Department of Infectious Diseases with the course dermatovenerology IPO

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The department is located on two clinical databases:
MU Infectious Clinical Hospital No 4 th, Ufa,
450015, Republic of Bashkortostan, Ufa, ul. Zapotocky, 37
Phone: (347) 250-18-83 additional 2-94
MU Infectious Diseases Hospital No 4 th city of Ufa has 12 offices along the profile: 2 of them hepatitis and 4 children and 2 boxed 1 reanimation 1 intestinal and 3 Diagnostic and reception area and functional diagnostics.
Total number of beds – 510: of these 210 – and 300 children – adults.

Ø Republican Skin and Venereal Diseases Clinic
450017 Republic of Bashkortostan Ufa, ul. Federal, 37
Phone: (347) 291-92-13, 278-09-10 additional 2-25
Republican Skin and Venereal Diseases Dispensary has 9 offices, including 2 children, 2 STD, 2 mycological, 3 skin.

A successful solution now facing public health problems is largely dependent on competent medical staff and their professionalism which, in turn, is impossible without improving the quality training.
In 1996, the department of infectious diseases to the epidemiology was organized van training course for doctors in the training department. Head. rate assigned to the order of the Rector Professor Mamon Andrei Petrovich, assistant, PhD Murzabaeva Rasim Timeryarovna, in a subsequent MD Iskhakova Flyora Gabdulhanovna and later PhD Kuvatova Nuria Dinislamovna. All the teachers previously worked in the eponymous department Mamon AP since 1973 – an assistant, and since 1985 – Associate Professor Murzabaeva RT since 1988 – assistant. In 2003, the order BSMU No 69 of 19.12.2002, the course is organized in the department, headed by Professor, Doctor Valishin Damir Askhatovich. All employees of the department completed Bashkir State Medical Institute. XV-th anniversary of the Komsomol, were trained in the clinical internship, graduate school, have a great clinical and teaching experience.
The department conducted training for doctors, infections, pediatricians, internists, emergency doctors, otolaryngologist. Since 1997, a reception certification exams, as in the cycle of thematic and general improvement and specialization.
Research staff is dedicated to topical issues Infectology salmonellosis, yersiniosis, viral hepatitis, erysipelas, hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, an acute intestinal infection caused by conditionally pathogenic flora, helminthes, Trichophyton.
Head. Department Valishin DA major infectious diseases is a freelance MH RB, staff members of the certification and certifying committees specializing in infectious disease, criticize the clinical history of disease, performance evaluation case doctors, licensed therapeutic and prophylactic institutions are medical advisory work on a clinical basis, in health facilities and Ufa Republic, participated in the republican and municipal conferences, seminars. Are scientific publications, both in central and the local press. Employees have the highest qualifications. The questionnaires from students were respectful reviews.
Currently, the department of infectious diseases with a course dermatovenerolo-energy IPO work professor Valishin Damir Askhatovich – Head of Department, Professor Fakhretdinova Khadijara Sirazetdinovna – Head Heading dermatovenerolo-energy, Professor Murzabaeva Rasim Timeryarovna – assistant head of department, Associate Professor Andrew P. Mamon, associate professor Khismatullina Zarema Rimovna , assistant Teregulov Galina Askarovna, Senior Assistant Murzagaleeva Lira Valer\’evna the laboratorian Chemaeva Irina.

The course of specialization and advanced training of doctors for dermatology was established in January 2002 at the Department of dermatology, in January 2003 prick Thus BSMU No 69 of 19.12.2002, the Department of Infectious Diseases was created with the course of derma-tovenerologii IPO BSMU. From the date of the organization of the course director of Honorary of workers of higher professional education of the Russian Federation, doctor of the highest category, MD, professor Fakhretdinova Khadijara Sirazetdinovna. Kurs-dermatovenerol.doc [28 Kb] (Count: 137)

