Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology IPO BSMU

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Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology IPO BSMU

Ufa, sanatorium \”Green Grove, Main Building, 4 th floor tel / fax: (347) 228-76-80; 228-43-78; E-mail:

Department of Rehabilitation Medicine and Health Resort IPO BSMU organized in September 2000 under the decision of the Academic Council and the order Bashgosmeduniversiteta as part of the \”Concept of Development of sanatorium system of the Republic of Bashkortostan\”, approved by Decree of the President of Belarus No UP-252 dated 05/06/2000, the Co the date of creation to the present time the department led by Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences LT Gil\’mutdinova.
The clinical base of the chair is a multi-resort \”Green grove\” and the Republican sports Clinics and Resorts Yangan Tau Krasnousolsk, Yumatov, acacia, Jakty-Kul.
Sanatorium \”Green grove\” – a multidisciplinary health center for 704 beds. Therapeutic and diagnostic facilities include spa kardioreabilitatsionnye, cardiology, neyroreabilitatsionnoe, balneofizioterapevticheskoe offices, functional diagnostics, clinical biochemical laboratory.
Department staff presented to specialists in internal medicine, cardiology, rehabilitation medicine, physiotherapy, balneology, exercise therapy and sports medicine, rehabilitation. Of these, 1 Professor, Doctor of Science degree in Cardiology, 4 – professors, including 1-MD, 3 candidates of medical sciences, specializing in internal medicine, 1-specialty \”Health Organization\”, 3 assistants , Ph.D., specializing in reconstructive medicine, physiotherapy and sports medicine, balneology and physiotherapy.

Gil\’mutdinova Lear Talgatovna (born 23.04.1953g. Bashkortostan), Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor, head of the department of rehabilitation medicine and balneology IPO, director of the Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine and Health Resort BSMU.
LT Gil\’mutdinova – Honoured Doctor of the Republic of Bashkortostan, doctor of the highest qualification category. After graduation she worked as a therapist BGMI, from 1981 – 2000, in BGMI – Ph.D., assistant professor and professor of the Department of Hospital Therapy No 1, 2000, the first deputy. Chairman FGSS RB, director of the Center for Restorative Medicine and Balneotherapy RB, founder of the department of rehabilitation medicine and balneology IPO BSMU. Since 2001, she was founder and director of the Research Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine and Health Resort Bashgosmeduniversiteta.
Made a significant contribution to the development of resort business. Under her leadership in 2000. first developed and approved the \”Concept of Development of sanatorium of Belarus, in 2002 .-\” Development Program sanatorium of Belarus for 2002-2010 \”, an inventory of spa facilities with RB a roster. She has for the first time in the country developed and implemented long-term research program on balneology and spa training of personnel. She has developed and implemented research-based methods of sanatorium treatment of patients with socially significant diseases, post-flight rehabilitation of astronauts in sanatoria and health resorts of Belarus.
She has published over 400 scientific and methodical work, has published 17 monographs, 69 methodical recommendations and manuals for practitioners. Under her editorship published five collections of scientific papers on topical issues and new technologies of regenerative medicine and balneology. In the practice of Health of Belarus has introduced more than 60 new methods of investigation and treatment of medical patients and cardiological. Under her leadership, are protected by 17 candidates and a doctoral thesis on various aspects of cardiology, rehabilitation medicine and balneology She is a member of the Academic Council BSMU, co-chair of the evaluation commission in physiotherapy, exercise therapy Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, an expert Licensing Commission Roszdravnadzor RB, member of the dissertation council BSMU and Samara State Medical University , chairmen of the commission in the field of \”regenerative medicine\”, \”physical therapy\”, \”physiotherapy and sports medicine\”, \”therapy\”, the chairman of the problem commission on specialty 14.00.51. – \”Restorative medicine …\”.
Since 2002 LT Gil\’mutdinova .- President of the Republican Association of Rehabilitation Medicine specialists, physiotherapists, health resort, Chief Freelance physiotherapist Ministry of Health of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Organizes and conducts annual scientific and practical conference with the direct participation of leading specialists restorative and preventive medicine in Moscow, Pyatigorsk and other Russian cities. It – Member Program Committee All-Russian Forum \”Health Resort\”, a delegate and active participant in international, All-Russian Congress \”Regenerative medicine and rehabilitation. Presented papers at many all-Russian, interregional and international scientific conferences and symposia (Moscow, 2002, 2005, g.S-Petersburg-2004, Kavminvody-2003 and others). In 2004 she .- initiator and organizer of inter-regional Forum \”Health\” of the Urals and Volga region \”with the participation of leading specialists of Russia.
Since 2004. LT Gil\’mutdinova – Chairman of the IGAC Ministry of Health and the RF Bashgosmeduniversitetu, since 2006, medical academy in Chelyabinsk, a member of the editorial board of Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, a member of the interdepartmental commission of the Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan for the implementation of the Programme for Development of sanatorium system RB.
For achievements in health LT Gil\’mutdinova awarded with the diploma of the Republic of Bashkortostan, a diploma of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Health and diplomas of the Russian Federation \”for training\” and \”for his contribution to the development of spa business.\”

