DEPARTMENT OF CHILD Surgery, Orthopedics and Anesthesiology

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Gumerov Aitbay Akhmetovich of the Russian Academy of Sciences on the technical, MD, professor, head of pediatric surgery, orthopedics and anesthesiology, Bashkir State Medical University, Honorary Doctor of the Republic of Belarus – (1991) and RF – (2002), Honored Scientist of the Republic Bashkortostan, Senior Visiting Children Surgery of Belarus, head of the Bashkir Center for Pediatric Surgery, President of the Association of Pediatric Surgeons RB, Director of the Surgical Clinic of the Republican Children\’s Hospital, a member of the Scientific Council and pro-blemnoy Committee on Pediatric Surgery, Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation, Russian Academy of Medical Science.
Gumerov AA Born Nov. 26, 1942 in village Syndavletovo Baimaksky area Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in a peasant family. After the early death of his father\’s mother brought a 5-children. In 1960 he graduated from high school Baimaksky No 1. After graduating in 1967, Medical Faculty, Bashkir State Medical University for 6 years worked as a surgeon, then head of the surgical department Baymkskoy hospital. In 1973, a postgraduate student at the Department of Pediatric Surgery of the Leningrad Pediatric Medical Institute. Under the guidance of the wonderful children\’s surgeon, scientist, teacher, member-correspondent. Academy of Medical Sciences, USSR State Prize winner Professor Girey Alievich Bairova prepared and successfully defended his thesis on the topic: \”Traumatic injuries of the intestine in children.\”
From 1976 to 1985, he worked as assistant chair of pediatric surgery, Bashkir State Medical Institute. In the next two years, held a doctorate at the Department of Pediatric Surgery in Leningrad Professor GA Bairova. In 1987 he defended his doctoral thesis on the topic: \”Surgical treatment of congenital diaphragmatic hernia in children.\” From 1987 to 1989 he worked as a professor of pediatric surgery. In 1989 he was elected and is currently continuing to head the department of pediatric surgery, orthopedics and anesthesiology, Bashkir State Medical University. High performance, more demanding of themselves and others, self-discipline contributed to the rapid growth of his as a teacher, researcher and clinician. He managed to unite the hard-working team of physicians and scientists, has created his own school of Pediatric Surgeons. Basic research areas: surgery malformations endoskpicheskaya surgery, surgical infection, urology and transplantation, traumatology, orthopedics and neurosurgery. Under his leadership reserved seven doctoral and 30 master\’s theses and currently holds 4 doctoral and 6 master\’s theses. He has published over 400 scientific papers on various areas of pediatric surgery. 5 monographs, 22 guidelines, 18 patents. Particular attention should be the last monograph on endoscopic surgery, published in 2002 in Moscow, together with Academician Isakov, Yu F., which is the first in Russia guidance on this topic. This monograph will soon be published in London in English. On the breadth of interests Gumerova AA, versatility and fruitfulness of the medical, scientific, educational activities and scientific contributions to the development of pediatric surgery as evidenced by his numerous lectures at congresses, conferences, symposia, meetings of the Association Surgeons. under his guidance the department has successfully developed and put into practice modern methods of diagnosis and surgical interventions in children with various illnesses and developmental disabilities. For example, in 1996, first in the Urals region in the child performed a kidney transplant. Success was par-ticularly endoscopic surgery. For the first time in the Russian Federation in 1996 produced the video resection of the lung. Currently, the treatment of many diseases of the chest and abdominal cavity in children and used the video-laparoscopic surgery. The technique developed laparoscopic treatment of continued postoperative peritonitis in children has significantly improved results. The constant aspiration AA Gumerova contributed to a new and suc-tion implementation in practice of modern high-tech methods of surgical treatment of cancer. Professor AA Gumerova successfully performed organ operations in the combined le for admission to osteogenic sarcoma in children.
Professor AA Gumerova conducts fundamental research into new opportunities of ultrasonography in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the chest and abdominal cavities in children. For the first time developed sonografiche-skie methods of diagnosis and prediction of neonatal congenital malformations, acute intestinal obstruction, before and post-operative peritonitis, echinococcosis various locations.
Professor AA Gumerova carried out fundamental research and applied in practice, treatment and rehabilitation of children recovering from surgery on organs of the abdominal cavity using a resort factors of child sanatorium \”Krasnousolsk.
A great contribution to science and practical health are developed technique of general anesthesia in endoscopic sinus surgery in children with various diseases of the chest and abdominal cavities.
