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The department organized in 2003 based on the course of laboratory diagnostics IPO, which worked in 1998-2002. at the Department of Bioorganic Chemistry and Clinical BSMU. At the root of the opening of the course were: the head. Department of Bioorganic and clinical chemistry, corresponding member of Academy of Sciences of Belarus and the Academy of Natural Sciences, MD, Professor Edward Gazalievich Davletov [1947-1998], MD, associate professor (since 2001 – d.m.n . Professor) Alexander Zhanovich Gilmanov, MD, PhD, Reseda Mazgutovna Salyahova and Ph.D., Art. Teacher Zora Hafizovna Tenisheva. Since 1998, the course was in charge Assoc. A. J. Gilmanov, with 09.1999 PM – DS EA Imelbaeva with 09.2000 PM – Assoc. RM Salyahova. The course taught by: Chief specialist laboratory diagnosis of MH RB RV Shishkin, heads large clinical-diagnostic laboratories HCF Ufa AP Emelyanov (Ch. specialist Qld KM mayor of Ufa), FM Usmanov, as well as experienced doctors, laboratory technicians of the highest category, having great experience – LS Demkin and NK Larin.


Since the organization of the department (2003) to present her work: prof. A. J. Gilmanov (manager), prof. AR Mavzyutov, prof. EA Imelbaeva, MD RM Khairullina, Assoc. RM Salyahova, ass. LS Demkin, NE Razbezhkina, VT Stepanova, TI Baikov, TI Tuula, hourly load performs Assoc. GN Gromova. Much to improve the teaching of hematological and general clinical disciplines in the course and the department made the ass. IV Makarieva, worked to 11.2005 town; a substantial contribution to training efforts made MD LM Makarieva, ass. RF Baikov, ZA Garipova and GM Gorukhino. In 2005 the State Department include experienced teachers assistant professor Ph.D. NF Ganeeva, Head. KDL GKB No 13 RV Shishkina, as well as specialist immunologist MD TM Kotsenko.
Senior laboratory department – RM Lugumanova (2003-2005 Gg.), EA Shulga (since 2005)


Now the department has sufficient training space based on otdelencheskoy Hospital Art. Ufa, city clinical hospital No 21 and 22 (emergency hospital), as well as the Republican Children\’s Hospital. Under the arrangement additionally used the premises of the Bashkir Medical College. At the main bases are the audience and training rooms for lectures, seminars and workshops, as well as the offices of PPP. During their training, students attend an additional clinical-diagnostic and specialized laboratory (cytological, bacteriological, immunological, etc.), major health facilities Ufa (RCH, ROD, the city hospital No 6, 13, 18).
At all clinical bases there is adequate equipment and facilities (micropreparations, sets of slides and charts on topics of laboratory glassware and reagents, microscopes, photometers, centrifuges, biochemistry, hematology, immunoassay, and other types of automatic and semiautomatic analyzers, etc.) The Department has six computers and test programs.

Division of Anesthesiology

The main topics of research – clinical laboratory and microbiological diagnosis of diseases and pathological conditions, as well as environmental and toxicological biochemistry and immunology. Published every year dozens of published works (most – together with practical doctors and interns), members of the department make presentations at national, Russian and international scientific conferences. Under the guidance of professors at the department in 2006 defended 10 candidate dissertations in preparation of new works. Professor A. J. Gilmanov, AR Mavzyutov, EA Imelbaeva, RM Khairullina and Assoc. RM Salyahova repeatedly criticized and forward as opponents of the thesis.
Department staff advise applicants and practitioners carrying out their dissertations on issues related to laboratory diagnosis. Several studies (enzyme immunoassay, bacteriological, PCR) is performed on the basis of IC Lab, supervised by prof. AR Mavzyutovym.
Head. Chair Professor. Gilmanov A., Professor Mavzyutov AR Imelbaeva EA and Khairullina RM, associate Salyahova RM, are members of certifying commission MZ of RB on clinical laboratory diagnostics and bacteriology, Gilmanov A.Zh. and Mavzyutov AR – Experts RLAC MH RB. Professor of Department are part of the Russian government professional associations and societies that are members of dissertation councils in scientific institutions of Bashkortostan and adjacent regions.
Teachers are diagnostic and advisory work in clinical diagnostic laboratories of health facilities of the city and the republic. Under their leadership and with direct participation in the practice of clinical laboratories introduced over 20 new laboratory techniques.

