DEPARTMENT mobilization training

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Military training at the department are medical students, pediatric departments (VSL-901000), Faculty of Dentistry (VSL-902901), Faculty of Pharmacy (WUS-909000) and Higher Nursing Education:
– 2 year – social-state, general military and tactical training;
– On the West course – the organization and tactics of medical service, the organization of troops medical equipment;
– 4 year – military toxicology, radiobiology and medical protection, military-field therapy, military health, military dentistry;
– 5 year – the organization of medical support in emergencies, military surgery, military epidemiology. As a result of military training, students have entered into a contract with the Defense Ministry pass the state exam.
For the academic year faculty are about 2500 students.
For the first time on the teaching of military discipline at the Bashkir State Medical University is mentioned in 1933, when Comrade. Safarov Rauf Ismalovich was appointed military director.
Since 1936 Sanitary tactics taught at the Department of Social Hygiene (Head of the Department SHERSTENNIKOV Nikolai Aleksandrovich).
Since 1940, military discipline taught at the Department of Military canitarnoy and physical training, the chair of Benjamin Levitan Maksimovich were identified subjects such as military training, tactics sanitation, health training, physical training, sanhimzaschita, pathology and treatment of chemical warfare agents.
In 1947, formed a military kafedra, from the department of military-sanitary and physical education course stands for physical education and exercise therapy. From this year the department. They began to constantly lead the staff medical officer for the Soviet Army, and they also constitute a large part of its teaching staff.
In 1995 the RF Government Resolution No 770 Military Department, Bashkir State Medical University, transformed into the Department of Military and Extreme Medicine.
It is impossible today not to remember the officers for a long time presided over a military department, heads of department were:
Col. m / s Shansheyn Michael Davydovshch (1947-49 years).
Col. m / s Bashirov Zaki Husainovich (1949-69 years).
Col. m / s Bikbudatov Naji Taipovich (1969-74 years)..
Col. m / s Lapin Oleg Alexandrovich (1974-83 he was.)
Col. m / s Vakaritsa Aurel F. (1983-97 years).
The chiefs of Studies – deputy head of the department were:
Lt.-m / s Manin MG (1947-54 years).
Col. m / s Tagil TI (1955-57 he was.)
Col. m / s Korzun PF (1958-65 years).
Lt.-m / s Smyslov DI (1966-71 years).
Col. m / s Elin EI (1975-80 years).
Col. m / ubuntu AG (1981-84 years).
Col. m / s Otichev GP (1985-86 years).
Col. m / s Myshkin VA (1987-97 years).
The department played an important role in the special training of graduates of the Bashkir Medical Institute, more than a thousand of whom participated in Belikoy World War II and proved to be as loyal to the Motherland and its people certain medical debt. Based on the experience of military officers in the department had written a textbook for the organization and tactics of medical service, much of which formed the basis of the USSR\’s a textbook in the discipline.
Over the years, the department trained and certified nearly 23,000 reserve officers, with assignment of an officer\’s rank., Lieutenant Medical Service stock.
Since 1947, the Navy completed nearly 1500 graduates of our university. many of whom continue to serve as military doctors in the Armed Forces on the command and medical positions:
– Deputy Health Minister of Russia, Major-General Petrov GM
– Rector Professor Bashgosmeduniversiteta Timerbulatov VM
– Vice-Rector Professor Alekhin EK
– Garrison hospital Colonel meters / sec Nureyev AA
– Head of the Regional Clinical Hospital of the Leningrad Military District Kutuev.H.A.
– Professor, Col. m / s reserve Myshkin VA
They maintain constant communication with the Department of the University. A great contribution to the preparation of reserve officers of the Medical Service officers have invested at various times served on the military department: Colonels m / Simonov PM, Murzin, ID, NV Ziganshin Myshkin VA, lieutenant colonels meters / sec Zaozerskiy AG, Telegin DV, Ismagilov IS, Burano YI, Pustygin GI, Burian G., Glukhov E.YA ., Tarakanov EP, Lerman MJ, Zaripov RA, Barminsky VV, Amirov VG, Mulyukov FF, Loparev VA, Safronov AP, lieutenant Nedeljko G.S, shurpa PF Matveev VM Kuvaev NP, Padalko AM Malt Y. and others, PhD Shayakhmetov FH.
With the advent of the chair of Colonel m / s Bikbulatova NT turned serious scientific research on toxicology and pharmacology, decorated in Ph.D. theses colonels m / s Bikbulatova N.T, Mshkina VM, Vakaritsy AF and students Bashkatova SA Srubilina DV, Haybulinoy 3.G, Hvkina MU, Volkova E.S, as well as in the doctoral dissertation Bikbulatova VT Professor, Honored Worker of Science of Belarus, which in 1974-93 he was Dean of Research at our institute. Teachers of the department over the past 5 years in the central press published over 50 scientific papers, received 2 patents of the Russian Federation, 10 inventor\’s certificates. Since 1989, the Department are protected by 8 PhD theses on topical problems of modern toxicology, pharmacology, and human ecology. In the scientific laboratory to the department held a clinical study of the drug \”oksimetiluratsil\”, which is now the order of the Minister of Health of Russia allowed for use in medical practice and to industrial production. As well as a new scientific field of eco-hygiene problems in educational process of students in higher education.
The research results are used to train not only students of our university, but students of the Military Medical Institute (included in the textbook \”military toxicology, radiology, and protection against weapons of mass destruction as approved the Chief of the Main Military Medical Administration of Ministry of Defense).
Staff of the Department participated in 12 international, more than 20 all-Russian (All-Union) symposiums, congresses and conferences, \”all-army of scientific conferences on toxicology.
The department also contributes to improving the environmental situation in our republic. For emergency doctors, foster therapeutic, toxic and intensive care units, as well as doctors of state sanitary supervision of written advice: \”Poisoning by organophosphorus compounds (clinical, mechanisms of toxicity, and treatment)\” and \”the most widespread in the Republic of Bashkortostan intoxication (clinical, treatment, prevention ).
Staff of the department is working hard on military-patriotic education of students, development of military-applied sports.
Work Department of Military and Extreme Medicine of the Bashkir State Medical University rector and the command of the Volga-Urals Military District satisfactorily.