Gizatullina Nailya Salyahovna, born 1940, graduated from the Bashkir State Medical University in 1966 for three years as a therapist at the precinct Uchalinsky area.
From 1970 to 1975. was trained in clinical internship, graduate school in the USSR Ministry of Health Influenza Research Institute in Leningrad. He defended his thesis (1976) on the degree of candidate of medical sciences on the issue of early diagnosis and treatment of pneumonia of viral etiology.
In the Bashkir State Medical University is working since 1976 as assistant chair of internal medicine for 1999, and in 2000 transferred to the department of rehabilitation medicine and balneology. He is a lecturer, for many years was director of studies department.
He lectures on topical issues of rehabilitation medicine, therapy, physiotherapy students of the Institute of Postgraduate Education, medical interns and medical residents. Over 30 years involved in medical training in Belarus.
The doctor of the highest category. Spends much advice and methodological work on the basis of clinical faculty in the sanatorium \”Green Grove\”, as well as other spas RB.

Nizamova Angie Ilyusovna born in 1968, Bashkir. After graduating in 1993, Medical Faculty, Bashkir State Medical University and an internship specializing in Internal Medicine \”worked infectious diseases at the polyclinic No 34 of Ufa. In 1995-1996, GG continued her studies in clinical internship at the Department of Faculty Therapy BSMU, where was involved in research work on the diagnosis and treatment of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in the Republic of Bashkortostan. In 1997, working doctor – a physician admissions RCH No 3 enrolled in evening graduate school specializing in internal medicine. Later she worked as a divisional therapist clinic No 1 No 2 RCH, a leading specialist of providing preventive medical care to adults of the Ministry of Health of Belarus, head of the rehabilitation center. From 2003 to present works in BSMU, the department of rehabilitation medicine and balneology as an assistant in 2005, which oversees the teaching physiotherapy, therapy, clinical nutrition.
In 1999, was defended dissertation work for the degree of candidate of medical sciences \”hematological, biochemical and structural features of red blood cells in patients with hemorrhagic fever in different periods of illness.
Currently engaged in development of scientific techniques to optimize rehabilitation of young patients with gastroduodenal pathology, suffered combat stress factors. By 6 methodological innovations and benefits, a monograph, 5 rationalization proposals, 50 publications with local and international participation.

Scientific research has been dedicated. topical issues of internal diseases, rehabilitation, restorative medicine. . He has 120 published articles. Participates in the implementation of the target of the republican program \”Development Program sanatorium of Belarus for 2002-2010. Repeatedly performed at national and national conferences.