The chair is in constant creative development. Plans to continue teaching and research and scientific work, further equipping and reagents, development of new laboratory databases and expansion of subjects carried cycles.

Gilmanov Alexander Zhanovich

A. J. Gilmanov was born in 1961 in Ufa. After graduating from high school in 1978 entered the medical faculty of the Bashkir Medical Institute, who graduated from in 1984, since his student days he was extremely inquisitive to the biochemical aspects of pathology and methods for their study. He was active in student scientific circles, in dealing with patohimii thermal injury, and subsequently was admitted to the graduate school BGMI specialty in biochemistry, which he successfully graduated from the defense of a thesis entitled \”Biochemical changes in erythrocyte membranes during experimental burns in immature animals ( in 1988, Chelyabinsk).
Since 1987, he worked at the Department of Biological Chemistry as an assistant, senior teacher, after the formation of the Department of Bioorganic and clinical chemistry in 1995 – senior lecturer, lecturer. A. J. Gilmanov was behind the opening in BSMU course of clinical laboratory diagnostics IPO (1998), being the head of the course. In September 1999 he was elected head of the Department of Bioorganic and clinical chemistry.
Since 1994, A. J. Gilmanov developed the questions of the toxicological and clinical biochemistry. His research provided new data on the functional state of the axis of the hypothalamus – pituitary – thyroid gland – the target organs under conditions of low and ultra low doses of the herbicide 2,4-DA and formulate the concept of the damaging effects of hlorfenoksigerbitsidov on thyroid system of the body, which is a significant achievement in understanding of the mechanisms of toxic effect fenoksisoedineny and the contribution of developing thyroid pathology in the formation of metabolic pattern of intoxication. The results of the study allowed him to prepare a thesis for the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences on \”The state of the thyroid gland and metabolism tireoidzavisimy exposed hlorfenoksigerbitsidov, which was protected in 2000 in Ufa.
Title Associate Professor A. J. Gilmanova awarded in 1997, professor – in 2001. He holds the chair of the laboratory diagnosis of IPO BSMU since its formation in 2003, A. J. Gilmanov lecturer in clinical biochemistry and other areas of clinical laboratory diagnosis of cadets IPO, as well as clinical chemistry – for students and medical residents. His lectures and classes differ clarity, readability and richness include the latest information on biochemistry, laboratory diagnostics, fundamental and applied aspects of medicine and biology.
A. J. Gilmanov is qualified in the field of biochemistry and laboratory medicine: a higher qualifying category of clinical laboratory diagnosis, consults experts on biochemical, clinical and laboratory aspects. He has published over 200 works, he has repeatedly criticized and oppose their candidate and doctoral dissertations under his leadership reserved three Ph.D. dissertations and preparing some more. A. J. Gilmanov constantly participates in national, regional, national and international scientific forums. Since 2004 – Member of the American Association of Clinical Chemistry, participates in the annual conferences of presenting the message.
He spends most of organizational work, as a board member and chairman of the Bashkir regional branch of the Russian Association of Medical Laboratory Diagnostics (RAMLD), board member of the Russian Scientific Society of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics (NOSKLD), a member of the Editorial Board of journal \”Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics\” and \”Laboratory medicine\” , is a part of dissertation councils in BSMU and Ural Medical Academy. He is chairman of the profile BSMU certification committee and a member of the evaluation commission Ministry of Health of Belarus on clinical laboratory diagnostics and bacteriology.
A. J. Gilmanov responsive, attentive and friendly, is recognized by colleagues and professionals and laboratory services in the country.