VALISHIN Damir Askhatovich in 1979, she entered the medical faculty Bashgosmedinstituta (BGMI), from which he graduated with honors in 1985.
From 1985 to 1987. studied in clinical internship at the Department of Infectious Diseases BGMI. From 1987 to 1990. studied in the target full-time graduate of the Moscow Medical Dental Institute. In 1990 he defended his thesis on \”Application of doksitsilina and rifampicin in the treatment of patients yersiniosis. Since January 1991 he was Assistant Chair of Infectious Diseases, since 1996 – associate professor and director of studies department with the epidemiology of infectious diseases and the rate of IPO. In 1999 he defended his doctoral dissertation on \”The hormonal and immunologic status of patients with hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome\”. Since 2000 Professor of the Department of the same name.
Since 2003 he was elected as the head of the Department of Infectious Diseases with the course dermatovenerology IPO BSMU. Under his leadership, are protected by four Ph.D. theses, holds 6 master\’s theses.
Total medical record and medical record – infectionist is 32 years at the department for 21 years.
Valishin DA is a member of the Central Educational-Methodological Commission specializing in Infectious Disease Department of Health and Social Development of Russian Federation, mainly freelance infectiologist MH RB, chairmen of the evaluation commission specializing in infectious diseases and dermatovenereology.
Participate in scientific and practical conferences of the international, Russian, republican and municipal levels, has more than 200 publications, 2 monographs, 3 patents.
Has the highest qualification category, is an expert national fund for insurance and the medical commission.
Advises patients on the basis of clinical faculty in the health facilities in Ufa city, towns and districts of the republic.

Fakhretdinova Khadijara SIRAZETDINOVNA, graduated in 1959, medical college, in 1969 – with honors from the Medical Faculty of the Bashkir State Medical Institute.
From 1972 to 1975. trained full-time postgraduate in the Department dermatovenerology BGMI. In 1986 he defended a thesis. In 1978 she was elected to contest the post of Assistant Chair dermatovenerology BGMI. Subject doctoral dissertation, \”Clinical and epidemiological features of modern Microsporum, after which the defense (2000) worked as a professor of dermatology BSMU, 2002 and is currently working director of graduate courses for doctors dermatology IPO BSMU.
Total work experience is 49 years experience in the specialty – 39 years, scientific and pedagogical experience – 30 years.
Prof. Fakhretdinova HS – An experienced teacher and is actively implementing the learning process of modern teaching methods, performs a large and methodical work, it has written all the working programs for students IPO, curriculum and programs for doctors, interns, medical residents and other educational materials. She has published more than 120 publications, including 7 – teaching aids, published a textbook for students (Health Ministry, Bashkir State Medical University, 2001), has a copyright certificate for the invention, under her leadership, working on PhD 3 physicians-applicant. She was awarded the badge \”Honorary Worker Higher Professional Education of Russia\”, a diploma of the University.
Prof. Fakhretdinova HS and physicians with the results conducted under her leadership research has repeatedly advocated in international and inter-congresses, conferences and symposia. On the initiative and active participation of Professor Fakhretdinova HS held commemorative conference on the 85 th anniversary of the organization dermatovenerological services of the republic and the 75 th anniversary of the society dermatovenerologists RB.
Physician highest qualification category professor Fakhretdinova HS medical advisory work is carried out at the National STI Clinic, is a consultant to the doctors and other health facilities in the city of Ufa, in the areas of the country and regularly conducts research and practical medical conference.
Prof. Fakhretdinova HS an active participant in public life is the chairman of the Society  dermatovenerologists Bashkortostan, chairman of the Certification Commission for specialty Dermatovenereology \”, a member of the qualification, certification and licensing commissions MH RB.

MURZABAEVA of RAS TIMERYAROVNA after training in high school in 1970 entered the medical faculty Bashgosmedinstituta (BGMI), who graduated with distinction in 1976.