Brief information on the executive staff of the Department:
– Head of department, associate professor, Col. m / s Savlukov Alexander at the Armed Forces since 1977, a post from July 1997, July 3, 2000 master\’s thesis on the specialty 140025 \”Pharmacology\”, doctor of the highest category
Born February 19, 1956 in family of employees, in Vitebsk, Belarus. After graduating from high school in 1973 entered the Vitebsk State Medical Institute. In August 1977, voluntarily was drafted into the ranks of the Armed Forces of the USSR and continued his studies at the Military Medical Faculty at the Kuibyshev Medical Institute named after DI Ulyanov. In 1979 he successfully graduated and was sent for further service in the Turkestan Military District, Kushka, the post of physician bacteriologist health and disease control platoon. From December 1979 to March 1982 he served in the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. For the successful implementation of international duty in 1981, ahead of the order of the Minister of Defence of the USSR awarded the military rank \”Lieutenant of the Medical Service.\” From April 1982 to June 1985 he served in the Urals Military District. From July 1985 to August 1988 he served in the Southern Group of Forces (Hungarian People\’s Republic), Chief Sanitary and Epidemiological Laboratory Division – Deputy Chief of Medical Service Division. In August 1988 he entered the Military Medical Academy named after SM Kirov at the medical faculty of the governing structure with a degree in toxicology and radiology.
In 1990, for passage of further service aimed at Bashkir State Medical Institute named XV-th anniversary of the Komsomol in the position of military officers in the department. In December 1996 order of the Minister of Defence was appointed Chief of Studies Department of Military and Extreme Medicine of the Bashkir State Medical University and given the rank of \”colonel of medical service, from July 1997 to head the department. In 2000 he defended a thesis for the degree of candidate of medical sciences, specialty 14.00.25 – pharmacology on the topic: \”Correction of chemical liver 1,3,6-trimethyl-5-gidroksiuratsilom and oksimetiluratsilom. In May 2001 decision of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation awarded the rank of \”associate\”. Since January 2005, the Academic Council of the Bashkir State Medical University was elected to the post of dean of the medical faculty of the University.
Awarded Diploma of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, 7 medals of the RF Government and the Minister of Defense.

