DEPARTMENT Ambulance and Disaster Medicine Course-thermal injury IPO

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Department address: 450075, Ufa, ul. Blucher, 3, ME GKB No 18, tel .- fax (347) 235-75-76, ch. building, 1 floor.

DEPARTMENT Ambulance and Disaster Medicine Course-thermal injury IPO

The department was established in February 1989. The first teachers of the department were Professor Hunafin SN, professor Galiullin FG, Associate Professor Vlasov, AF, professor Legos, AA, Didenko assistant RG The training of cadets participated deputy. Minister of Health Sochilov BA, Ch. Physician of the Emergency Medicine Center Zainullin RT During the period of association with the Department of Pathology and Toxicology Department at the Department worked Professor Murzakaev FG, Professor Bulatov FD, Professor Teregulov ZS, assistant Akimov LA Section of emergency conditions in the therapy taught: Associate Professor, Ph.D. Abdullina GA, resuscitation professor, Ph.D. Lavrentiev YA, assistant Lavrent\’eva EV
From 1989 to 1998, the Department placed on City Clinical Hospital No 6 of Ufa and in 1998, is based on multidisciplinary clinical hospital No 18, and Republican Burn Center. The department first in Russia to create a course of thermal injury. In addition, the clinical base station of the department are medical emergencies Ufa (Ch. doctor Ziganshin MM), the Republican Center of Disaster Medicine (Ch. doctor Yusupov RR), the Republican Station of Blood Transfusion (Ch. doctor Sultanbaev Y . S.) where the conditions for the implementation of the curriculum.

Cadet Training Program includes the organization of emergency care in medicine, surgery, trauma, burns, poisoning, an intensive care unit for man-made disasters, as well as sections on clinical transfusion.
The department has thematic classrooms for emergency treatment, surgery, intensive care, Combustiology, disaster medicine, Transfusion and Pediatrics, computer lab, a lecture hall. Educational-methodical work is carried out at the Department of City Clinical Hospital No 18, (Chief Physician Dmitriev DM), the station ambulance Ufa (Chief Physician Ziganshin MM), National Center of Disaster Medicine (Chief Physician Yusupov R.), Republican Blood Transfusion Station (head physician Sultanbaev U.S.).
Employees of the department established 8 working programs.
Employees of the department prepared, published and used in the learning process 7 monographs and handbooks. Developed and published 11 textbooks, 29 guidelines and 18 newsletters, 13 lectures to students.
Since the opening of the department training 3678 physicians were RB and other regions, mainly specialists ambulance anesthetists – resuscitators, toxicologists, Combustiology, transfusiologists, the organization of emergency care in emergency situations.

Form of postgraduate training of doctors

Transfusion (certification)

Diagnosis and intensive therapy in emergency conditions

Acute care

Selected topics in emergency pre-hospital phase

Selected topics of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care (Certificate)

Selected problems of clinical transfusion

For 2003, 2008. the department trained 1,480 professionals from them on SMP – she was studying for -877, Anesthesiology – Resuscitation -178, -425 Hemotransfusion people.

Scientific – research

During the period from 2003 to 2007. total 321 publications, publications in peer-reviewed journals WAC -21, patents, -19, -15 defended theses, monographs – 3. The main scientific directions of the department are: emergency abdominal surgery, peritoneal adhesive disease, thermal injury, the organization of emergency and specialized assistance to victims of accidents, emergencies, intensive therapy of sepsis.

Two members of the department are members of the dissertation. Board D.208.006.02. Prof. Hunafin SN is a member of the Problem Commission \”thermal injury\” Medical, a member of the Board OOOO \”Russian Society of Emergency Care\”. In 2004 prof. Hunafin SN won the prize \”Golden Scalpel Award for Best surgery year, which established the Association of Surgeons of RB.

Employees of the department during the period spent 2 scientific conferences and participated in 17 international, 32 and 46 All-Russia regional and republic conferences and symposia, including those in Turkey (2005), Greece (2005), Egypt (2007).

