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Address: Ufa, Duvansky Boulevard, 24 / 1, children\’s polyclinic No 2,
tel. / fax: 8 (347) 255-72-03, e-mail:

Growing requirements for advanced training of pediatricians led in 1977 with the Department of Pediatrics Medical Faculty of the Bashkir Medical Institute named after the 15 th anniversary of Komsomol (Head of Department, Professor Gataullina LD) to organize an advanced course of paediatricians. This brought experienced teachers, clinicians: Nasyrova SI, Andarzhanov F.K, Smirnova LK Nikolaeva, LD, Faizullin RN
Under the guidance of Professor Lira Dayanovny Gataullin have developed training programs in physiology and pathology of young children, cardiology, manuals compiled problematic lectures, practical exercises, accompanied by a parsing of case patients, the training reached 200 pediatricians.

Since 1980, the course was transformed into the Department of Pediatrics HFCs (Faculty of Advanced Medical Training). In the post he was elected head of the department lecturer Rauf Nasibovich Faizullin. The basis for the department became children\’s polyclinic No 4, and children\’s department second road hospitals. States Department replenished with new assistants: Enikeeva ZM, Krovyakovskoy IJ, Akhmetshina FH, Shiryaeva GP, Nikolaeva, LD Department staff have developed new topical cycles, introduced modern forms of education and knowledge assessment (tests, rating, writing term papers). Sections of Rural Health have been studied with the departure of CRH SMS.
From 1987 to 1992 the department was headed by Professor Farit Kazyhanovich Andarzhanov, you\’ll see elk, a new generation: Assistant MD Shaimardanova RB, Mamleeva KH As a training base was used again opened the children\’s polyclinic No 7 / 300 of visits per day, with a day hospital for 30 beds, swimming pool, well-equipped with all functional departments (Chief Physician Borovskaya VN).

For the department had been allocated classrooms, a lecture hall. This has taken away-ing number of physicians enrolled in the department, to develop new cycles, it is necessary for practical public health: \”Selected Issues of Pediatrics\”, \”Medico-pedagogical problems of education of young children and preschool children\”, \”class of the emergency pediatrics for general practitioners, family doctors \”,\” Cycle for teachers of medical schools on children\’s diseases.
The curricula have been expanded issues raising a healthy child, a comprehensive assessment of physical development, evaluation and correction of the NDP with their deviations, the definition of school leaving, differentiated services for children the first year of life from a group of \”risk\”. Introduced the \”business game\”, the analysis of qualitative indicators. They began a thematic evening sessions on sharing experiences, meeting with organizers of Child Health, has accumulated experience of intermittent and exit loops. Thus, in the Karakalpakstan Autonomous Republic was held two retreats cycle (1989, 1991)..
In 1992, the Department of Pediatrics HFCs has been merged with the Department of Pediatric Surgery HFCs and received the status of \”Departments of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery HFCs. Appointed to the chair Professor Fanis Gilmanovich Sadykov. The Department added to the three professors, surgeons (Sadykov FG, Yuldashev MT, Klimanova VV). Merging two departments led to the expansion of clinical training facilities of the Department: City Hospital No 22 MSPs childhood profile offices with a total number of beds – 305. Last markedly opti-mize the integrated teaching of pediatrics and pediatric surgery, improve the training of paediatricians in different sections of the intensive and emergency care.
However, in different years, a well-deserved rest away from the pulpit by experienced teachers who have left a deep mark on the positive souls of students and colleagues: MD Krovyakovskaya IJ (1995), Akhmetshina FH (1993), Mamleeva KH (1998), Nikolaev, LD (1998), in practical public health professor moved RN Faizullin (1991). Last and was accompanied by a new completion: after the clinical internship and post-graduate began teaching activities Latypova LF, from the Departments of Pediatrics, Faculty BSMU in the community joined Professor Akhmetov, RA (1997) and Ph.D. Druzhinina, NA (1998 г.). (1998).
In 1997, the Department of Advanced Medical (HFCs) received the status of the Institute of Postgraduate Education (IPO), and in 1999 from the Department of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery, Department of Pediatrics separated IPO IPO BSMU. Appointed to the chair professor Airat Gaynetdinovich Mutale – President of the Bashkir Branch of the Republican Union of pediatricians of Russia.

Staff of the teachers increased by new docents Arduvanovoy GM, Salimova LY and Shagarova SV
Changed by the Department of Clinical training base: instead of Hospitals Emergency medical aid tion, the main base is the Children\’s Republican Hospital, maternity ward number 8, which is \”child-friendly hospital\”. Office Chair is located in the children\’s polyclinic No 2 day clinics. The clinic provided with a separate compartment for the department, a lecture hall, office head of department, classrooms and head teacher associate professor, laborantskaya room. Study rooms are decorated thematically. The training process uses the most modern teaching aids. The department is actively involved in developing and implementing a training process for new forms, methods and tools for learning, new information technologies. By teaching involve specialists of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of social protection, professors from different fields of pediatrics and related specialties.
The department is conducting a series of general and thematic improvement in pediatrics, physiology and pathology of children and adolescents, primary specialization in pediatrics. The department conducts training interns, pediatricians and medical residents are actively involved in improving doctors\’ skills – neonatologists, gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, etc. Much attention has recently been given further training of district pediatricians in the framework of the priority national project \”Health\”.
Basic scientific and practical activities of the department – current health issues of children and adolescents, assessment of quality of life of sick children with a variety of somatic diseases, adolescent pediatrics, the rehabilitation of patients with bronchial asthma, with the pathology of the gastrointestinal tract, the urgent questions que pathology. Over the past 5 years are protected by two doctoral dissertations (Reader Shagarova in year 2004, the, professor Druzhinina, NA in 2005).
The chair of the Republican Clinic Hospital on a regular basis according to the plan of the Union of pediatricians conducted scientific and practical conference with participation of leading experts BSMU, scientists leading educational and scientific institutions of the country. Professor Mutale AG is the author of more than 500 scientific works, including 6 monographs, under his leadership made two doctorates and 16 master\’s theses.

Big changes at the department and transfer it to the rank of an independent pediatric department noticeably stepped up academic and research activities. Currently, the department is trained 6 clinical intern, 8 part-time graduate students.
The high qualifications of the staff of the department, its head of maturity, professionalism and initiative – pledge continuous improvement of educational methods and research processes at the department.

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