The department carries out educational activities in several directions. Specialists were trained in the cycle of primary specialization, thematic improvement for rehabilitation medicine physicians, physical therapy, balneology, rehabilitation, therapy, exercise therapy and sports medicine.
Training and educational activities aimed at developing students of diagnostic and corrective technologies of rehabilitation medicine, preventive and therapeutic rehabilitation programs based on natural and preformed therapeutic factors, issues and improve the organization of the spa business.
A special feature of the pedagogical activity of the department of rehabilitation medicine and balneology IPO is aimed at training professionals to provide high-tech type of medical care, namely regenerative medicine. Developed at the department in courses including regional pathology, development of a resort of RB, prevention of socially significant diseases, health and healthy working population.
A Certification Committee for the certification exam for balneology, rehabilitation medicine, physical therapy, exercise therapy, sports medicine, therapy. The commission\’s work is carried out according to the Order No 353 of 28.09.1999g., No 337 of 27.08.1999g., No 4 of 11.01.2000g, No 71 of 2004. Certification Commission Chair is Prof. LT Gil\’mutdinova.
Research staff and faculty applicants are conducted in the area of rehabilitation medicine, cardiology, physiotherapy and balneology, rehabilitation of socially significant diseases, etc. Professor Gil\’mutdinova LT heads the research program of balneology and rehabilitation medicine at RB in the \”Development Program sanatorium of RB, is the author of\” Concept of sanatorium system in Belarus. Over time, the department published 12 monographs on topical issues sanatorium and spa treatment in sanatoriums RB, 5 collections of scientific articles on problems of regenerative medicine: \”Integrated Treatment and rehabilitation of patients in the sanatorium\” Krasnousolsk \”\”, \”Rehabilitation and complex treatment in motels kumysolechebnom \”Yumatov\” \”,\” Organization of sanatorium treatment in the sanatorium \”Karagaj\” \”,\” Kumysolechenie patients with respiratory diseases in a sanatorium, \”Modern technologies of regenerative medicine and balneology, etc.
According to the results of scientific research since 2000. the department staff with practical physicians published 674 scientific papers, including the central press. Conducted scientific-practical conferences at sanatoriums Yumatov, Krasnousolsk, Yang-Tau, Green Grove, Assy, Salut. Under the guidance of Professor LT Gil\’mutdinova reserved 12 candidate and 1 doctoral thesis, dissertation perform work on 17 applicants.
Department staff are actively participating in international, All-Russian scientific congresses, conferences and seminars on restoration and medical spa with the reports on the experiences of organizations resort business in the Republic of Belarus: the annual All-Russian Congress on topical issues of rehabilitation medicine, balneology and physiotherapy (Moscow, 2001 , 2006). at the annual International Congress on \”Health Resort\” (Moscow, Kavminvody, Saint-Petersburg, Sochi), International Forum on restorative medicine (Tunisia, Germany, Turkey, Thailand, etc.).
Professor Gil\’mutdinova LT as a member of the organizing committee has actively participated in the organization of 2 international forums, and 5 inter-regional conferences. By specialty 14.00.51 – restorative medicine, exercise therapy and sports medicine, balneology and physiotherapy created an issues committee, obtained a license for the training of specialists in graduate school, residency and internship. On the basis of the department and sanatorium \”Green grove\” in 2001 organized by the Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine and Health Resort BSMU, which is a subsidiary of RNC regenerative medicine and balneology Health Ministry. Director of the Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine and Health Resort BSMU is prof. Gil\’mutdinova LT
Employees of the department initiated the establishment of the Professional Association of regenerative medicine, physiotherapy, health resort RB in 2000. Whose president was elected professor. LT Gil\’mutdinova. Since 2000, the Department participates in the development and implementation of the national long-term plan of research work on balneology, new spa, therapeutic technologies and implementing them in practice. Developed evidence-based medical standards and criteria for assessing the quality of treatment in sanatoriums RB. Professor LT Gil\’mutdinova is co-branch program \”Health protection and promotion of healthy for the period 2003-2010, GG,\” a member of the interdepartmental commission of the Government of Belarus to implement the \”Programme of development of sanatorium of RB at 2002-2010 yy ., participated in developing a work plan interdepartmental committee, developed a theme of working with resorts in the Republic of Belarus in the framework of this program.
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine and Health Resort IPO BSMU provides therapeutic work in accordance with the joint work plan and leading spa facilities RB, RB MPI. All members of the department conducting advisory work, examination of medical records, clinical and clinical-anatomical, scientific and practical conferences, reviews of clinical, field staff at other resorts and sanatorium (\”Yumatov\”, \”Krasnousolsk\”, \”Yanga-Tau, Jakty-Kul \”,\” Assa \”, etc). The department participated actively in the development of \”Concept of Development of sanatorium system of Belarus\”, the \”Development of sanatorium system, RB, RB inventory of recreational centers, the development of therapies using the factors of new resorts and new technologies and other legal documents on the sanatorium and resort activities.
For his contributions to the development of spa business, the development and implementation of evidence-based methods of spa treatments and training the spa industry, the Department awarded diplomas of the 1 st century and the gold medal Health Ministry.