Mavzyutov Airat Radikovich

AR Mavzyutov was born in 1962. In 1979 he entered the sanitary-hygienic faculty BGMI; during training was active in student circles in the departments of biochemistry and microbiology. After graduating with honors course in high school in 1985 he entered graduate school BSMU specializing in microbiology, from which he graduated in 1988 with the defense of a thesis on \”adhesive and cytotoxic activity of intestinal and intestinal-type Yersinia\” (1989 )
Since 1988, he worked at the Department of Microbiology BGMI assistant, senior teacher, since 1995 – Associate Professor (rank of assistant professor was awarded in 1997). Actively carrying out scientific research, Airat Radikovich was one of the pioneers of the use of molecular genetic techniques in BSMU. In 2001, in Chelyabinsk, he was protected by a doctoral thesis on \”Molecular and genetic aspects of enterotoxigenic opportunistic representatives of Enterobacteriaceae\” and subsequently awarded the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences.
In September 2002, AR Mavzyutov was transferred to the post of Professor in the Department of Bioorganic and clinical chemistry (at the rate of laboratory diagnosis of IPO), and after the establishment of the department of laboratory diagnostics IPO in January 2003 and is currently a professor of this department. Title Professor he was awarded in 2004.
AR Mavzyutov was one of the organizers BSMU graduate courses for physicians specializing in Bacteriology; curator of these cycles it is present.
Currently, AR Mavzyutov read the full course of lectures on the specialty \”Bacteriology for students of IPO, as well as lectures on related topics for students of other IPO cycles, medical residents and interns, conducts workshops, taking exams. His lectures and classes differ richness and high standards. Together with other teachers they trained and actively used in the certification and the certification of doctors, microbiologists computer tests on all sections of bacteriology.
AR Mavzyutovym published more than 200 publications, published training manuals on several sections of bacteriology and laboratory medicine. He is constantly working to improve pedagogical skills; in 2005 on the basis of certification of educational and methodical work I place among the professors IPO. He has repeatedly criticized and oppose the candidate\’s thesis in microbiology and immunology, and constantly consults experts on relevant issues. Under his leadership, reserved and approved by four Ph.D. dissertations, theses supervises the work of several graduate students and applicants.
AR Mavzyutov has the highest qualification category in bacteriology, a member of the Certification Commission BSMU profile and the evaluation commission of Ministry of Health of Belarus, a member of the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, was elected chairman of the Bashkir Branch of the Society of Biotechnology of Russia, took an active part in organizing and conducting a series of conferences. He was directly involved in BSMU first discovered specialty in microbiology (2006) he active, initiative, is recognized by colleagues, students and practitioners.
Since May 2004, AR Mavzyutov, except work at the department, is the deputy director of IPO BSMU clinical internship and residency.

