Department of Pharmacology, No 2

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Department of Pharmacology, No 2 was organized in 1982 under the title “Department of Pharmacology, Pediatrics, pharmaceutical and sanitary-hygienic faculties. Her appearance – the result of awareness of the importance of training of pharmacists in the country and the establishment of the University of the pharmaceutical department. Of the department and also became dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy prof. Abdullina R.A . Assistant – PhD Davydenko YD, Friedman SM, correspondence graduate Galimova RA, Ihsanova GR, then defend her thesis.
In different years at the Department of Pharmacology, No 2 of assistants: TI Plekhanov (1982-1983) – later the doctor Farm. Sciences, Head. dep. Pharmacognosy; Khabibullina SA (1983-1984) – then the head. pharmacy (Tashkent); Davydenko YD (1982-2000) – currently Art. Lecturer Chair. Pharmacology No 1; Zyryanov SK (1999-2002) – currently MD, associate professor SMU; Ismatova RR (2002-2004) – teacher, Department of Pharmacology No 1; MD Bulygina EL (2002-2005) – medical ultrasound, MD Yafaev EG (2003-2005) – Methodist MIND. Classes are also conducted full-time graduate student Farztdinov KM and Khaliullin AN (1995, 2003, respectively).
In 1984, the contest for the post of lecturer walked PhD, Senior Scientist CSRL Nasyrov H.M . In 1987, after successfully defending a doctoral thesis, he headed the department, which headed into the flesh until his death in 2003.
In 1991 the department opened an advanced course pharmacists BSMU IPO, which was headed by PhD, professor Galina Roelevna Iksanova. In 2002 the course was separated and became the Department of Pharmacy IPO.
In 1994, Associate Professor was invited senior CSRL Valeeva LA, which she defended in 1999 his doctoral thesis on the topic: “Receptors and lysosomes of the heart as objects of cardiotropic funds, and in 2003 was chosen as head of the department.
In 1994 it was discovered correspondence department of the pharmaceutical department and there is an urgent need for refresher courses pharmacists. In this regard, in 1994 created an advanced course pharmacists, until 2003 functioned as part of the department. Head. Heading – Assoc. Iksanova GR, members of the course: lecturers Ayupova GV, Battalova GM, Urazlina OI
From 1996-1997 to 1998-1999 academic year, the primary specialization of pharmacists conducted an internship at the department (Friedman SM). One of the first with the 1998-1999 school year, the Department organized the training of students at the Faculty of Pediatrics, the elective course (Friedman SM, Zyryanov SK, Galimova RA), and since 2003 – at the Pharmaceutical Faculty (Galimova R. A.).

Department of Pharmacology, No 2

Today, the department successfully operate:

Department of Pharmacology, No 2Валеева Лилия Анваровна

Valeeva Lilia Anvarovna
Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences
Born in 1952 in the village of K-Miyake Miyakinskogo area Bashkir ASSR.
In 1975 he graduated from the Medical Faculty of the Bashkir State Medical Institute. From 1975 to 1976 he held an internship at the Republican Clinical Hospital, from 1976 to 1978 he worked in the city clinical hospital No 13 Ufa hematologists. In 1977 he was awarded the medal “winner of the socialist competition. Since 1978 – Researcher CSRL BSMU. In 1987 she defended her thesis on the topic: “Chronobiological analysis of ouabain on the lysosomes of the heart. Since 1994 – Associate Professor of Pharmacology No 2. In 1999 she defended her doctoral thesis on the topic: “Receptors and lysosomes of the heart as objects of cardiotropic means. He is currently head of the Department of Pharmacology No 2. Gives lectures on the pharmacology and pharmacotherapy in pediatric, Faculty of Pharmacy and the Faculty of DCG, leads workshops. Valeeva LA engaged in intensive research in the field of molecular pharmacology and chronopharmacology to study the role of several receptors and lysosomes of the heart in the mechanisms of cardiac adaptation to daily and seasonal environmental changes in the pathogenesis of myocardial infarction, the mechanisms of action cardiotropic funds. She also studied neurotransmitter receptors in the brain and gastrointestinal tract, is searching for new directions of pharmacological regulation of the heart, brain and gastrointestinal tract. Participated in the development of new drugs as “Niglizin”, “Erakond”, “dimephosphon”, “Faduzan, collection of medicinal plants” Gepafit. Under her leadership, protected by 8 and run 5 PhD and 3 doctoral dissertations.
Since 2003 – Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy.
Total number of scientific publications, more than 150, including 2 patents, 14 – teaching aids, including 3 with neck UMO.

