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In 1976 with the Bashkirian State Medical Institute. XV-th anniversary of Komsomol was called Dental School.

For the teaching of dental disciplines in 1978 at the Department of ENT-Diseases No 2 sanitary-hygienic faculty of the course is organized dentistry, September 27, 1979 – an independent department of dentistry. The duty lies with the Head of Department Associate Professor Viktor Yanukovych Tatarinov (Order of the Bashkir State Medical Institute No 39 of 27.09.1979 town).

Further, in accordance with the order MZ RSFSR No 417 of July 9, 1980 Department of Dentistry renamed the Department of Therapeutic Stomatology. At the same time organized the department of surgical dentistry, prosthetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry course (Order No 45 of Bashkir State Medical Institute of 09/27/1980 PM).
As the head of the Department of Operative Dentistry temporarily until the competitive selection process, appointed associate professor Tatarinov VF employees of the newly organized Department of Operative Dentistry and became professor Vorontsov DV, assistant Dunaeva NK

The main clinical database of surgical stomatology department determined Maxillofacial Surgery City Clinical Hospital No 13 and the Republican Clinical Hospital. GG Kuvatova, as well as dental clinics Ufa (No 1, No 2), Republican dental clinic, later, from 1982 – Dental Branch clinic No 49 (now a dental clinic No 6), since 1984 – a dental clinic BGMI ( educational building No 6, Frunze Str., 46).

Due to lack of scientific and pedagogical staff of pediatric dentistry, pediatric dentistry course during 1980 – 1981 school year is under the Department of Surgical
dentistry. On July 6, 1981 Course pediatric dentistry started independent activities. The head of the pediatric dentistry course on a competitive basis elected associate VF Tatarinov (Order No 194-K on July 6, 1981). Duties of the Head of the Department of Operative Dentistry temporarily fulfilled MD Mingazov GG, which in June 1982 was elected to that position on competitive basis (Order No 161-K on June 4, 1982).

One of the urgent problems of the dental faculty at the time was the preparation of scientific and pedagogical staff. The problem is the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Bashkortostan and management of medical institutions to decide by selecting the best professionals from the healthcare (Mingazov GG, Dunayev NK, Tkachenko GI, Mirsaeva FZ), as well as the direction of young doctors from practical health care in the residency and postgraduate study leading universities of the country (Davudov IA, Shestakov JN). In 1983, the Department continues to replenish the representatives of healthcare (Khafizov AA, Luzhnov VV) graduates from graduate school (Chuykin SV). In 1984, scientific and pedagogical staff are flowing into the graduates of dental faculty (Kuznetsov OE, Ryabykh LA, Galiyev EI, Bakirov RT).

Based on the decision of the Academic Council BSMU on 28.12.95, the order is issued by BSMU the organization at the Department of Operative Dentistry dentists, and advanced courses on the reorganization of the department of surgical dentistry in the department of oral surgery with a course of dentistry FUVP (No 1 dated 04.01.96 PM).

In 1997, the rate of dental FUVP separated from the Department of Operative Dentistry and becomes an independent department – the Department of Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery at IPO BSMU. The head of the newly organized department becomes MD, professor Mingazov GG As the head of the Department of Operative Dentistry appointed MD, PhD, Mirsaeva FZ (For the period of stay lecturer Mirsaevoy FZ in the position of the SNA, Acting Head of Department to temporarily perform MD Mukhametzyanova TS Order No 2-K on 1/5/1997 PM). After defending his doctoral thesis in December 1997 Mirsaeva FZ elected to contest the post of Head of the Department of Operative Dentistry.

Now the department staffed by highly qualified scientific and pedagogical staff. The department has one professor, three associate professors, six assistant professors.


Employees of the department is a great educational-methodical and scientific work. Textbooks, manuals for practical exercises (including stamped EMA), produced training videos, albums, stands in place training and monitoring software. As a result of educational-methodical work of the department annually win prizes.

At the department there is clinical residency and post-graduate.

The main scientific directions of the department are:
– Development of new graft in oral surgery;

– Rehabilitation of patients with deformities of the maxillofacial region using transplants;
– Development of new treatments for injuries maxillofacial area;

– Prevention and treatment of complications of purulent-inflammatory diseases of the maxillofacial region.
According to the results of research are protected by more than 20 PhD and 7 PhD theses. Obtained 30 patents and inventor’s certificates, and 90 certificates for innovations. Employees of the department made more than 20 presentations at international congresses and all-Russian conferences, published over 600 scientific papers.

Ufa, ul. Chernyshevskogo 104
tel.: 273-91-29 extra. 18 or 36,
Fax: (8347) 272-19-82

The form of clothing: a white robe, cap, mask, the second shoes, rubber gloves.
Clothes should be clean, ironed. Short cropped nails.
Arrive 5 minutes before the start of classes.

Addresses training bases:
National Cancer Center. Branch head-neck “, a training room.
Address: 450054, Ufa, Prospekt Oktyabrya, 73 / 1.
Stop transport “Youth Library”

Dental polyclinic No 2, room No 12.
Address: 450075, Ufa, Prospekt Oktyabrya 105 / 3
Stop transport “Puppet”

Dental Clinic BSMU, cabinets No 18, No 36.
Address: 450077, Ufa, ul. Chernyshevskogo 104.
Stop transport Chernyshevskaya.

City Clinical Hospital No 21. Endoscopy Unit, a training room No 2.
Address: 450071, Ufa, Forest passage, 3.
Stop transport City Hospital No 21.

Educational materials:
Schedule of castings:

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