The results of the research activities are being implemented in the educational process of the Department in the form of teaching aids and practical activities of medicine as manuals and newsletters.

Protected during the period of doctoral theses – 2, Ph.D. – 10.

Currently, the department runs – 5 PhD theses.

Department staff involved in carrying out research on contracts:

a) Grant of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus: \”Optimization of emergency aid for victims with prehospital phase of acute brain injury.

b) In conjunction with the Institute of Organic Chemistry, USC RAS since 2007, holds a grant on the topic: \”Development and clinical trial polypositional films based on chitosan in the treatment of burn wounds.\”

a) Department staff involved in grant implementation, Academy of Sciences of Belarus \”Risk factors and prevention of stroke, traumatic – brain injury, parasitic diseases.

Over the past 5 years full-time and evening graduate school were 5 people who have completed their studies thesis.

During the period from 2003 to 2008 studied for 14 interns and 12 interns BSMU MH RB. All of a job.

During the period from 2001 to 2008. 6 clinical residencies completed and 3 people continue their education. All jobs.

Professor Hunafin Sauban Nurlygayanovich born 07/07/1937, in with. Novo Karyavdy Chekmagushevskogo district Bashkir ASSR.

In 1960 he graduated from the Bashkir State Medical Institute. In the years 1960-1962. worked as a surgeon Sharansky CRH, and in 1962-1967,. surgeon and the chief physician Iglinsky CRH. Since 1967, graduate student, and then assistant professor, professor of Clinical Surgery BGMI. Privacy Ph.D. (1970) and Ph.D. (1986) dissertation on adhesive peritoneal disease.
Doctor of Medicine (1986), Professor (1988). Surgeon of the highest qualification category. Head of the Department of Emergency and Disaster Medicine in 1989. present. Academician of the Academy of Natural Sciences (2005), Honored Doctor of Belarus, Russia. Since 1989, Mr. Dean, 1997 HFCs, from 1997 on 01.04.2006. Director of IPO. In 2001, 2003, served as rector for medical work. Board Member of the All-Russia, the president of the Bashkir Branch of the Association for regional ambulance. Member of the problem commission MZ RF thermal injury, the Editorial Board of journals \”Ambulance\” (St. Petersburg), \”Postgraduate Medical Education and Science\” (Chelyabinsk), \”Health Bashkortostan (Ufa). He was awarded badges \”Excellent Health\”, \”Honored inventor of the USSR. Major Publications: 560 publications, 3 monographs, 22 patents for inventions and utility model, 56 rationalization proposals. He has supervised 16 Ph.D. theses carried out in 1912. In 1998. edited by prof. Hunafina SN published guide to emergency medical care, which reissued in 2006.

Pyotr Mironov was born 07/30/1959, the professor, MD, the chair works with 2001.

BGMI graduated in 1982 from 1982 to 2001 he worked in RCCH anesthetist – resuscitator. From 1989-1992 graduate AN RB, since 2001. PhD dissertation defended in 1992, doctorate – in 1998, is dedicated to sepsis in children.
Anesthesiology and intensive care – the highest category, has 270 publications, including 51 in journals and 5 patents for invention, co-author of a handbook on emergency medical care.

Associate Professor Anatoly Vlasov Filipovic was born 03.05.1945g. in the area Miyakinskom BASSR MD

BGMI graduated in 1967 from 1967-1969gg studied in clinical internship at the department of hospital surgery. From 1969 through 1972 by surgeon GKB No 8 Ufa, from 1972 to 1976 – GKB No 6 Ufa. Since 1976. by 1989, assistant Department of Hospital Surgery, from 1989 to present Associate Professor of Emergency and Disaster Medicine Course-thermal injury IPO BSMU.
In 1985. defended his thesis on errors, hazards and complications in surgery. Surgeon of the highest qualification category. Has: 114 publications, 1 patent for an invention, 6 innovations. The author of the monograph \”Postoperative iatrogenic foreign body\” was published in 2000., Co-author of a handbook on emergency medical care.