Gumerov AA actively operating surgeon highest category. Successfully performs the most complex operations in children. As the principal freelance Children Surgery RB, he pays great attention to organizing surgical care for children and training children\’s surgeons, anesthesiologists, orthopedists, urologists.
He organized the Association of Pediatric Surgeons of the Republic of Bashkortostan is the permanent president. He is a member of the evaluation commission at Ministry of Health of Belarus. Chairman of medical control commission in RCCH, a member of the doctoral candidate and the Academic Council BSMU.
Gumerov AA is a member of the Editorial Board of journal \”Pediatric Surgery\” and \”Health Issues of Women and Children of Siberia\”, \”Health of Bashkortostan.
Mavlyutova Munawar Gabdrakipovna – Professor of Pediatric Surgery Gaynanov Fatih Hismatullinovich born 25/04/1939, in the village Aitovo Bizhbulyakskogo area BASSR. Aitovskuyu graduated from high school in 1956. Acquired in the Bashkir State Medical Institute (University) in 1957 and graduated in 1963. BGMI finished in 1963, was sent to the Primorye region, where he worked as a surgeon in the District Boundary CRH 1963 and 1966. From 1966 to 1971. then worked as a children\’s surgeon and head of children\’s surgical department at the city hospital number 2 and number 1 in Ufa.
Gaynanov FH working since 1971 to the present time as an assistant department of pediatric surgery and from 29 October 1996 an Associate Professor. During the work proved to be an attentive physician, performed complex operations on the organs of the thoracic and abdominal cavity, bones and joints. Repeatedly taken courses to improve doctors and teachers in the cities. Moscow and Leningrad.
To enhance and improve the learning process a lot of attention to organizational and methodological work. Accordingly, the main direction of scientific activities of the department published 125 articles, 25 of them in the central press. Gaynanov FH – PhD, Honorary Doctor RB, pediatric surgeon of the highest qualification category. A lot of attention to organizational and methodical and medical advisory work. For many years he was responsible for the therapeutic work at the department in the department of contaminated surgery, provided advice and medical care in hospitals number 17 and number 1922 in Ufa.
Regularly speaks at the Republican scientific – practical conferences and meetings of Association of Surgeons. Is one of the leading surgeons of the clinic. Daily advises patients, makes the general rounds, introducing to the clinic for new ways of surgical treatment of children. Davletshin Imamutdinovich Rais was born Sept. 3, 1941 in the village Kebyachevo Aurgazinsky area BASSR. Davletshin RI after the end of the Saratov Medical University in 1967, worked as a doctor – a pediatrician, a surgeon in the city of Zlatoust in 1971. Worked as an intern, head. pediatric surgery department of the hospital No 1 of Ufa.
Since 1976, RI Davletshin worked as an assistant, and since 1995 – Associate Professor of Pediatric Surgery BSMU. He qualified pediatric surgery, orthopedics and traumatology, is among the first organizers of children\’s surgical service in Republic of Bashkortostan. He managed the National Center of pediatric orthopedics and traumatology at the hospital No 17. From 1975 to 1988 was chief of pediatric orthopedics freelance trauma City Health Department of Ufa, and from 1995 to 2000 – Visiting chief of pediatric orthopedics trauma MH RB.
In 1986 he defended his thesis, the author of over 150 scientific papers, 3 methodological recommendations, has over 15 innovations, with his direct participation as a consultant has successfully implemented and are protected by two Ph.D. dissertatsii.V in 2007 was awarded the honorary title \”Honorary Doctor of the Republic of Belarus\”.
His research interests are focused on the problems of pediatric orthopedics and traumatology, as a result they created and put into practice new highly efficient methods of diagnosis and treatment of congenital foot deformities, were able to significantly improve outcomes and reduce childhood disability. With the opening of orthopedic trauma unit at the Republican Children\’s Clinical Hospital worked hard to introduce new technologies in the treatment of scoliosis, severe and concomitant injuries in children and performs the most complex operations. Constantly involved in developing interventions to prevent child injury. Lectures, organizes seminars to improve the skills of surgeons and pediatricians, attracts the clinic to research. She regularly conducts presentations at national and national conferences.
Ishimov Sharifyan Sagidullovich associate professor born in 1935 in Bashkortostan. In 1960 graduated from the Bashkir State Medical Institute, the medical career began in his native district surgeon Burnbaevskoy district hospital. Then transferred to the district surgeon of the hospital, where both served as head of the medical, after – the chief doctor of consolidated Haybullinskogo area.