From 1976 to 1980. worked for the district infectious diseases in Karaidelskoy CRH. From 1980 to 1982. studied in clinical internship at the Department of Infectious Diseases BGMI. Then she worked in the infectious diseases hospital No 4 Ufa ordinators, head of the department. From 1985 to 1988. learned in graduate school at Moscow Medical Stomatological Institute. In 1988 she defended her thesis on the topic: \”Application reaferon in the treatment of patients with viral hepatitis B\”. From December 1988 to work as assistant in department of infectious diseases since 1996 IPO at BSMU. In 2003 she defended her doctoral dissertation on \”The System of interferon and the immune status of patients with HFRS, the development of new therapies.\” Since 2004, holds the position of Professor in the Department. Under her leadership, performed three Ph.D. dissertations. General medical experience and length of infectious diseases doctor of 32 years, at the department – 23 years.
Is the head. of studies faculty member certification and attestation commissions specializing in infectious diseases. Participates in the scientific and practical conferences of Russian republican and municipal levels, has 196 printed works, 3 patents.
Has the highest qualification category, is an expert national fund for insurance and licensing committee. Advises patients on the basis of clinical faculty in the health facilities in Ufa city, towns and districts of the republic and through the air ambulance.

Mamon Andrei Petrovich graduated from the Medical Faculty of the Bashkir State Medical University named after 15 th anniversary of the Komsomol in 1966.
From 1966 to 1968 worked as a therapist Demetrius Medical Unit Ufa district BASSR. From 1968 to 1970. undergoing clinical residency at the Department of Infectious Diseases Bashkir Medical Institute, from where he was sent to target a graduate student at the clinic Infectious Diseases 1-st Moscow Medical Institute im. IM Sechenov\’s.
He graduated from the target postgraduate master\’s thesis in 1973 and was elected as assistant, and in September 1985 – for the post of associate professor of infectious diseases of the Bashkir Medical Institute, since 1995 – head. IPO rate from 2003 to present – Associate Professor of Infectious Diseases with the course of IPO dermatology.
Research AP Mammon devoted to actual problems of infectious pathology. He has published more than 200 published works.
AP Mamon experienced teacher. Increase their teaching skills at the FPK at the Leningrad Sanitary-Hygiene Institute in 1976 and 1986. At the Kuibyshev Medical Institute in 1981 at the Faculty of Advanced Medical Dentistry at the Moscow Medical Institute in 1990 and in 1995 at the Moscow Medical Academy in 2005 in Samara gosmeduniversitete. Constantly improving the educational process.
Mamon AP preparing new and old processes and methodical manuals, working with monographs, relevant articles.
The highly skilled clinician. Repeatedly drawn to the organization and conduct of anti-epidemic measures in the city of Ufa and regions of the republic, for which he was declared the rector of gratitude. Provides advice in Ufa and the Republic, participated in the conduct of medical conferences, seminars, ten-day. He was for several years as a freelance infectious diseases of Ufa and the Republic. He is a member of the certification and the certification committee.
Mamon AP repeatedly awarded diplomas BSMU, Ministry of Health of Belarus and the Health Ministry, has many of gratitude for the work.

Educational-methodical work of the department

At the department of infectious diseases with the course dermatovenerology IPO conducted following forms of training 
specializing in Infectious Diseases »
1. Clinical internship specializing in Infectious Disease (1728 hours – 1 year)
2. Residency specializing in Infectious Disease \”(3456 hours – 2 years)
3. Thematic Improvement \”communicable disease\” (2 mo. – 288 hours).
4. Thematic Improvement \”Questions of infectious childhood diseases (2 months. – 288 hours).
5. Overall improvement for medical interns in related specialties by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Bashkortostan \”Topical issues of infectious diseases (HIV – disease, viral hepatitis)\” (1 mo. – 144 an hour).
6. The overall improvement for infectious diseases and other medical related specialties by request FROM RTSPB and TELO Bashkortostan \’Issues infectious diseases (HIV – infection, viral hepatitis) (0,5 months. – 72 hours).

specialty \”Dermatovenereology» 
1. Clinical internship in the specialty \”Dermatovenereology\” (1728 hours – 1 year)
2. Residency in specialty \”Dermatovenereology\” (3456 pm – 2 years)
3. Thematic Improvement \”Chronic dermatosis and contemporary issues Venereology\” (1 mo. – 144 hours).
4. Thematic Improvement \”Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of syphilis\” (1,5 months. – 216 hours).
5. Thematic Improvement \”Diagnosis and treatment of skin and venereal diseases (2 months. – 288 hours).
6. Thematic Improvement \’Gonorrhoea and urogenital diseases negonoreynye (1,5 months. – 216 hours).
7. Thematic Improvement \”fungal disease (1 mo. – 144 hours).

