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Employees of the Department Phthisiopneumology BSMU


Professor Aminev JC Aminev Hanif Kiyamovich, born September 20, 1938 in the village Kusekeevo Chekmagushevskogo area BASSR. In 1961 he graduated from the Medical Faculty of the Bashkir State Medical Institute. During the 4 years worked as the head Sharipovskim medical districts Kushnarenkovskogo area of RB. In 1965-1967. held clinical studies on lung surgery at the Department of Surgery I Moscow Medical Institute. Sechenov, in 1967-1970. ftiziohirurgom worked in Ufa city dispensary in 1971-1988 years. – Assistant of tuberculosis of the Bashkir Medical Institute in 1989-1990. – Associate Professor, since 1990 – head of the same department (since 1996 Phthisiopneumology), since 1993 the head of the clinic Phthisiopneumology. Amineva HK development problems of surgical treatment and prevention of tuberculosis and respiratory related lung disease. In 1980 he defended his thesis on \”Surgical treatment and dispensary observation of adolescents and adults with TB intrathoracic lymph nodes,\” in 1993 – his doctoral dissertation on \”The effectiveness of surgical treatment in the rehabilitation of patients pulmonary tuberculosis. The author of 224 scientific papers, 12 technical innovations and inventions 2 and 3 teaching aids, 4 guidelines. The priority is to intensify the research methods of treatment of tuberculosis in the light of modern epidemiology. The newly activated surgical research directions. Special attention is paid to early detection and treatment ostrotekuschih, progressive, drug-resistant tuberculosis. Under the guidance of Professor JC Amineva prepared by a doctor, reserved 2 Candidate, in the final stage has two master\’s theses. A territorial automated information system for epidemiological monitoring of tuberculosis in the Republic of Belarus (in 2002). In the research department cooperates with the Central Tuberculosis Research Institute, Moscow, St. Petersburg and the Ural Institute Phthisiopulmonology, Academy of Sciences of Belarus. The introduction of new technologies, development and wider application of surgical methods of treatment of tuberculosis were able to stop the accumulation of the reservoir of tuberculosis infection in the country – the incidence of and mortality from tuberculosis in Belarus is much lower srednefederativnyh. Aminev HK a member of the Problem Commission of Health Ministry of Medical Sciences of Russia, Chairman of Scientific-Medical Society phthisiologists RB, chairman of the Certification Commission for phthisiology, a member of the medical offices, Academy of Sciences of Belarus, a member of the Academic Council BSMU. Repeatedly awarded diplomas at various levels, the medal \”For Valiant Labor. To commemorate the 100 th anniversary of Lenin\’s birth, in 1994, the honorary title \”Honorary Doctor of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Associate Professor Filippov VV Filippov Veniamin Vladimirovich, born in 1938 He graduated from the Medical Faculty of the Bashkir State Medical Institute. He worked as deputy chief doctor of the medical work in the sanatorium \”Alkino. They were examined hypothalamic disorder in the treatment of tuberculosis in adolescents preparations hydrolysis isonicotinic acid (Ginko), described the pathogenesis and clinical Cushing (dis. candidate., 1975). Also examined issues of pathogenetic therapy of patients with tuberculosis in elderly. Since 1973 assistant, since 1978 to 1998, assistant professor Phthisiopneumology Bashkir State Medical University. He has published over 50 scientific papers. Docent Bikbulatova GR Bikbulatova Gulnara Raisovna, born December 15, 1964 d in Ufa. In 1988 she graduated from the pediatric department of the Bashkir State Medical University. Passed clinical residency specializing in Pediatrics \”, in 1989-1992. – Clinical internship at the Department of propaedeutics childhood diseases. Since 1992, the assistant, since 2000 Associate Professor of Phthisiopneumology, a member of the Academic Council, Faculty of Pediatrics BSMU. In 1998 she defended her PhD thesis on \”Evaluation of the functional activity of leukocytes during primary infection with tuberculosis preschoolers and correction of irregularities in combined therapy with beta-carotene. Since 1989, the head of industrial practice of pediatric faculty. She has published 42 scientific works.

Associate Atalipova JH Atalipova Nuryevna Irina, was born Oct. 4, 1946 in the village Abdullin Mechetlinskogo District RB, graduated in 1974 from Bashkir State Medical Institute. After the clinical internship and post-graduate phtisiatry in BGMI since 1984 working as assistant chair of tuberculosis, and since 1998 – Associate Professor Phthisiopneumology BSMU. In 1987 she defended her thesis. Since 2002, manages the course phthisiology IPO BSMU. It has a higher qualifying category of phthisiology. He is the author of 90 published works (including 26 in the last 5 years), 3 teaching aids for students, a methodological recommendations for physicians on the level of RF, 4 Information and guidelines for physicians. In 2001 he was awarded the title \”Honorary Doctor of the Republic of Belarus\”

Associate Garifullin ZR Garifullin Zulfat Raifovich was born in the village Ilishevo Ilishevskogo district, Bashkir ASSR, in 1987, graduated from the Medical Faculty of the Bashkir State Medical Institute in 1993, assistant lecturer of tuberculosis from 2000 to present Associate Professor, Department of Phthisiopneumology Heading IPO BSMU. In 1998, it was defended his Ph.D. thesis: \”The effectiveness of surgical treatment of patients with progressive and complicated forms of pulmonary tuberculosis with intravenous infusions ksenosplenoperfuzata. The work on the dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences \”The effectiveness of surgical treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis patients with drug-resistant mycobacteria. He has published 59 scientific papers, published in collaboration guidelines \”Organization and surgical treatment of patients with MDR-TB and multidrug-resistant pathogen.

Professor Yagafarova RK Yagafarova Kayumovna Rosa, was born in 1946 in Ufa, graduated in 1972, Medical Faculty, Bashkir State Medical Institute. In 1986 she defended her thesis on the topic: \”Physio-enzyme with terrilitina in complex treatment of tuberculosis of the kidneys (experimental and clinical research), specialty phthisiology-urology. In 1999 – his doctoral thesis \”Clinical-diagnostic and optimization of etiopathogenetic therapy of urinary tuberculosis in the current epidemiological conditions.\” Under the leadership of RK Yagafarovoy reserved 1 doctor and 4 master\’s thesis it published about 300 scientific publications currently it holds a lot of work to provide practical assistance to health institutions of Ufa and the Republic of Bashkortostan on the problems of extrapulmonary tuberculosis. RK Yagafarova is a member of the Problem Commission of extrapulmonary TB Medical Sciences and Health Ministry of Russia, member of the St. Petersburg Society of urologists and psychiatrists Association of North-West region of Russia, member of the Society of urologists and psychiatrists RB.

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