Associate Mussina Flarisa Sabiryanovna born 11.01.1956g. MD, graduated from BGMI in 1987.

In 1987-1990 she worked at the Ufa Research Institute of HT and PB – junior researcher. From 1991 to January 2004 – Lecturer, Chair of Hospital Therapy No 2 with a course of military-field therapy. Defended his thesis on the topic: \”The formation of vascular hypotonic syndrome in prolonged contact with nitroester.
Since 2004, Associate Professor and director of studies at the department. Has 35 published works. She co-authored a handbook on first aid, 15 teaching aids.

Assistant Putzman Alexander was born 25.06.1958g.

He graduated BGMI in 1984. from 1984 to 1996, an anesthesiologist – resuscitation hospital No 21; from 1996 to 2005 headed the department of gravitational blood surgery GKB No 18 of Ufa. Since 2005 assistant lecturer emergency and disaster medicine. PhD dissertation is devoted to the topic: \”Application of membrane methods of extracorporeal hemocorrection in the treatment of multiple organ failure in surgical infection.
The doctor of the highest qualification category. He has 20 publications, 1 patent, co-author of a handbook on emergency medical care.

Associate Galiullin Fanil Lutfullovich born 27.12.1934g. MD

He graduated from the medical faculty BGMI in 1957. In 1957 -1961, the head of Staro – Turaevo rural medical districts Ermekeevskogo district. In 1961-1963gg studied residency in clinical endocrinology in a Leningrad Medical Institute. 1963-1968gg. Endocrinologist, 1968-1971gg a graduate of the Leningrad Medical Institute.
From 1971 to 1978 Assistant Professor, since 1978 Associate Professor of therapy BGMI, from 1989 to 1992, Associate Professor of AC and MC. In 1971 he defended his Ph.D. thesis on treatment of diabetes.

Assistant Didenko Rosa Gaynislamovna born 10.01.1944g. in the area Dyurtyuli BASSR,

She worked as an assistant with the Department of 2/2/1989 to 1993. In 1982 she defended her thesis on the topic: \”The value of some components of the blood system in assessing the effectiveness of pharmacotherapy of hypertension. She has published 73 works, of which 3 – international, 4 – in the central press.
For a long time was the main freelance Gerontology MH RB. Research Topics urgent cardiology, emergency treatment.

Associate Lavrentiev Yuri born 11.02.1939g. in with. Alkino Chishminskaya area BASSR MD, assistant professor of 01.1999 till 30.08.2003 year.

He has 104 scientific works, co-author of a handbook on first aid, 6 manuals. Basic research areas anesthesiology – critical care medicine, neurology, Hemotransfusion.

Associate Abdullina Galina was born 13.02.1954g. MD

Graduated from the Medical Faculty BGMI in 1977. Hons. In 1997 she defended her thesis on \”The Features of endoscopic diagnosis and treatment of gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer, coupled with reflux – esophagitis. The doctor of the highest qualification category. Since 1998, she worked as an assistant and since 2000 Associate Professor.
She co-authored the book \”Endoscopic diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the esophagus and cardia\” (2000). He has 63 scientific publications and 7 Innovations.

Associate Legos Alexandr was born 09.06.1932g. in the Kiev area in the village Tarashcha. BGMI graduated in 1959, worked as assistant professor of emergency and disaster medicine since the founding of the department until 2001.

PhD thesis: \”Functional state of kidneys in patients with mitral heart disease in relation to anesthesia and surgery. -76 Scientific publications, co-author of a handbook on emergency medical care.
For a long time was the chief anesthesiologist visiting – intensivists MH RB.

In addition, educational activities involved deputy. Chief Physician station ambulance professor Timerbulatov FD, Deputy. chief physician of the National Center of Disaster Medicine MD Chanyshev M., MD Maksyutova LF, Head. Department RSPK Baturin, GA, Senior Registrar Burn Center Zinatullin RM

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