Department of Medicine polyclinic IPO

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Department address: Ufa, Pr. October 1944 / 1.
Department of Medicine outpatient IPO BSMU organized in 2001. Employment Department under the supervision of head of department, MD, professor, honorary Doctor RF Turyanova AH staff of the department were Professor. Pavlova GA, prof. Basharova GR, prof. Volevach LV, Assoc. Davidovich M., Assoc. Salikhova GR, Assoc. Ahmadullina GH

Department of Medicine polyclinic IPO

Currently Head of the Department is Volevach Larisa, MD, professor, successful health RB, doctor of the highest category.
The department has 4 professors and 1 associate professor: MD, professor, Honored Doctor of Russia, doctor of the highest category Turyanov Alfret Khabibovich, MD, professor, doctor of the highest category Basharova Guzel Radisovna; d.m.n ., Professor Doctor RB Davidovich, Michael G., MD, associate Ahmadullina Gulnur Haydaryanovna;

The department has two training bases (clinic No 33 and No 1 Ufa). Postgraduate training is conducted in various specialties: general practitioner, internal medicine, gastroenterology. In the past five years, a group outpatient department of medicine IPO, various thematic cycles for internists, gastroenterologists, dieticians, neurologists, family doctors and other professionals working on different parts of the urban and rural health care and clinical expertise of doctors working in various specialties – internal medicine, pediatricians, surgeons, obstetricians and gynecologists, dentists. Additional training takes place at 144, 216, 288, 576, 864 hour program, trained on them from 2001 to 2005. general practitioners more than 1000 people and general practitioners more than 100 people. The department has experience in organizing and conducting field training. Improvements have been covered by primary care physicians in g.Salavate, g.Sibae, g.Baymake, g.Ishimbae etc.
The department has modern educational technology for the development of theoretical material and practical skills of primary care physicians, family physicians, medical residents and interns. On the basis of polyclinic No 1 the office of family physician, hospital day care and medical treatment and surgical profile, where the practical training of cadets. The department has a library of purchased and used in teaching program of the national project \”Health\”, which includes: 45 sources were released over the past 5 years of surveys, clinics, diagnosis, treatment, social, medical and military expertise, prevention of internal diseases.
Employees of the department to consult patients of outpatient clinics, expert evaluation of medical records and review certification of cases of doctors, as well as visits to areas of the Republic of Bashkortostan to provide advice and practical guidance to physicians RB.
The main scientific direction of the department – issues of disability and rehabilitation expertise in diseases of internal organs and questions of geriatrics.
During the five years of work at the Department of reserved 2 doctoral thesis under the guidance of prof. Turyanova AK and 3 Ph.D. dissertations. Published 8 books (Turyanov AK, Basharova GR, Volevach LV, MG Davidovich), issued 16 methodical manuals and guidelines for physicians.
In the framework of the priority national project in the Department of Health of Belarus is developing new research directions, which in perspective will be introduced in the educational process.

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