Imelbaeva Elvira Arkamovna

EA Imelbaeva was born in 1955 in a. Ermekeevo, studied at secondary schools. Ermekeevo and PM Belebey. In 1972 she enrolled at the Faculty of Biology, Bashkir State University, and in 1977 graduated from the course, doing a thesis on the basis of the laboratory of the postnatal ontogeny of the Institute of Physiology named after Pavlov (Leningrad). In 2003 she graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy absentia Bashgosmeduniversiteta.
Since 1980, EA Imelbaeva worked Bashgosmeduniversitete – first at the Department of Pathophysiology, then at the rate of Immunology at the Department of Pharmacology No 1. Most of the work in BSMU over 10 years combined her with a post-doctor research assistant clinical laboratories Ufa city narcological dispensaries No 3, has a certificate and a higher qualifying category medical laboratory. In 1999-2000. She was head of the course of laboratory diagnostics IPO BSMU at the Department of Bioorganic and clinical chemistry, from 2000 to present – Professor of the course and the department of laboratory diagnostics IPO BSMU.
EA Imelbaevoy compiled work programs, tests, prepared the presentations, based on the bacteriological laboratory GKB No 22 Ufa framed thematic audience on immunological laboratory studies. She is responsible for the cycles of thematic advanced immunological and cytological focus for specialists in clinical laboratory diagnostics. In addition, Elvira Arkamovna read some lectures and practical classes and cycles of retraining and improvement of Qld and at interns in the department, training courses and laboratory immunological serology laboratories in the middle of the CPC health workers RB and students of the laboratory department of the Bashkir Medical College.
In 1992, EA Imelbaeva defended her PhD thesis on \”The reactivity of the organism and immunopathological effects in different ways in which derivatives of hexamine in the experiment in the field\” Allergology and Immunology \”and\” Pathophysiology \”, in 1998 – a doctoral thesis on specialty Allergology and Immunology \”on\” Immunotropic effects fenoksigerbitsidov. She continues to deal with urgent problems of modern immunology (immunoekologiya, immunodiagnosis, immunorehabilitation), directs research candidates, graduates, practitioners and students. Under her leadership, are protected by two master\’s theses, it has more than 250 scientific papers, a monograph, 28 teaching and learning development, 6 Innovations.
EA Imelbaeva annually participates in the work of Russian and international scientific congresses, speaking to them with reports. She is a member of the International Scientific Association for immunorehabilitation, Russian Association of Medical Laboratory Diagnostics (RAMLD), and the All-Russian Scientific Society of Immunologists Bashkir (VNOI), Russian Association of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (Raak), Russian Association of Clinical Cytology, member and chairman of the biological section of Immunologists Regional dissertation council on bacteriology, virology, allergy and immunology at the Academy of Sciences of Belarus, a member of the Russian Academy of Military Sciences. It is part of the Certification Commission IPO BSMU clinical laboratory diagnosis, bacteriology, allergy and immunology.
As a trained specialist, EA Imelbaeva provides ongoing advice to doctors involved in the organization of new laboratories and the introduction of new methods of laboratory research. Together with the practical physician, she analyzes the results of laboratory research at the National Perinatal Center of the National Cancer Clinic, Clinical Hospital No 22 Ufa CST No 1 Salavat, urban hospitals and Belebey Sibaya. She has performed and significant social work, leading to the years 1981-98. housing and consumer commission trade union committee BSMU.
EA Imelbaeva awarded a Diploma of the State Committee on Science of Belarus, higher and secondary vocational education. The paper is in good faith, diligence and perseverance different, well respected staff and students.

Khairullina Raisa Mazgutovna

RM Khairullina was born in 1949. After graduating from high school in 1967, she entered the medical faculty Bashgosmedinstituta, in 1973, graduated with honors. She worked in hospitals, in the Research Institute of Hygiene and Occupational Diseases, which addressed issues of immunopathology, and subsequently – in the Republican Children\’s Clinical Hospital. In 1980 she defended her Ph.D. in 1999 – a doctoral thesis in the field \”Allergology and Immunology in Saint-Petersburg Medical Academy. Mechnikov.
RM Khairullina – one of the leading specialists of Bashkortostan in the field of clinical immunology. It has made substantial contributions to the health of our republic, as the organizer of laboratory immunological methods in the Clinical Hospital No 8 Ufa (1992), Department of Clinical Immunology at City Hospital No 2 in October, as well as the Center immunoallergologii with the Office of Clinical Immunology RCCH ( 1996), which is headed now.
Since 1999, as a part-time professor of the course and the department of laboratory diagnostics IPO BSMU, she lectures and leads workshops in cadets IPO for Qld and pediatrics. Lectures and lessons RM Khairullina a high scientific level, attracting the rich clinical material, and invariably cause enormous interest among the audience. It has about 200 publications, including a monograph, 5 guidelines and the patent for the invention \”Method for diagnosis of sensitization to allergens. Under her leadership, reserved 11 candidate theses.
Raisa Mazgutovna is a member of the evaluation commission Ministry of Health and Certification Commission BSMU on allergy and immunology. She has organizational talent, erudition and brilliant oratory and teaching data, enjoys well-deserved prestige among the officers and cadets IPO and practitioners of the republic.