All doctors – cadets graduated series of thematic development and a certificate of training certificates.
Physicians – the cadets of past cycles of general improvements issued a certificate of training completion.

For 2003 – 2008 years. the department of infectious diseases have been trained in specialty \”Infectious diseases\” – 682 trainees, doctors-interns related specialties (IPO and the MOH RB) – 920 people, doctors cadets related specialties – 1600.
By specialty Dermatovenereology – 479 students.
From 2003 to 2008. the department have been trained doctor-intern specializing in Infectious Disease – 17 people, 2 – a doctor-intern in training. Medical residents specializing in infectious diseases – 6 people, 2 of them are trained.
By specialty \”Dermatovenereology\”: doctors – interns – 9 people were trained, including 2 trained. Clinical residents – 13 people were trained, including One is studying.

A list of books, manuals and educational materials published by the staff of the Department over the past 5 years:

Handbooks, monographs
1. Monograph: \”Chronic hepatitis\” (Egorov VB, Valishin DA, Kamilov FH, Magazev R.Sh.) – Ufa, 2005
2. Monograph: Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome \”- Ufa: Gilholm, 2006.

Teaching materials for doctors, students
1. HIV-infection. Textbook. – Ufa, 2007.
2. Clinic, diagnosis and treatment of helminthiasis. Textbook. (Valishin DA, Murzabaeva RT, AP Mamon) – Ufa, 2005.
3. Haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome. Teaching Manual. (Valishin DA, Mamon AP, Murzabaeva RT, etc.) – Ufa, in 2004.
4. Infectious-toxic shock. Training Manual. (Valishin DA, Mamon AP, Murzabaeva RT, etc.) – Ufa, 2003.
5. Treatment and prevention of flu and other acute respiratory viral infections. Methodical manual. (Valishin D., Mamon AP, Murzabaeva RT) – Ufa 2005.
6. Therapy emergency conditions in infectious diseases. Textbook. (Valishin DA, Mamon AP, Murzabaeva RT, etc.) – Ufa, 2003.
7. Clinical application hepatoprotectors. Textbook. (Valishin JA, Mamon AP, Murzabaeva RT, etc.), – Ufa, 2005.
8. Zooantroponoznaya trichophytia. Textbook. (Khismatullina ZR, Muhamadeeva HS, HS Fakhretdinova), – Ufa, 2004.
9. Prevention of gonorrhea. Textbook. (Fakhretdinova HS and others) – Ufa, 2005.
10. Prevention of trichomoniasis. Textbook. (Fakhretdinova HS, Khafizova T. and others) – Ufa, 2005.
11. Treatment of acute intestinal infections. Textbook. (Valishin DA, Murzabaeva RT, Mamon AP, etc.) – Ufa, 2008.

Guidelines for students
1. Viral hepatitis. Methodical recommendations. – M. 2003.
2. HIV – infection in pregnant women and children. Methodical recommendations. – Ufa, 2003.
3. Diphtheria among adults. Methodical recommendations. – M., 2003.
4. Meningococcal disease. Methodical recommendations. – M., 2001.
5. The organization and conduct of the primary events in high-risk infections. Guidelines. – M., 2002.
6. Organization of the Cabinet of infectious diseases. Methodical recommendations. – M., 2005.
7. Salmonellosis, Food poisoning. Methodical recommendations. – Ufa, 2003
8. Meningitis and encephalitis: Methodical recommendations. – Ufa, 2007
9. Clinical diagnosis and treatment of HIV – infections: guidelines. – Ufa, 2007

Information and methodological letters.
1. Viral hepatitis. Laboratory diagnosis and treatment. Information and methodological message. – Ufa, in 2004.
2. Optimisation etiotropic therapy Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome. / Information and methodical email. – Ufa, 2006.
3. Leptospirosis. / Information and methodical letter. – Ufa, 2008.


