Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery IPO

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Address: RB, Ufa, ul. Batyrskaya d. 39 / 2 emergency hospital number 22.
Phone office: 255-10-38, fax: 255-10-38.

Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery IPO

The course of Neurology and Neurosurgery IPO BSMU was organized in January 2002 (Order No 11-K with 8.01.2002g.), And in 2003 was reorganized into the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery (Order No 1121 of 20.12.2002), which led MD, Professor LB Novikov.
Novikov Lilia Bareevna – Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Doctor of Russia and Belarus, from 2002 to the present Head of the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery IPO BSMU. Simultaneously, the chief neurologist of Ufa, supervisor of the Regional Vascular Center, organized according to the decision of the Government of Russia and Belarus in 2008. Author of over 250 scientific papers, including 6 monographs, 5 patents, a member of the Presidium of the Board of the Russian Society of Neurologists, Member of the Scientific Council of the Research Center of Neurology and Health Ministry of Russia, a member of the doctoral dissertation council, a member of the editorial board of 3 central issues, including 2-WAC-reviewed, and the American Journal «Stroke».

On faculty: 2 professors, corresponding member of Academy of Sciences of Belarus, an associate professor, 3 assistant. Ostepenennost frame is 100%.

The department conducted training cycles:
• Neurology
• Vegetative pathology and vascular diseases of the nervous system
• Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nervous system
• Issues of Neurology
• New technologies of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of stroke
• Neurovisualization in neurology and neurosurgery
• Neurosurgery
• Functional Diagnosis in Neurology
• Ultrasound diagnosis of vascular diseases of the brain
• Vascular diseases of the nervous system staffed by general practitioners
• Issues of diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nervous system
• Topical issues of child neurology and epileptology

Specialization in Neurology – internship and residency, in neurosurgery – in residenc.

The main scientific directions of the department – neyroinfektsionnyh problems, cardiovascular disease, vertebral neurology, Neurotransplantology, tumors, trauma of the central and peripheral nervous systems, as well as to study the features of the nervous system in children, methods of functional diagnostics in neurology, neuroimaging techniques.
The department protected under the direction of Professor LB Novikova, a doctoral thesis and 10 Ph.D. theses, prepared a doctoral dissertation, trained approximately 1000 physicians, including those from other regions of Russia, is a systematic training graduate students, medical residents, interns.

Defended their dissertations:
1. Saifullina Idrisovna Elvira, \”Cerebral stroke: neyrovizualzatsiya in the diagnosis and evaluation of the effectiveness of various treatments, St. Petersburg, 2008, (MD).
1. Gufranova Rizida Gayazovna, \”Prediction of flow and improving pathogenetically oriented therapy of patients with multiple sclerosis\”, 10/08/2007 PM, Ufa, (MD).
2. Safina Alfia Gabdulnasyrovna \”Clinical and neurophysiological characteristics of the course of severe traumatic brain injury patients in a coma\”, Ufa, (MD).
3. Anahit Hakobyan Pogosovna \”Clinical and instrumental and psychological characteristics of patients with neurological manifestations of craniovertebral anomalies\”, Moscow, 2007, (MD).
4. Kolchin, Emma M. \”Optimization of treatment of patients with ischemic stroke in a specialized department\”, Ufa, 2007, (MD).
5. Sharafutdinova Lena Rimovna \”Lipid peroxidation and vascular-platelet hemostasis in different periods of rehabilitation in patients with ischemic stroke\”, Ufa, 2007, (MD).

The clinical base of the department is the hospital ambulance, where are neurological (65 beds), neurovascular (60 beds), neurosurgical (60 beds), neyroreanimatsionnoe offices and branch Radiology. In addition, using the base of the Republican Diagnostic Center Hospital, National Children\’s neuropsychiatric Center (120 beds), Institute of Biochemistry and Genetics, Academy of Sciences of Belarus, which are trained in neurology, including pediatric neurology, neurosurgery, neurophysiology (EEG, EP, ENMG, UZDG) neyroluchevoy diagnosis and medical genetics. The department has well equipped classrooms, training using a computer, television and video projection equipment, an extensive video library of educational films, necessary training tools and literature, which allows for training at the advanced level. A great educational and methodical, scientific and medical advisory work. Employees of the department in conjunction with doctors MPI has introduced new methods of diagnosis and treatment of vascular, neyroinfektsionnyh, demyelinating diseases, tumors, trauma, and vertebral neurology, introduced high-tech imaging techniques (diffusion-perfusion CT, MRI and MR angiography), thrombolysis, invasive neurosurgical treatment.
Novikov Lilia Bareevna neurologist is the main city of Ufa, supervisor of the Regional Vascular Center, organized according to the decision of the Government of Russia and Belarus in 2008
Employees of the department organized a consultative receiving patients Ufa-based clinic No 51.
On the basis of faculty working in the field of certification committee \”neurology\”, \”neurosurgery\” and \”medical genetics\”, chairman of the committee is Professor LB Novikov. Department staff are members of the subcommittee for certification MH RB, expert medical commission and the FOMC.

• Tyulyakova S.Sh. Novikov LB. The method of treatment of arterial hypertension in patients with cerebrovascular diseases. No 023727 from 17.07.2003 year.
• Avertsev GN Novikov LB. No 2125400 of January 27, 1999 How to predict neurological complications in patients with hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome.
• A patent for the invention No 2302201, 2007 EI Saifullina, LB Novikov, Temirova LV, RI Mukhtarov, RG Davletov, GR Iksanova, VG Arzamastsev. \”The method of evaluating cerebral blood flow with calculation of the coefficient of plasticity of cerebral blood flow in computer-tomographic perfusion in patients with ischemic stroke in acute and acute\”
• Method of treatment and secondary prevention of ischemic stroke from 2006 \\ Novikova LB, Iksanova GR, Saifullina EI, Kolchin, EM
• Gufranova RG, Novikova LB, Speranski VV \”Method of treatment remitiruyuschego multiple sclerosis\”, patent number 2278687 of 27.06.06
• Gufranova RG, Novikova LB, Speranski VV \”Method for predicting the course of multiple sclerosis\”, patent number 2272292 of 20.03.06

The department has extensive research links with related departments of the leading medical universities of Russia and the CIS, Research Centre of Neurology, Academy of Sciences of Belarus.
Department staff are actively participating in all-Russian congresses, conferences, symposia, international and European congresses.
Staff of the department is full of strength for further optimization of postgraduate education of physicians and creative exploration of new technologies in education and health protection.

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