RESEARCH INSTITUTE regenerative medicine and balneology GOU VPO \”Bashkir State Medical University, Agency for Health Care
Research Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine and Health Resort Bashgosmeduniversiteta (SRI BM and K BSMU) was established in 2001 as part of the Bashkir State Medical University, the decision of the Academic Council BSMU. The base of the Institute is the department of rehabilitation medicine and balneology IPO BSMU other faculty profiles, laboratory BSMU leading resorts of the Republic – \”Green Grove\”, \”Yanga-Tau,\” Krasnousolsk \”,\” Yumatov \”, etc.
The founder and director of the Institute is Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Honored Doctor RB Gil\’mutdinova Lira Talgatovna.
main activities of CMC Research BSMU: leadership and coordination of research and development, educational and methodological work on balneology, rehabilitation medicine, physiotherapy and remedial gymnastics, rehabilitology in sanatoriums and health facilities RB, development and implementation of long-term programs to improve Research, Treatment and methodical work and training spa and health care facilities RB.
With the participation of SRI BM & K developed the first \”concept\” and \”Program Development of sanatorium system of the republic of Bashkortostan, comprehensive programs and methods of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of persons with various pathologies with a wide range of natural healing factors of the republic. For the first time developed and approved long-term program to improve the medical, scientific and methodical work and training in spas RB. SRI specialists with spas are created and perfected new technologies rehabilitation and spa treatment at health resorts. Scientifically substantiated Technology of the Bashkir kumys in rehabilitation and prevention socially significant diseases, natural gazoparotermalnyh sources for comorbidity, the methods treatment with mineral waters and therapeutic muds Bashkortostan, natural amber, light therapy, with venom; using products Bashkir bees methods endoecological detoxification based on mineral water and medicinal plants republic.
on the results of research published in 1917 monograph, 5 collections of scientific papers, more than 100 teaching recommendations and manuals for physicians, published over 750 scientific articles and abstracts, prepared by 3 doctors, 17 candidates of medical Science. SRI BM and K – the organizer of inter-regional and national Conference Resort and restorative medicine, visiting cycles of training professionals in spas, is a part interdepartmental commission on implementing the Programme of Development sanatorium system RB. It has close cooperation with the Russian Scientific Center of Restorative Medicine and Balneotherapy, Pyatigorsk and Tomsk Research Institute of balneology and physiotherapy and other leading institutions of Russia.
SRI BM and K BSMU – winner of the annual All-Russian Boards \”sanatorium\” and was awarded a gold medal and diploma for the development and introduction of new regenerative medicine technologies, the preparation Professional spa.
Address: 450000, RB, Ufa-Center, ul. Lenina 3, Bashgosmeduniversitet, SRI BM and K
Clinical base: Sanatorium \”Green Grove\”, 1 building, 4 th Floor,
Tel. / Fax: (3472) 28-43-78.
E-mail: nii;

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