The department carries out research activities on themes:
The overall theme of state budgetary R & D department –
\”Immunopathogenesis HFRS formulation, methods of treatment.
Clinical and pathogenetic aspects of acute intestinal infections.
Clinical and pathogenetic aspects of parasitic disease \”.

1. Hasbi SA \”Application LILR in HFRS\”, defended in 2005 DA Valishin
2. Abdulov AD \”Application of electrophoretic saturated antibiotic lymphatic system in combination with laser therapy in patients with erysipelas\” HFRS, protected in 2005, DA Valishin
3. Zherebtsova NY \”Clinico-pathogenetic characteristics of acute intestinal caused PEO\” protected in 2006, JA Valishin
4. Valinurova ER \”Clinico-laboratory characteristics intestinal stage ascariasis in adults\” protected in 2007 JA Valishin
5. Mayorov TG \”Clinico-pathogenetic features of acute intestinal infections caused by opportunistic enterobacteria in adults. (2006-2009 years). DA Valishin
6. Starostin VI \”The role of some mechanisms of hormonal regulation of water-salt metabolism in the pathogenesis of Hantavirus. (2006-2009 years.) DA Valishin
7. Murzagaleeva LV \’Clinical and pathogenetic significance of polymorphism of cytokine genes in patients ascaridiasis\’ (2007-2010 years.) DA Valishin
8. MV Ramazanova \”Peculiarities of clinical course of mixed infections ascariasis and giardiasis in children\” (2007-2010 Gg.) DA Valishin
9. Nurkaeva SV \”Clinical and laboratory characteristics of opisthorchiasis in Belarus\” (2007-2010 Gg.) JA Valishin
10. Muhutdinova AA \”Features of the immune response in adolescents with HFRS\” (2005-2008 years.) RT Murzabaeva
11. Nazmutdinova RG \”Clinical and pathogenetic aspects of contemporary Salmonella\” (2007-2009.) RT Murzabaeva
12. Shayhmieva VF \”Features of Hantavirus in women\” (2005-2009 years.) RT Murzabaeva
13. Safina EI \”Clinico-pathogenetic importance of cytokine gene polymorphisms in patients toxocarosis\” (2007-2011 years.) DA Valishin

Over a period 2003-2008. defended their dissertations:
Ph.D. – 4
Published scientific papers – 300
Collected articles – 6
Monographs – 4
Informational-methodic letters – 16
Speeches made at international conferences, symposia, congresses (Moscow St. Petersburg) – 1916

Approved 6 themes Ph.D. theses and postgraduate applicants chair.

MEDICAL-advisory work

Employees of the department of infectious diseases with a course dermatovenerology IPO is extensive medical and advisory work on the basis of the ME CBI No 4, RKVD. Over the past 5 years the department staff consulted 11,500 patients, conducted 50 scientific and practical conferences, together with practical physicians produced 70 articles in medical practice in 1960 introduced new methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. A 50 trips to areas of the republic with counseling patients, conducting clinical conferences. Approbation of 10 new medicines, issued 8 information and learning letters. Professors Valishin DA and Fakhretdinova HS, Murzabaeva RT, associate Mamon AP, Khismatullina ZR are experts in the Republican Fund of MLA. Professor Valishin DA is the major infectious diseases freelance MH RB. Department staff made a great contribution to the development of targeted national program for HFRS. Under the guidance of Professor Valishina DA defended his Ph.D. dissertation Practitioners: Hasbievym SA, Abdulov BC
Conducted regularly and postmortem Cynic Conference, Council, general director of the Department of rounds of offices of the hospital. As a result of collaborative health facilities and departments improve the performance of hospitals, achieved a high level of quality of care, improved technical equipment of hospitals.

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