Department of Hospital Therapy No 2

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Department of Hospital Therapy No 2

Department of Hospital Therapy was organized in 1936 g.professorom DK Tatarinov , then it was headed by Professor Z.Sh. Zagidullin. In 1973, the department has been reorganized, based on it were created Department of Hospital Therapy No 1 (Head of Department Professor B.H Akhmetov) and the Department of Hospital Therapy No 2 (head professor Z.N Bulyzhenkova).
The first Head of Department of Hospital Therapy No 2 has become docent ZN Bulyzhenkova. Since 1974, under the guidance of Professor FS Khusainova developed problems hemostasis under the influence of professional factors. Since 1986, the department manages, MD Professor, Honoured Doctor of Russia, Honoured Scientist RB Davletshin RA Since 1986, the main lines of research have become modern aspects of rheumatology, immunology, pulmonology. Employees of the department under the guidance of Professor Davletshina RA developed the problem of immunoregulation in rheumatology. We study the phenomenon paromehanizm hormone during prolonged corticosteroid therapy. It was possible to link this phenomenon with immunogenetic features of features in rheumatoid arthritis. The authors proposed a number of methods for overcoming and preventing hormone. In particular, Associate Professor RA Nurmuhametovoy a method for inhibition of steroid receptors somatotropin synovial tissue; MD AM Mukhametova first proposed the method of induction of interferon thymic factors in exacerbations of rheumatoid arthritis. Associate Professor IA Sharipova the first time in rheumatology studied feature D2 – receptor of the hypothalamus and dopaminergic regulation of prolactin. Recommended method of inhibition of prolactin secretion in the active phase of rheumatoid inflammation.

Department of Hospital Therapy No 2
In recent years the object of research was the cytokine immunomodulation of rheumatic diseases. PhD EF Saifullin developed the principle of immunomodulation and immunosuppression in rheumatoid lesions of the internal organs.
In addition, under the guidance of Professor R. Davletshina develop problems lesions of renal function in the pathology of respiratory and hemorrhagic shock (Menshikov ZF)
Student of Professor RA Davletshina study of the pathogenesis of hormone syndrome in internal diseases. (R. Nurmuhametova, AM Mukhametova, GS Fondis, A. Kh Khasanov, IA Sharipov, GH Khalitova, AZ Safina, EF Saifullina and other ).
Pathogenic features of the system and defeat gipofizarnogonadnoy immunogeneea with rheumatoid arthritis were studied together with staff CSRL (GK Davletshina). Revealed that the level of cyclic nukleatidov in lymphocytes is dependent on the phase of the menstrual cycle.
We studied the prevalence of artromialgy among agricultural workers (livestock, machine) the influence of general vibration on the development of an osteochondrosis of the cervical spine and ligamentozov, epikodilitov. Found a violation of prostaglandins in the development of osteochondrosis (RR Aitkul, R. Davletshin, Eliseev)
Among the major health challenges currently staged development of effective methods of treatment and prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system. In this aspect an important role for epidemiological studies of hypertension and coronary heart disease, allowing to identify the prevalence of diseases, as well as factors contributing to their development, so that on the basis of the data to develop a scientific basis for therapeutic and preventive measures. A epidemiological study of a representative sample of the unorganized population of one of the industrial areas of the city on a territorial basis, as well as employees Motors plant in order to identify arterial hypertension (LR Kuzyeva)

Department of Hospital Therapy No 2
Employees of the department (LR Kuzyeva, VT Gysin, R. T. Akhmetov, AA Akhmetzyanov, GA Pavlova 1985-1989.), A comprehensive study of the incidence of internal organs in workers of agro-industrial complexes RB with the 1038 machine skrinninga Chishminskaya Area RB investigated the prevalence, especially for diseases of internal organs of rural residents, temporary and permanent disability, disability, and mortality. Particular attention is paid to the rehabilitation clinic, hospital, dispensary observation, the question of primary and secondary prevention. On materials framed Order MOH RB from 29.05.1986, the introduction of experience as a health practice.
In the system of measures for rehabilitation of patients with hypertension and coronary heart disease is an important role sanatorium. Over the years, (BT Latypov, LR Kuzyeva) examined issues of primary and secondary prevention of coronary heart disease and hypertension, medication non-drug treatments in a sanatorium industrial enterprise.
Epidemiological studies of urban and rural population of Belarus in order to identify arterial hypertension and coronary heart disease program of cooperative research by WHO early diagnosis of these diseases and risk factors that are not fully achieved in the study of the incidence of negotiability is necessary to conduct a questionnaire screening, establishment of registers of patients with arterial hypertension and coronary heart disease .
A study exercise tolerance in drug therapy in patients with hypertension, which was assessed by bicycle stress test in a stepwise-increasing mode during the control period and after 3 Weeks of combined antihypertensive therapy with nifedipine propronolola combination and antihypertensive therapy propronolola combination with nifedipine and gipotiaeidom (AND . G. Vale).
Employees of the department to study problems of epidemiology, clinical course of rehabilitation in arterial hypertension and coronary heart disease among the population of Belarus (LR Kuzyeva, Eliseev, IG Vale). The Department has also examined current issues of Hematology, incidence, treatment, rehabilitation in HFRS in the population of Belarus (VT Gysin), pulmonary sarcoidosis (LH Amineva), questions of environment and development of occupational diseases (FS Mussina), treatment and prevention of gastro-esophageal reflux disease (Tulupov AF).
Over the past five years the department staff have published over 200 scientific papers in various publications. Professor Davletshin RA is the author of books on current issues in medicine. Under the supervision of prof.R.A.Davletshina defended doctoral dissertations – 2, 20 master’s theses, prepared to defend – 5, including the Doctor – 3.
Employees of the Department efficiently and with high-impact work for the benefit of health and education, knowing that people’s health, education, science, new technologies, the combination of fundamental and applied sciences and the humanities determines the future.

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