of learning does not happen)

Q. What exams (EGE) to pass for admission to BSMU?
A. At this time the majority of faculty want to pass the EGE on the Russian language, biology and chemistry., Of any changes in this list is reported in advance. More information can be found in section entrant.

Q. How do I transfer to BSMU from other higher medical institutions? (What documents are required, who to contact on these issues?)
A. Questions about the translation in one or another faculty BSMU be solved Deans in providing the following documents.

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