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Khismatullina Zarema Rimovna – MD [, professor.

In 1990 she graduated from BGMI degree in medicine \”. After full-time postgraduate degree in dermatovenereology \”in 1995, successfully defended her PhD thesis on\” Clinical and immunological identity zooantroponoznoy Trichophyton \”. The department dermatology BSMU since 1995. Since 2000, received the title of assistant professor. In 2007 she defended a doctoral thesis on \”Zooantroponoznaya trichophytia in RB (etiology, clinical features, diagnosis, treatment). The author of 6 patents, 98 scientific works. Since 2002, the chief dermatologist freelance MH RB. In 2004 she was awarded the badge \”Excellent Health RB.

Gafarov Mel Muhametovich – Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences.

He graduated from the medical faculty BGMI in 1964, was assigned to the infirmary Vostoknefteprovodstroya. During the study and further work by the applicant in the study Krasnousolsk resort factors for the treatment of patients with chronic dermatoses. On the basis of its development has been introduced landmark rehabilitation of patients with chronic dermatoses (eczema, neurodermatitis, psoriasis). The advantage of the opening of Dermatological beds in the resort Krasnousolsk is that the resort has a unique gryazeo-balneofaktorom, so patients with mild, without klimatopatologicheskih reactions are connected to the therapy. To avoid deterioration of the reaction the author proposed segmental mud packs and baths in the chamber complex treatment of patients with dermatoses.
In 1975 he was appointed assistant dermatology department.
In 1986 he received his Ph.D. in balneotherapy of patients with chronic dermatoses at the sanatorium Krasnousolsk, and in 1993 he was awarded the rank of associate professor.
From 1989 to 1994. and from 1999 to 2008 he worked as head of the department, is an excellent student of Health RF (1999).
He was awarded the honorary title \”Honorary Doctor of the Republic of Belarus\” in 2006.
As a result of its scientific research found that helps stop the disease mycosis concomitant diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and in particular that every third patient has intestinal dysbiosis phenomenon due to changes in enzymatic activity of E. coli, a group of opportunistic coli Citrobacter, Enterobacter becomes pathogenic, which contributes to the colonization of Candida and mold, which ultimately leads to development of fungal-pyogenic complications in the course of the disease.
The author recommends the use of complex treatment eubiotics, adaptogenic and immune-modulating drugs Delago. The following courses for the prevention of recurrence of mycosis were recommended by the new therapeutic and preventive tool Machico, soap and turpentine baths, and other drugs. Thanks to recommendations by the effectiveness of treatment increased significantly compared with traditional methods of treatment.
He is the author of 5 patents, 3 – Innovations, 15 – teaching aids for students and doctors, he has published more than 120 scientific publications. Gafarov MM participates in international congresses, conventions dermatovenerologists, where advocates of scientific reports. With his active support and initiative were opened refresher training of doctors at the department of dermatology.
Department staff developed and implemented new methods of diagnosis and treatment of STIs, are held to develop new approaches of therapy dermatophytosis.
He always advises high-risk patients on a clinical basis RKVD, and other medical institutions, is a specialist in the highest category, is respected among the staff and patients.

Teregulov Alina Askarovna – associate professor, candidate of medical sciences.