– Head of the educational part – Deputy Head of Department, d.m.n Colonel m / s Kaibyshev Vadim Timirzyanovich in post since July 1997 20 June 2000., Defended his doctoral thesis in specialty 140007 \”Hygiene\” and 140,033 \”Social Hygiene Health Organization, doctor of the highest category.
Born in 1960, graduated from the Military – Faculty of Medicine at the Kuibyshev Medical University, in 1984. In the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation since 1982. After graduating from the Navy in KMI served in various units and institutions of morphemes:
– From 1984 to 1989 – Chief medical facility Regiment, Chief Medical Officer of the regiment – Chief Medical Officer of the garrison in GSVG;
– From 1989 to 1992 – chief of sanitary-epidemiological unit of the Volga military district;
– From April 1992 – Service at the Department of Military and Extreme Medicine, from teacher to chief academic parts – Deputy Head of the department.
In 2000, June 20, defended his thesis in the field: 14.0007 \”Hygiene\” and 14.0033 \”Social Care and Health Organization, on the formation of students\’ scientific outlook on the place and Rawle environmental issues in the modern concept of life safety. Currently completing his doctoral thesis: \”Patterns of formation of health and lifestyles of doctors in the Republic of Bashkortostan.
VT Kaibyshev author and coauthor of 27 scientific works, including 11 articles in journals.
Teaching experience is 14 years, medical for 22 years.
Associate Professor 22 Jan. 2003. He was awarded the honorary title: \”Honorary Doctor of the Republic of Bashkortostan in 2000.
Main scientific works VT Kaybysheva:
1) Kaibyshev VT \”Socio-hygienic factors of health doctor / / occupational medicine and industrial ecology – zhur.2005 – No 7. p. 30-34
2) Minin GD, Kondrovo NS, Taka RM, Kaibyshev VT \”Professional incidence of health workers in the Republic of Bashkortostan\”
/ / Occupational medicine and industrial ecology – Jour. 2005 – No 7. p. 34-37
3) Galimov AR, Kaibyshev VT \”Health as a moral value and its self-evaluation by doctors\” / / occupational medicine and industrial ecology – Jour. 2005 – No 7. p. 37-42
4) Simonova NI, Kaibyshev VT, Galimov AR, Kaybysheva EV \”Work in the structure of socio-psychological factors, a doctor\” / / occupational medicine and industrial ecology – zhur.2005 – No 7 p.25-30
5) Mustafina G.H, Simonov, NI, Galimov AR, Kaibyshev VT \”The intensity of the production load and intensity of the work of surgeons\” / / occupational medicine and industrial ecology – Jour. 2005 – No 7. p. 7-14
6) Nafikov RG, Galimov AR, fortune ME, Kaibyshev VT, Larionov, AN \”Assessment of emotional state of Surgeons\” / / occupational medicine and industrial ecology – Jour. 2005 – No 7. p. 15-17
7) Timerbulatov VM, Kaibyshev VT, Zulkarnaev TR, Savlukov AI, Yuldashev VL, \”The role of universities in shaping the medical staff and the preservation of health\” / / Health Labor and Industry Ecology – Jour. 2005 – No 7. p. 17-20

Professor Kildebekova Raushaniya Nasgutdinovna since 2005 zav.kursom military field therapy Department of Military and Extreme Medicine BSMU.
Born in the Republic of Bashkortostan g.Belebee 13 July 1949. After the end of the Bashkir Medical Institute in 1972. worked as therapist polyclinics. In 1980. defended her thesis in the first Moscow Medical Institute on \”Hypertension among workers of industrial enterprises\” and in 2000 .- doctoral thesis \”Arterial hypertension and risk factors among rural residents of Bashkortostan.\”
Priority scientific trend in cardiology – clinical, prevention and treatment of arterial hypertension.
I have more than 200 medical works, among them 3 monographs, 10 articles in journals, articles and theses in foreign journals, participate in conferences and congresses of Cardiology.
Teaching experience of 25 years, medical for 34 years.
Under my leadership protected 9 master\’s theses. Since 2001, I am honored doctor RB.

