Department of Human Anatomy

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Seven decades have passed since the founding of the Department of Human Anatomy, Bashkir State Medical Institute. Over the years, the department worked many great scientists and public health organizers. One of the organizers of the institute is Vladimir Romankevich.
Vladimir Romankevich born Oct. 13, 1889 in Grodno. His father was an officer in the tsarist army. My mother was a teacher. Vladimir studied first in the 2-m realschule Petersburg, then – Sea Cadet Corps. In 1907, a midshipman went to the Military Medical Academy, St. Petersburg. For participating in student unrest in 1913 was expelled from the academy and continued his studies at the Medical Faculty of Kharkov. In 1915 he was conscripted into the army for two years served as a junior doctor 106 th Infantry Regiment, Ufa on the Western Front, then – in the military port of Arkhangelsk hospital and physician icebreaker Mikula Villager.
In 1918 he graduated from Kharkov in the 5 th year of university, worked as a surgeon in the city of Yaroslavl. In April 1919, he joined the Red Army. After demobilization, the autumn of 1922 he worked as a surgeon in Ufa. In autumn 1931, at the suggestion Bashnarkomzdrava, an organization engaged in medical institute in Ufa and arranged here for three morphological Department: Human Anatomy, histology and topographic anatomy.\”
During World War II work in BGMI combined with work at the Department of Surgery 1-st Moscow Medical Institute, evacuated to Ufa, advised and operated on in hospitals, and has lectured at the courses and retraining of doctors nurses. Conducted in the course BGMI military surgery and traumatology and hospital surgery. Has published 50 scientific papers on anatomy and surgery. Doctoral dissertation defended in 1962 (the candidate of medical sciences began in 1930 without defending a dissertation).
He was awarded the medal \”For Valiant Labor in the Great Patriotic War\”, diplomas of the Presidium of the Supreme Council and the Provincial Committee BASSR BASSR medical workers trade union, was awarded the title \”Honorary Doctor of BASSR. Awarded the Order of Lenin. By the end of his life he worked the chair of operative surgery and topographic anatomy.
Died Nov. 6, 1966, buried in Ufa on Sergiyevsk cemetery.
In the years 1933-1937. Department of Human Anatomy headed Rosa Israelevna Polonskaya. She did a lot to equip the training process: produced educational products for all sections of the anatomy, founded the anatomical museum of the department. When she started research. In 1937, RI Polonskaya completed and submitted to the doctoral dissertation on the topic: \”To the morphology prespinal lymph duct, which she defended in 1938 in II Leningrad Medical Institute. Subsequent fate of RI Polonskaya, unfortunately, is unknown.
From 1937 to 1967, over 30 years, the Department of Human Anatomy of the Bashkir Medical Institute, led by Sabir Zakirovich Lookmanov.
Lookmanov SZ Born April 9, 1906 in the village of Upper Yarkeevo Ilishevskogo area Bashkir ASSR in a peasant family. Early lost his parents in children\’s labor camps. In 1928 he was sent to study at the second Moscow Institute. NI Pirogov. After graduating in 1933, the Institute SZ Lookmanov returned to work in BGMI. In 1937. After defending his doctoral dissertation on the topic: \”On the splitting of flexor muscles of the forearm, SZ Lookmanov was elected head of the department of normal anatomy. In 1942 he defended his doctoral thesis on the topic: \”The macrostructure of some of the pelvic belt man, and he, one of the first scientists Bashkir, was given the rank of professor.
Under the direction SZ Lukmanova conducted research about the characteristics of the innervation, blood supply and macro-microscopic structure of skeletal muscle of man. He – the author of 35 scientific works, including – monographs. Under his leadership, met 2 doctors and 9 Ph.D. theses.
In 1940, Sabir Zakirovich was appointed People\’s Commissar of Health of the Republic, and within 16 years head of the department combined with the post of commissar, Minister of Health of the Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (1940-1950. And 1954-1960)..
SZ Lookmanov was a member of the Ufa City Council, the Supreme Council BASSR three convocations, during the Great Patriotic War, was a member of the Academic Council of Ministry of Health of the RSFSR, and in the postwar years – a member of the Soviet Committee for Solidarity with Asian and African countries.
SZ Lookmanov – Knight of the Order of Lenin, two Orders of Red Banner of Labor and the Badge of Honor, awarded the badge \”Excellent health and medals of the Soviet Union. He was given the honorary title \”Honored Scientist BASSR\” and \”Honorary Doctor of the RSFSR.
SZ Lookmanov died in November 1967, buried in a Muslim cemetery Ufa.
In the years 1967-1993. department in charge Ahnaf Gabbasovich Gabbasov.
Ahnaf Gabbasovich Gabbasov BSMU graduated in 1954, graduate in 1957 In 1961 he defended his thesis on the topic: \”The internal structure and innervation of the muscles of the plantar surface of the human foot, in 1974 – a doctoral thesis on the topic:\” The blood vessels human foot. \”
Field of research: macrostructure and innervation of skeletal muscles; microcirculation in the normal way, experiment and pathology. They determined the laws of structure and innervation of the muscles of the foot, the structural organization and age changes the ways of microcirculation of the connective structures of the foot, under his leadership made series of works on manufacturing allografts. Professor AG Gabbasova published 125 scientific articles, he is the author of 5 inventions and 10 Innovations. In the years 1969-1993. was chairman of the Bashkir Branch of the VRNOAGE and board member VRNOAGE. Deputy of the District Council of Ufa 2 convocations, within 2 years was dean of the Faculty of Pediatrics BGMI.
AG Gabbasov has the honorary title \”Honoured Scientist of the Republic of Belarus\”, awarded diplomas of Russian Federation and the Republic of Bashkortostan, the icon \”USSR Inventor\” and the Silver Medal VDNH.
Professor AG Gabbasov died June 20, 2006, buried in Southern Cemetery.
Since 1993, the department is headed by Vasil Sharifyanovna Vagapov after graduating with honors from the medical faculty BGMI studied in graduate school at the Department of Human Anatomy, worked as an assistant, senior teacher, lecturer and professor of the department. 1989-2000s. work at the department combined her with the position of dean of the Faculty of Pediatrics BSMU.

