Public Health and Health Organization IPO

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Public Health and Health Organization IPO

The location of the department: Ufa, ul. Lenina, 3, com. 316. Phone 272-22-19.
E-mail –

The department was founded in January 2008., Minutes of the meeting of the Academic Council BSMU No 11 from 25.12.2007g.
Conduct refresher training of doctors, public health organizers launched at the Bashkir State Medical Institute. XV-th anniversary of the Komsomol in 1972 at the Department of Social Hygiene and Public Health Organization. These courses are conducted before the organization of the Institute of Advanced Medical Faculty with the active assistance of the head of the department assistant professor, MS Safin.
In 1976 at the Department of Social Hygiene and Public Health Organization officially opened the course to improve the skills of the management bodies and health institutions in Bashkortostan. The first head of the course is Associate Professor MS Safin. From this period, the Department establishes close contact with practical public health has become a focal point for the organization of joint activities with the departments of the Institute authorities and health agencies. Considerable attention was paid to the preparation of reserve management for health facilities through elective courses in the educational process, and in 1980 began training through clinical internship and graduate school. Educational base of the department have therapeutic and prophylactic institutions of the republic, thus improving the efficiency of post-graduate specialist training.
Since 1987, under the guidance of Head of the Department of Social Hygiene and Public Health Organization Assistant Professor LV Golubeva were trained organizers of Health of new methods of management, modern forms of work organization, planning, resources and health financing. Since 1996 the department began working Certification Commission for certification of public health organizers.
In 1997, the head of the Department of Public Health and Health Organization BSMU is Professor IM Kharisova. During this period, officially organized by an independent organization of health policy and public health at the Institute of Postgraduate Education BSMU. Course in 2000 by Professor NH Sharafutdinova. The Department has continued the tradition of basic training, the department aims to work closely with practical public health, established contacts with the departments of Health Organization, Medical University of Kazan, Orenburg medical academy, medical academy, Chelyabinsk and other medical schools.
At various times in the course of postgraduate education included such prominent organizers of Health, as MS Safin, LV Golubev, VZ Gumarov, M. Kh Kamalov, A. J. Turyanov, T. Salyahov, SV Shagarova, IM Kharisova.
Since August 2007 IPO manager heading the department of public health and public health organization BSMU became Professor FB Shamigulov. The main focus of the course was placed on the economic foundations of health, especially financing today. Increased demand for training of health management, allocation of health care and training in one of the priority national projects in the country was a major factor in establishing an independent department for public health organizers.
In January 2008, was organized by the Department of Public Health and Public Health Organization at the Institute of Postgraduate Education BSMU, headed by her professor FB Shamigulov.
Currently, training is conducted under the program of postgraduate training: retraining, general and thematic improvement, internship, clinical internships, graduate school specializing in organization of health care and public health; primary specialty (internship) graduates of higher nursing education, Office of nursing activities ” and overall improvement “Management of nursing activities” for professionals, graduates of Faculty of DCG. Also hosted a cycle of thematic improvement “Statistical Information and Computer Science in health care management, thematic improvement on” Expertise (control) the quality of care. ” The organization of seminars for professionals with non-medical education, working in the health care system (economists, accountants, lawyers, human resources department).
The department has 3 Professor – Doctor of Medical Sciences, 2 associate professors, 2 assistant, senior laboratory technician. Among the members of the department – Head of Legal Department, Bashkir State Medical University, experienced teachers, economists from the Institute of Economics USATU. 87,5% of the faculty have advanced degrees and academic titles. By training activities actively involve experts of the federal, republican and municipal agencies and government health care, the Republican Fund CBOs, health insurance organizations.
Classes are conducted using modern information technologies. During the cycle the students do coursework and a thesis on issues of relevance to public health topics are taught modern methods of processing and analyzing the material using modern information technology. The library of the University has sufficient textbooks and reference books on public health and health care, economy and health management, etc.
From 1976 to the present time specialization and advanced training have been about 2000 head doctors and their assistants at various levels. Employees of the department in conjunction with the Department of applicants from among the organizers of Health carry out scientific research on the health status of the Republic of Bashkortostan on the basis of comprehensive analysis of its key indicators and risk factors for the development of health activities, actively participate in regional, Russian and international scientific conferences, devoted to public health and health care. Actively engage with agencies and health agencies. Department staff members profiled Qualification Commission Certification Commission in the field of “Organization of health care and public health” and “Management of nursing activities, certification materials criticize the organizers of Health, participated in the preparation of memos, briefing papers for the Ministry of Health, go to the areas and towns of the republic with to provide advice on organizational matters.

Head. Department Shamigulov Fanil Bulatovic, MD, Professor.
Shamigulov FB BGMI graduated in 1992 with a degree in Medicine. In 1992-1994 he studied in the clinical internship, in 1994-1997 – postgraduate study at the Department of Surgery. In 1997 he defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of medical sciences. In 1997-2000 he worked as an assistant, associate professor of surgery. In 2000 he defended his thesis for the degree of Doctor of Medicine.
In the period 2000-2003. was head of Department of Surgery emergency hospital Ufa. From 2000 to 2003 was the official consultant on surgery RCH No 2, Ufa, a curator of surgical care north-western districts of the republic of Bashkortostan. Repeatedly led the commission of the Ministry of Health of Belarus for quality control of medical care to the population.
In the period 2003-2006. worked as the Minister of Health of Belarus.
From 2003 to 2006 was chairman of the Board of the National Fund of MLA, chairman of the National Commission on the harmonization of tariffs for medical services in the system of local self-government, the chief editor of the journal “Health of Bashkortostan. Since 2006, he was Deputy Editor of The Medical Journal of Bashkortostan. During this period, and under his leadership in the republic of Bashkortostan were designed health-economic standards of the three levels, for the first 15 years were re MESy based analysis of access to health care for individual nosology. Have been introduced hospitalization surgical technology, which have shown high efficiency of introduction of these methods.
Since August 2007, became head of the course of public health and public health organization BSMU IPO. In 2008, in connection with the organization of the new Department of Public Health and Health Organization IPO BSMU he became its first head.
Has certificates and higher qualifying category in the field of “Surgery” and “Organization of health care and public health.”
Total work experience in 1924, the medical record – 17 years. Experience of teaching – 11 years.
Shamigulov FB actively engaged in scientific work. During the work published over 73 scientific and educational works, including the last three years – 26 works. He is the author of two inventions, 4 Innovations.
Repeatedly participate in international, national and national conferences, symposia and congresses.
Under his leadership reserved two master’s theses (2004, 2005.) Currently run two dissertations.

By staffing the faculty rates – 4; individuals – 7. Ostepenennost PPP is 87,5%

Number issued in 2008 guidelines, manuals – 6. Articles – 4.
From 1 September 2008 is planned to open an internship at BCG specialization “Management of nursing activities, clinical internship, internship in the specialty” organization of health care and public health. ”

Official website of the Department

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