Department of Pharmacology, No 2Фридман Софья Марковна
Friedman Sophia Markovna
associate professor, PhD
Born Dec. 14, 1943 in Ufa. In 1961 she graduated from school with a gold medal and entered the medical school.
In 1967 he graduated with honors from Bashkir State Medical Institute. From 1967 to 1970 she studied in the target graduate Institute of Hygiene and Occupational Diseases (Leningrad). In 1971 she defended her PhD thesis on “Problems of the Toxicology and the pathogenesis of poisoning tetrametiltiuramdisulfidom. Since 1970 worked as a junior researcher Toxicology Laboratory UfNII hygiene and occupational diseases. In 1973 he established and headed the Laboratory of Hygiene of the soil. From 1975-1976 account. year – assistant of the normal physiology, 1976-1981 account. year – Assistant Department of Pharmacology, 1981-1991 account. year – Assistant Department of Pharmacology No 2, 1992-present – Associate Professor of Pharmacology No 2. Made a significant contribution to the training of medical personnel and provizorskih republic, lecturing and conducting workshops on a high scientific and methodological level with students of Pediatrics, Pharmacy and BCD faculty, as well as interns, pharmacists, author and co-author of 32 training manuals, published by printing method, 3 of them with the stamp of the EMA. Research dedicated to the study of the pathogenesis of poisoning by toxic substances, the mechanism of action of certain drugs, as well as pharmacological and immunotropic properties of new natural and chemical compounds. Participated in the justification and approval of the MPC series of chemical compounds, including the country’s first 2 oil in the ground, implementation of the recommendations focused on the synthesis of cyclohexane derivatives as active bronchial spasmolytic, studying the effect of vasoactive funds for the activity of kallikrein-kinin system, examining and correcting the influence of antibiotics immunity, the development of 2 products for healthcare (erakond, bazuran), has repeatedly participated in the All-Union, the Russian scientific conferences and congresses, symposiums. From 1980 to 2004-2005 account. year was assistant principal department, the curator of SSS, the secretary of CME pharmacists RB; many years was secretary of the CME RB, a member of the International Society for immunorehabilitation. Currently a member of the problem commission BSMU, chairman of DNC pharmaceutical sciences, a member of the Scientific Council of Faculty of Pharmacy, a member of the society of pharmacists RB.
Total number of scientific and educational work – 147, 1 being an inventor’s certificate, a patent.
Total work experience at the university in 1931. He has letters of thanks and BSMU, thanks MH RB. In 1997 he was awarded the title “Honored Worker of Health of the Republic of Bashkortostan, in 2004 the badge” Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation “.

