Department of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery IPO

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Department of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery IPO

Department of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery is a division of the Institute of Postgraduate Education, Bashkir State Medical University. The department was organized in 1977 as an advanced course doctors – pediatricians at the department of children\’s diseases Medical Faculty BGMI. Since 1980, the course emerged as an independent department of pediatrics HFCs, which in 1992 after joining the department of pediatric surgery reorganized into the Department of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery. Since 1992, the department manages Honorary Doctor of the Republic of Bashkortostan, a member of the New York Academy of Scientists, MD, Professor Fanis Gilmanovich Sadykov.

Educational Activities Chair.
The Department is engaged in postgraduate training of doctors – pediatricians, pediatric surgeons, anesthesiologists – Resuscitators, neonatologists and other pediatric specialists. Training and retraining of doctors conducted according to standard curricula and programs, relevant achievements in medical science and practical public health requirements. Further training of pediatricians conducted in accordance with the applications of health authorities of the Republic of Bashkortostan in the cycle: \”Pediatrics\”, \”Emergency Pediatrics, Physiology and pathology of newborn infants\”, \”Emergency conditions in neonatology\”, \”Questions of Pediatric Surgery, Intensive Therapy urgent status in children \”,\” Emergency surgery in children \”,\” Pathology and Therapy of adolescent children \”and others. Annually field training on topical issues of Pediatrics. Over the years, the department trained 4,117 doctors.

In accordance with the curriculum at the department are trained interns and medical residents in the following areas:
Internship in the field of \”Pediatrics and Children\’s Surgery\” for graduates of pediatric faculty of medical schools in the amount of 1728 hours (1 year)
Residency in the field of \”Pediatrics and Children\’s Surgery\” for doctors in the amount of 3456 hours (2 years).
The department is equipped with a set of training and methodological materials, appropriate content, level of training and qualifications of specialists. The educational process required number of training manuals, guidelines and other educational materials and literature. The training uses training videos, clinical rounds, business games, seminars on the analysis of the quality of medical services, seminars, conferences, constantly improving technology of postgraduate training. Classes are conducted using simulators, phantoms, TY, and computers – learning materials. Software and information support the educational process provides the orientation training and the pedagogical process in practice specialist.

The scientific activity of faculty.
High is the scientific potential of the department. The priority research activities of the department are fundamental studies on the problems of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery in conjunction with the Bashkir branch of the Medical Sciences. Particular attention is devoted to the age characteristics of the child\’s body in health and disease. For many years, the department shall prepare graduate students and applicants. In recent years, the department defended 29 candidate and doctoral dissertations. Together with the practical physicians published 596 scientific papers, including 39 monographs, handbooks, manuals and guidelines.

Joint activities with health authorities.
The department is based at the Emergency Hospital, equipped with modern medical equipment, laboratory-diagnostic department, who successfully used in the learning process. Employees of the department is extensive treatment – advisory work in the emergency hospital and other health facilities in cities and regions. Every year thousands of patients consult more children, being an expert work, providing technical assistance in the preparation of certification papers and reviewing them. Professors and associate professors are working in the certification and certification commissions Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery. Department staff are actively involved in the republic, Russian and international conferences.

The department planned to improve the approaches to the organization and methodical support skills of doctors pediatric services in accordance with the needs of healthcare, increased training for doctors on the absentee-present form of education, the introduction of distance learning and telemedicine, the use of scientific and practical potential of universities in Russia.

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