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Schedule selection committee BSMU:
Monday-Friday from 9.00 to 17.00, a break from 12.00 to 13.00,
Saturday from 9.00 to 12.00, Sunday Closed.
1 and 2 August the selection committee BSMU runs from 9.00 to 17.00
Address: Ufa, ul. Lenina 3, tel. 272-92-31, Website: bsmu.anrb.ru

reception Rules

the Application form

Introductory tests

the Schedule of entrance examinations

Terms of carrying out ЕГЭ

the Minimum quantity of points ЕГЭ in 2010 г .

the General rules of giving and treating of appeals

the Documents necessary for entering in БГМУ

Data on quantity submitted завлений on 09.07.10


Preparatory courses BSMU

Preparatory courses for the academic year are training students for admission to the university on the base for a medical university subjects: chemistry, biology, physics, Russian and English languages. At a preparatory course employs qualified faculty Medical University. Training is provided in public programs and in accordance with the requirements for admission of medical universities. Forms of study: full-time, evening and correspondence.
When full-time courses (duration – 8 months) classes are held during the daytime (6-day school week), on completion of the course – the final certification of listeners with the issuance of certificates.

Programme for the evening form of training designed for 8, 6, 4-month cycle of training, including trainees – grade 11 students, graduates of specialized secondary schools, working young people of Ufa and its suburbs, as well as 2-year preparatory courses (students grades 10-11). Form of lessons: group (15 persons) and individual (2-3).
For nonresident organized correspondence preparatory courses, which involve the monitoring of works on chemistry, physics, biology, and the Russian language and 2 training sessions during vacation time.

Summer pre-examination preparation courses are organized in the following dates: from 28 June to 9 July
Students can choose not only the form of training, but the number of subjects.
Conclusion of agreements on training is at: Ufa, ul. Z. Walid, 47, 3 floor, room. 345 Preparatory courses BSMU. Directions to stop “Seating yard” or “House of the actor.”
Telephones: (347) 272-09-72, 272-92-31.

In the Bashkir State Medical University in 1999, operating preparatory courses. During the academic year, applicants have the opportunity to obtain high-quality preparation for entry to university on the base for a medical university subjects: chemistry, biology, physics, Russian language and literature, as well as English. By teaching the courses attract the best qualified teachers who, in the majority with advanced degrees and extensive experience working with applicants and in the selection committee. Training is provided in public programs and in accordance with the requirements for admission of medical universities. Forms of training: full-time (group), evening (group, individual), correspondence. In the summer before matriculation examinations organized short daily lessons. Since 2005, the courses are being prepared to surrender a single state examination (USE), to this end organized separate groups of up to 15 people.

Along with the traditional training has become a university preparatory courses, high-quality knowledge and initial medical training is available in specialized medical and biological classes of schools educational complex “School-university”. Currently, these classes are available in 8 schools of the Republic: Nov. secondary school No 35 (Ufa), Nov. Lyceum No 5 (Ufa), MBOU secondary school No 1 (Sterlitamak), MBOU secondary school No 4 (city Dyurtyuli) MBOU Bolsheustikinsky Lyceum No 1 (pp. Bolsheustikinskoe Mechetlinskogo district), MBOU Bashkir school No 3 (PM Davlekanovo), Nov. Bashkir Lyceum. M. Burangulova (n. Raevka, Alsheevsky district), SEI Bashkir republican boarding school No 1. Rami Garipova (Ufa). Education in these classes involves the study of basic items for the medical college at profile level (3-4 hours per week).

Many teachers speak approvingly of the transition of high school at specialized training – it makes it possible to comprehensively solve one of the major challenges facing society – training of qualified specialists for national economy. Profile education deals with other important tasks: promotes the interests and aptitudes of students in the more narrow than in secondary school, areas of expertise and training to successfully continue their education in high school. Experience elsewhere shows that the profile at senior level requires a mandatory holding of pre training, which takes 1-2 years and accounts for 8-9 grades. Given the need for training of pre and opportunities in high school, as part of preliminary training is planned to create the Small Medical Academy (full-time and correspondence forms).
Malaya Medical Academy will begin its work in October 2008. Set in Malaya Medical Academy will be on a voluntary basis, learning involves mastering the basics of medicine, basic medical care, the ability to provide first aid, knowledge of medicinal plants and the most used drugs, etc. In addition to obtaining basic knowledge and skills in the field of medicine, Minor Medical Academy planned to write creative works on medical subjects at the end of each year, the Academy and the protection of creative works. The results of creative works will be entered into the portfolio of achievements (Portfolio). Along with the rating assessment of primary school graduates, or portfolio will play a key role in recruiting students to specialized medical and biological classes of schools for Training Complex “School-university”.

Address Centre for pre-university training Bashgosmeduniversiteta:
Ufa, ul. Z. Walid, 47, office 345,
Phone: 2-72-09-72
The beginning of summer pre-examination classes – June 24.

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