Department of Pharmacology, No 2Галимова Розалия Акрамовна
Galimova Rosalia Akramovna
associate professor, PhD
Born in the city of Ufa. After BGMI in 1983 began work lecturer at the Department of Pharmacology, No 2. As an active member of SSS, which owns the experimental techniques, has been recommended for evening graduate school. PhD thesis on “The pharmacological properties of organosilicon derivatives 4 – oksiminome-tilpiridipiya” defended in 1987. In 1984 he held the contest for the post of assistant, 1999 – Senior Lecturer, 2003 – Associate Professor of Pharmacology, No 2.
After completion of the thesis, RA Galimova continued scientific – research work on finding new drugs and in-depth study of the mechanisms of their actions. The main directions of scientific research-the study of mechanisms of action of potential bronchial spasmolytic, antidotes, reaktivatorov cholinesterase (together with scientific laboratories of Belarus, Russia, Latvian Academy of Sciences, Kazakhstan), the study of dietary supplements. Under the guidance of prof. RN Abdullin studied about 1 thousand chemical compounds on the pharmacological activity. According to studies, three of the tested compounds are presented in Farmkomitet Russia. Received 3 inventor’s certificates, 2 of the invention, an act of introduction into clinical practice, only published about 70 scientific works.
RA Galimova many years teaching pharmacology and pharmacotherapy in different faculties. It is easy to adapt the material to the profile of faculty, the level of perception of the audience, knows how to present complex information available to students and trainees. High professional level contributes considerable clinical experience in intensive care units of anesthesiology Republican clinical hospital, ambulance station.
Organized elective course for students “Dietary supplements in pharmacotherapy. Co-author of 11 – educational – methodical development, including three – with the stamp of the EMA.
Constantly improved and as a doctor: exploring issues related disciplines (phytotherapy, homeopathy, hirudotherapy etc.). Has a license to engage in therapeutic activities. He is the founder of medical papers to the public, publishes scientific and popular articles in national newspapers, with a student in the factory newspaper editorial board of the University. He lectures students FOP at BSU.
Runs great public work. In 1990 he was elected deputy of the Kirov District Council Ufa (nominated by a team staff BSMU), awarded certificates of the district administration, the city of Ufa. He has diplomas, gratitude, encouragement University. In 1993 – 1994 school year, served as Deputy Dean Faculty of Pharmacy. Four years of working in the admissions committee BGMI.

Department of Pharmacology, No 2
Gromakova Larisa S.
associate professor,

Born January 5, 1963 in Ufa. Graduated with honors in 1986 Bashkir State Medical Institute. She worked as a pediatrician in the Republican Children’s Clinical Hospital. It is the first qualifying category with a degree in Pediatrics. After graduate studies at the Department of Pharmacology, No 2 in 1995 defended her thesis “Study of hepatoprotective action and pharmacokinetics of glycyrrhizic acid derivatives.
Since 1994 – Assistant, since 2001 – Senior Lecturer, since 2004 – Associate Professor of Pharmacology, No 2 BSMU. The main direction of scientific activity – the study of hepatoprotective activity of new chemical compounds.
He is the author of 40 scientific works.

Department of Pharmacology, No 2
Kireeva Raisa Masgutovna
associate professor,

Born January 26, 1960 in the village. Tulguzbash Askinskogo area Bashkir ASSR. In 1986 she graduated from the Bashkir State Medical Institute. From 1986 to 1990 she worked dermatologist clinic No 31. Since 1990 – Lecturer, Chair of Pharmacology No 2. In 1996 she defended her thesis on “Toxico-pharmacological properties of extract of alfalfa.
Since 2001 – Senior Lecturer, since 2004. – Associate Professor of Pharmacology, No 2 BSMU. Has contributed greatly to the development of the drug “Erakond” possessing hepatoprotective, anti-inflammatory and antiulcer activity. Main area of research – the study of hepatoprotective activity of new drugs.
Published 42 scientific and pedagogical work.

Shangareyev ZA since 2002 – post-graduate Department of Pharmacology No 2, 2003 – Assistant of the Department of Pharmacology No 2. In 2004 she defended her thesis on “Polymorphism of DNA loci of candidate genes alcoholic liver disease. Published 37 scientific and pedagogical work.

Safina GR graduated in 1998, Bashkir State Medical Institute, Faculty of Pharmacy. Since 2005 – Lecturer, Chair of Pharmacology No 2 BSMU.

Department of Pharmacology, No 2

Godorazhi Olga Yulyevna graduated in 2004, Bashkir State Medical University Medical Faculty. Since 2005 – Lecturer, Chair of Pharmacology No 2 BSMU.

Department of Pharmacology, No 2

Makarova Nadezhda graduated in 2004, Bashkir State Medical Institute, Faculty of Pharmacy. Since 2004 – Lecturer, Chair of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and since 2006 – Lecturer, Chair of Pharmacology No 2 BSMU.

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