Larionov, Vladimir Nikolaevich
Born Aug. 17, 1954. He graduated from the Bashkir State Medical Institute in 1983 (with honors). In 1983-1985. trained in residency at the Department of Social Hygiene and Health Organization. In 1986-1990. trained in-Union Scientific Research Institute of Social Hygiene and Public Health Organization them. NA Semashko Moscow. After finishing graduate school hired Bashkir State Institute as an assistant at the outpatient department of pediatrics, where he worked until 1994.
In 1994 he was transferred as assistant chair propaedeutics childhood illnesses and the Faculty of Pediatrics, where he worked until 1996.
In 1996 he was transferred to the post of teacher of the military and extreme medicine, where he works now.
Since 2003 the course was established \”and Safety\” at the department of military and extreme medicine, this course is led by Larionov, Vladimir Nikolaevich.
He has more than 35 scientific papers. Presidential Decree awarded the Medal for Merit in all-Russian census in 2003.
The main directions of scientific and methodological work: Healthy lifestyles of adolescents (drug addiction, drug addiction, alcoholism); issues of life safety.
He has extensive educational experience. Extensive experience working with youth.

Staff of the Department is constantly searching for and understand their role in the difficult period of development of university and the Russian Federation, continues to improve all parts of its activities in accordance with the requirements of the times


I am proud of my teacher

VA Myshkin

History of the department of military and extreme medicine, as well as the history of the Bashkir State Medical University, is inextricably linked to the life and work Nadzhiha Taipovicha Bikbulatova.
NT Bikbulat – organizer of science, the scientist – toxicologist, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Honored Scientist of the Republic of Bashkortostan, medical colonel, commander of the military department, and later Vice-Rector, a veteran of World War II was a graduate of the Bashkir Medical Institute.
After the 4-year, in August 1941, Naji Taipovich was drafted into the Soviet Army and sent to the front, where he was on active military service all the years of war. After graduation, went on military service, completed the top military medical education at the Military Medical School and, after specialization, was appointed to the post of senior lecturer Military Department of the Bashkir Medical Institute.
For 11 years, NT Bikbulat – the permanent secretary of Party committee of the Institute, combines social work with the official duties and engaged in scientific work. Within a relatively short period of Naji Taipovich went from senior lecturer to Head of Studies, then head of the military department. After his dismissal from the Soviet Army, worked successfully in the position of vice-rector for scientific work.
In 1967, NT Bikbulat defended his thesis \”On the toxicology and pharmacology of organic sulfur compounds contained in oils, and in 1974 – a doctorate on the topic:\” Influence of sulfur-containing compounds on the regeneration of the skin.
His research interests Nadzhiha Taipovicha formed in three areas: toxicology and pharmacology sulfurized compounds contained in oils, 2-methylthiophene – stimulator of regeneration in the skin (efficacy and mechanism of action) and pharmacological correction of thermal and chemical skin injuries.
NT Bikbulatova published over 100 scientific papers, he is the author of 20 inventions and many innovations.
Naji Taipovich actively supervised the scientific work of teachers military department, and subsequently much effort, energy and organizational talent to the organization CSRL Institute. In fact, for many years he was the coordinator for all basic and applied research activities carried out at the institute. Over the years, Naji Taipovich attended the scientific sessions on chemistry organic sulfur compounds of oil, and the 1972 session of the Scientific Council of the State Committee on Science and Technology under the USSR Council of Ministers on the issue of \”Chemistry and technology of organic sulfur compounds. At that time, NT Bikbulat was awarded the Badge of Honor \”and was awarded the honorary title\” Honored Worker of Science BASSR.
A respected educator of young, talented teacher, an eminent scholar, social activist, a great organizer of science, principled and strict commander, the Chevalier of the three Orders of the Red Star and many combat medals Naji Taipovich Bikbulat enjoyed a well deserved respect among the faculty of Medicine.
The traditions laid Nadzhihom Taipovichom saved successfully developing now his disciples and followers. The main one – is the improvement of educational process in conjunction with the mandatory research work.
75-year anniversary of the Bashkir State Medical University, the Department staff military and extreme medicine meets with knowledge of honest duty done on education and military education of future doctors – defenders of the country with high rates in educational and scientific work, saves a grateful remembrance of Nadzhihe Taipoviche Bikbulatova.