In 1966, a postgraduate student at the department of surgery in children Leningrad Pediatric Medical Institute, where under the guidance of a corresponding member. Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor GA Bairova preparation, Tovil and successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis.
In 1969 he was appointed assistant to the newly opened department of pediatric surgery, Bashkir State Medical Institute (now University) in 1985 was elected assistant professor.
Received in Leningrad fundamental knowledge and experience widely and successfully utilized in the development of pediatric surgery at the clinic on the basis of the Republican Children\’s Hospital.
Large contributions to the development of such sections of Pediatric Surgery, as chi-rurgiya newborns, congenital malformations, emergency surgery and thoracic surgery, oncology, proctology, surgical parasite-gies. He introduced many new, modern methods of diagnosis and surgical treatment. Contestant is one of the leading pediatric surgeons republics, experienced and demanding teacher. Most shots, Paet presentations in cities and regions of the republic, generously sharing his great experience. Is recognized by colleagues, students and parents.
In its 70 years, remains an active surgeon, performs complex surgeries. The last two operations: a) about achalasia cardia with esophagitis, cicatricial stenosis of the esophagus, and b) lung resection over bronchiectasis. Author 134 scientific publications (articles, abstracts), published in the central and local press. He participated in scientific conferences in years. St. Petersburg, Rostov – on-Don, Dnepropetrovsk, Tbilisi, Barnaul, Samarkand and other cities made presentations on topical issues, including on echinococcosis, congenital malformations, cancer.
Children\’s surgeon of the highest qualification category, Excellence of Health of the USSR (1986), Honorary Doctor of the Republic of Bashkortostan (1991), Honorary Doctor of the Bashkir Republican Children\’s Hospital.
Mamleev Igor Ayratovich born Sept. 7, 1951 in the family of employees, in October of the Bashkir ASSR.
In 1968 he graduated from high school No 100 of the city of Ufa, and then in the same year joined the pediatric faculty of the Bashkir Medical Institute. After the named faculty in 1974, was an intern in pediatric surgery at the base of the Republican Children\’s Hospital. Since graduation, February 1, 1990, worked as a children\’s surgeon in the department of planned surgery of the Republican Children\’s Hospital, and from that date till now, working at the Department of Pediatric Surgery, Bashkir State Medical University.
Since 1988 I am a pediatric surgeons of the highest qualification category. I am a member of the Association of Pediatric Surgeons of Russia and member of the Association of Endoscopic Surgery in Russia.
In 1998 he defended his thesis on the topic: \”Laparoscopic treatment of postoperative peritonitis continued, and in 2004 his doctoral dissertation on\” video-operation in the surgical treatment of diseases of the chest in children \”
The main areas of research are the development and introduction of minimally invasive endoscopic techniques in abdominal and thoracic surgery, surgery of newborns. Repeatedly was a member of All-Russian and republican scientific conferences, where a speaker.
I am a co-author of the monograph \”Endoscopic surgery in children\”, issued by the Central Publishing House.
In 1998 I was awarded the honorary title \”Honorary Doctor of the Republic of Bashkortostan\”

Sataev Valery Uralovich was born March 16, 1967 in the city of Ufa, Bashkir ASSR. Graduated from secondary school No 114 of Ufa in 1984. After graduating in 1990, Faculty of Pediatrics, Bashkir State Medical Institute entered the clinical internship at the Department of Pediatric Surgery and 2 years in training. From 1991 he worked as a medical intern in the department of endoscopy of the Republican Children\’s Clinical Hospital Ministry of Health of the Republic of Bashkortostan.
In 1998 he graduated from graduate school at the Department of Paediatric Surgery-sky Bashkir State Medical University and has successfully defended his candidate\’s Danish thesis: \”Endoscopic applications autofibronektina with duodenal ulcers in children\”, and in 2004 his doctoral dissertation on \”Video endosurgical treatment of appendicular ongoing postoperative peritonitis in children. \”
Since 1999, assistant, and in 2004 – Professor. Head of the Department of Endoscopic Surgery of the Republican Children\’s Hospital. Excellent Health of the Republic of Bashkortostan.
Basic research areas: Endoscopic Surgery, operational Naya and diagnostic endoscopy, surgical infection, surgery malformations.
Prepared for the protection of three Ph.D. dissertations on topical issues of pediatric surgery, for the past 5 years – 14 specialists in endoscopic surgery.
Published over 170 scientific papers in domestic and foreign press (including the last 5 years – 70), 2 monographs, 7 patents of the Russian Federation.

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