She graduated from the Medical Faculty of the Bashkir State Medical Institute in 1980. Passed to specialize in dermatology internship at RKVD, thematic improvement on the cycle of \”Medical Mycology\” in Leningrad Postgraduate Institute. For three years, worked as a junior researcher in the mycological laboratory CSRL BGMI. She worked at the Department of dermatology BSMU as an assistant in January 1995 after the end of clinical internship and graduate school in this department and defending his doctoral dissertation in 1995 on the theme \”Clinical and pathogenetic substantiation of rational therapy of patients with mycosis of the feet with a complicated course. Since January 2006 he worked as assistant professor of this department. Married, two children imeeyu 1986 and born in 1990.
During his time at the department I have compiled more than 25 policy recommendations to practical training, certification test materials in the form of tests for all faculty and interns, tests to check the viability of students\’ knowledge. Operating department assistant principal for five years, participated in the preparation of problems for the IGA, I am a co-author of a textbook for students of medical faculty \”Fundamentals of Dermatology and Venereology\”, republished in 1999 and 2001. I spend workshops with students of all faculties, taught a course for students of medical-prophylactic faculty for 1,5 years. Also, teach dermatovenereology the chair of infectious diseases with a course dermatovenereology IPO, teaching interns and doctors who receive primary specialization and further education for dermatology.
Experience in specialty dermatovenereology 17 years. She worked in the dermatological and mycological offices RKVD, advise patients in mycological, skin offices and clinic RKVD. I am a member of the qualifying exam committee under BSMU specialty \”Dermatovenereology\”. In the time frame enhance their skills in pedagogy and medical specialty.
I have 65 publications, mostly in the central press, and one invention (inventor\’s certificate number 1564997 for the invention \”3 – (Tsiklogeksilaminometil) thiazolo (3,2-a) benzimidazole dihydrochloride, exerting immunotropic, inhibit platelet aggregation and antifungal activity.
Responsible for research and SSS at the Department of dermatology. Member of the Ufa branch of the Russian Scientific Society dermatovenerologists since 1980, was its secretary for nine years.
Responsible for working with veterans of the department. I have the gratitude of the university management to day health care worker for the highest quality work.
Vygovskiy Tatiana Associate Professor of born 12.05.1948 in 1972, she graduated with honors from the Medical Faculty BGMI in 1973 for an internship in dermatology BGMI, and from 1975 to 1978 she studied in graduate school full-time in the same department. Upon completion of graduate assistant enrolled in the dermatology department BGMI. In January 1982, received a doctorate in TSKVI Moscow.
Since 2003 is assistant professor of dermatology ¬ Venerology, has medical experience in the specialty dermatology ¬ Venerology – 33 years experience at the department 30 years. Medical and counseling activities began with the position of Chief freelance dermatovenereologist MH RB, where she worked from 1981 to 1991.
Since 1985, heads consulting and diagnostic center dermatology department BSMU based urban STI clinic, where it is consulted on issues of contemporary diagnosis, therapy and prevention of not only patients\’ urban STI clinic and its 4 compartments (venereal, skin, mycological and outpatient) and 2-branches, but for the entire skin-veins, city services, (MPI Ufa and the Republic).
The annual number of patients counseled it reaches 2500. On her advice, not only strive to get patients from all over the city and the Republic, but also doctors, since these consultations are workshops on topical issues of modern dermatology.
Associate Vygovsky TL is a constant participant of all monthly and annual urban republican and Russian dermatovenerologists conferences, made presentations to them on leading destinations dermato ¬ Venereology (theme reports in 2004 and 2005.):
– Treatment with corticosteroids skin of patients;
– Urogenital candidiasis pregnant;
– Serorezistentnost in syphilis;
– Features of Trichomonas infection in RB;
– Treatment of infection in girls papillomovirusnoy Ufa;
– The value of the resort therapy in clinical dermatoses.
Together with the Org. method. department of the city HPC Ufa professor Vygovsky TL conducts field seminars to health facilities of the city topics especially modern epidemiology and prevention of venereal and infectious skin diseases (3 years, seminars were held in hospitals, number 8, 21, 22, in the mountains. dispensary, hospital conductors in Zaton).
Tatiana is a member of expert medical advice and participates in peer review as honey. documentation and annual reports.
The leading area of research Tatiana Lvovna
development of measures of social prevention and improvement of methods of therapy of infectious skin and vein disorders, the study of local resort factors and current aspects of regenerative medicine for Dermatology and Venereology.
Of great importance in the therapy of chronic dermatoses Tatiana allocates diet therapy and psycho-emotional adjustment personality of the patient using methods and techniques of medical ethics, and dientologii, which is a continuation of traditions Rakhmanovskie school dermato-Venereologists Russia and is now presented as the leading areas of the department and dermatology clinics of the Moscow Medical Academy . Sechenov, led by Professor OL Ivanov.
Over the past 10 years, TL Vygovskiy 21 published scientific works (14 – in the central press, in the materials congresses and annual conferences, and 7 – in the local press). Together with the staff of the Department of dermatology BSMU over the past 5 years it was published 4 teaching aids (especially diagnosis of HIV infection in the practice dermatovenerologists; modern diagnosis of STDs, particularly the prevention and treatment zoofilnyh dermatophytosis).
TL Vygovsky since 2003, is the head of scientific theses two practitioners (on STD and Mycology). Over the past 5 years it has been prepared on the basis of GKVD 12 doctors, interns, and 3 medical residents.
Experience teaching by Tatiana Lvovna at 30 years and all these years she teaches dermatology BSMU in all faculties.
Together with the staff of the department it was published two educational tools for students.
Social Work Assistant Professor TL Vygovskiy consists of health education activities (2003 and 2005. – Lectures in dormitories BSMU number 4 and 5, students USATU, Technological University, Ufa), and from 1982 to 1995 T.L . Vygovsky served as trade-union department.
Highest qualification category dermatologist first awarded TL Vygovskiy in April 1993, a certificate – in November 1997.
TL Vygovsky has profound clinical reasoning, her knowledge to note the high professionalism and modernity, she is fluent in all methods of diagnosis, therapy and prevention kozh.-wen. patients and constantly working to improve their professional knowledge and expertise.

Kudashev Nawfal Y.
MD, PhD, Department of dermatology

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