NT-based scientific works Bikbulatova:

1. Bikbulat NT By the toxicology of certain organic sulfur compounds contained in petroleum Khim organic sulfur compounds in petroleum and petroleum products. – Ed. USSR. – M., 1959. – S.369-374.
2. Bikbulat NT Effect of thiophene some functions of the skin / / Coll. scientific works \”Hygiene and health workers in the petroleum and petrochemical industry. – Ufa, 1969. – Volume 5. – S.100-103.
3. Bikbulat NT On some pharmacological properties of organic sulfur compounds of petroleum Urals-Volga region / / Actual questions of occupational health, industrial toxicology, – occupational diseases and environmental sanitation in the petrochemical industry. – Ufa, 1969. – S.115-117.
4. Bikbulat NT Influence of some organic sulfur compounds of oil on the healing of thermal and chemical burns / / Modern problems of the theory and practice of medical science. – Ufa, 1979. – S. 95-96.
5. Bikbulat NT By the methodology of regenerative processes under the action of organic sulfur compounds / / Abstracts of the 12 th Scientific Session of the chemistry organic sulfur compounds of petroleum. – Riga, 1971. – S. 467-468.

VA Myshkin – 35 years in service

AI Savlukov, RB Ibatullina

Vladimir Myshkin – Professor of Military and Extreme Medicine, MD, a veteran of the department, is the graduates of the Bashkir State Medical Institute.
After graduating in 1967, was abandoned in clinical internship at the Department of optional therapy. After residency he joined the Soviet Army and the Commander of the Order of the Red army of the Volga Military District, was appointed professor of military chair of the Bashkir State Medical Institute.
During the period of service with the 1971-1997 GG has evolved from a teacher-cycle of military toxicology and medical protection to the head of Studies – Deputy Chief of the military department, from lieutenant to colonel of medical service. In 1983 he successfully defended his thesis, and in 1998 – a doctoral thesis on the topic: \”Correction of lipid peroxidation in experimental intoxications with various chemical substances. Since 1987 – Associate Professor, and since 2000 – professor specializing in toxicology.
After transfer to the reserve in 1997, he has been as head of toxicology at the Ufa Institute of Occupational Medicine and Human Ecology, where he works to date, combining the scientific work of teaching.
Priorities for research, VA Myshkin: pathogenesis and experimental therapy of modern ekotoksikatsy; search and pharmacology of new anti-oxidants – pyrimidine derivatives, benzimidazole and their complex compounds with energy substrates; biomodeling in toxicology.
VA Mishkin and co-author of more than 220 scientific papers, including 8 monographs, 16 patents and inventor\’s certificates. Co-author of a training manual on toxicology was published in two editions in 2000 and 2005, two textbooks on toxicology, radiology and medical protection (2004, 2006 years). Under the leadership of VA Myshkin defended doctoral and 10 master\’s theses, his contribution to science recorded two silver medals – the name AS Popov (2003), VA Vernadsky (2006). VA Mishkin is a member of the New York Academy of Sciences (1995) and the International Academy of Authors of Scientific Discoveries and Inventions (2004), a member of the Dissertation Council of the Bashkir Agricultural University (since 2000) and member of the Scientific Council of the Department of Medical Sciences of Belarus (since 2003).
Currently, under his leadership holds two doctorates and two master\’s theses.

Main areas of research, VA Myshkin:
1. Myshkin VA The synthesis of benzimidazole derivatives and their impact on membranotoksicheskie Effects of organophosphorus compounds, \”Khim. – Pharm. magazine. – 1994. – No 12. – C.26-28.
2. Myshkin VA Effect of methyluracil and oksimetiluratsila on svobodnoradlikalnoe oxidation in model systems / VA Mishkin, ZG Khaibullina, SA Bashkatov. Bull. Experimental Biology and Medicine. – 1995. – No 8. – Page 142, 145.
3. Myshkin VA Influence oksimetiluratsila and atropine on the free-radical oxidation of lipids and membrane status in rats after poisoning karbofos / V. Myshkin, GA Sofronov, GA Tolstikov. / / Pathological physiology and experimental therapy. – 1995. – No 2. – P.47-49.
4. Myshkin VA Antioxidant and antiradical activity of the complex-glycyrrhizic acid with pyrimidine derivatives. / VA Myshkin, GA Tolstikov, LA Baltin, Khim. – Pharm. magazine. – 1996. – No 8. – S. 36-38.
5. Myshkin VA Oksimetiluratsil. Outlines of Experimental Pharmacology. / VA Mishkin, AB Bakirov. – Ufa, 2001. – 212 pp.
6. Myshkin VA Experimental correction of violations postintoksikatsionnyh / VA Myshkin DA Enikeev. – Ufa, 2005. – 349 pp.

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