In 1971 she defended her thesis on the topic: \”The macrostructure and innervation of the abdominal muscles, and in 1989 – a doctoral thesis on the topic:\” Microcirculatory bed of synovial membrane of knee joint. Field of research: the structure, development, vascular and lymphatic microcirculatory bed of various elements of the joints. She formulated the laws of the synovial membrane of knee joint, the first time in synovial membrane of joints open devices for transudation and resorption of the synovial fluid method is proposed for plastic capsules of joints after synovectomy, the concept of the inner shell of the joints.
Professor VS Vagapov published co-authored two monographs, published about 200 scientific papers, and she – co-2-guides, the author of 4 Inventions and a 4-innovations, co-editor of 3 collections of scientific papers.

Professor Vagapov VS a scientific school artromorfologov Russia. It prepared a doctor and 12 candidates of medical sciences. For 6 years she was the Scientific Secretary of the Dissertation Council at Bashkir State Medical University is a member of the Dissertation Council at Moscow State University (Saransk).
Professor VS Vagapov – a member of the Presidium of the Board VRNOAGE, a member Coomes and the Terminology Commission of Health Ministry, a member of the expert committee Ministry of Education of Belarus. She – the chairman of the Bashkir Branch of the VRNOAGE, vice president of the International Association of morphologists (AGE). Was member of the Kirov District Council 3 convocations (XIII-XV). He has honorary title \”Honored Worker of Higher School of Russia\” and \”Honored Worker of Science of Belarus\”, was awarded a badge \”Inventor of the USSR.
The Department of Human Anatomy BSMU began his career and worked in different years, people have become in future prominent scientists, doctors and organizers.

In the 30th and 40 th years of teaching at the department: Ikhsanov Zaynulla Aminovich later – Rector BSMU; Davletov Mini Ahmet Sagdat-Gareevich – chief surgeon of legendary Bashkir Cavalry Division; Farkhutdinov Raul Gilmutdinovich in the future – MD, Professor, created the school physicians RB; Professor Balandin Appolinary A. – eminent anatomist and teacher. In the 60th years, the department conducted a teaching and scientific work great anatomist Leites Alexander, who created a school of anatomists Kyrgyzstan; Shenberger Izrail L., organizer proctologic Service RB.
Solid anatomical trained at the Department of the world-renowned Professor ER Muldashev – organizer and Director of the Russian Eye and Plastic Surgery, and his deputy for science professor at RT Nigmatullin.

Currently, the department includes doctors and candidates of medical sciences, taught postgraduate and doctoral dissertations are performed.
In recognition of scientific and pedagogical achievements of the collective Department of Human Anatomy has been conducting on the basis of Bashkir State Medical University in June 2002 the VI Congress of the International Association of morphologists (AGE). In April 2006, by order of the Rector of the decision of the Academic Council BSMU chair named after prof. SZ Lukmanova.

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