Salyahova Reseda Mazgutovna

RM Salyahova was born in 1956 in Ufa. After graduating from high school in 1973 she enrolled at the Medical Faculty of the Bashkir Medical Institute, where she graduated with honors in 1979, studying in graduate school at the Department of Biochemistry, she dealt with the metabolic disorders in experimental thermal injury in childhood. The result of scientific work was protected in 1984 in Chelyabinsk, Ph.D. thesis on \”Some features of protein metabolism and correction of its disorders in thermal burns in immature animals.\” Since 1982, she worked as an assistant in 1992 – a senior teacher of biology and bioorganic chemistry (was responsible for the work of the students\’ circle, within 2 years performed the duties of the head teacher) in 1996 – a senior lecturer at the Department of Bioorganic and clinical chemistry, Since 2000 – lecturer of the same department, director of the course of laboratory diagnostics IPO, which in 2003 was reorganized into the department of laboratory diagnostics IPO BSMU. Title Associate Professor conferred in 2002
RM Salyahova – highly qualified teachers, performing more methodological work. Her lectures and classes vary the brightness of the presentation and the high professional level, she has developed a number of training programs for the cycles of training of doctors and biologists, clinical laboratories for clinical laboratory diagnostics, published training manuals on sections of Clinical Biochemistry, widely used in the educational process at the department. RM Salyahova is one of the organizers of the internship specializing in clinical laboratory diagnosis: it has prepared a working program guidance, situational problems, and tests on key aspects of discipline, and developed the \”Diary of an intern, etc. Under her leadership, was first organized training and protection of interns term papers on topical issues of laboratory medicine. She gives lectures on selected topics of clinical biochemistry to medical residents BSMU.
She has served as director of studies department, as well as Deputy Director of the Institute of Postgraduate Education BSMU and a member of educational-methodical commission IPO (2003-05.), She has made a significant contribution to the improvement of postgraduate education of doctors. RM Salyahova took an active part in preparing and conducting the licensing and certification BSMU IPO in December 2003, the preparation and drafting of the industrial plans and reports on the IPO BSMU (2003, 2004, 2005.), Was chairman of the examination commission specialty \”general practitioner\” in the cycle of retraining.
RM Salyahova is currently conducting a search research on the peculiarities of the functioning of the endocrine system in patients suffering from drug addiction. She has published over 70 scientific and educational works, of which over 20 – over the past three years. She advises physicians, technicians and other doctors on how to conduct and interpret laboratory tests, is involved in reviewing the master\’s and doctoral theses. Has the highest qualification category in clinical laboratory diagnosis, since 1998, is the secretary of the profile IPO BSMU Certification Commission, a member of the evaluation commission and an expert license of the Ministry of Health of Belarus in clinical laboratory diagnostics and bacteriology. She participated in the scientific and practical symposium \”National Days of Laboratory Medicine of Russia\” (Moscow, 2001-2005.) And other conferences and seminars.
Reseda Mazgutovna Salyahova different punctuality, honesty, tact, intelligence and at the same time the initiative. She works creatively, using new methods and techniques of modern pedagogy, is respected by colleagues, practitioners, students. Over the many years of diligent work have repeatedly encouraged the university administration is grateful Health Ministry.

Ganeeva Naila Fatyhovna

NF Ganeeva was born in 1962. In 1979 she entered the sanitary-hygienic faculty BGMI; during the training worked in the students circle the Department of Epidemiology. After the training course at the university in 1985 was sent to the target postgraduate LSGMI (Leningrad), specializing in epidemiology, \”which she graduated in 1988 with the defense of a thesis on\” The epidemiological characteristics and prevention of septic infections Gram-negative bacteria, in urological hospital.
In 1988-1992. Naila Fatyhovna worked in the territorial health department Soletskogo Area Novgorod Region deputy chief doctor of the health services of the district, and then (after the move to Ufa) – Employee of especially dangerous infections SEC in RB. In 2000-2004. concurrently performing the duties of assistant professor at the Department of Epidemiology and organizations gossanepidsluzhby IPO BSMU.
In the years 2001-2004. received a second degree (economic). From September 2005

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