Department of Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery IPO

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Department address:
ME Hospital No 21, Forest passage, 3, 8 th floor, tel. 232-98-91, 232-33-66
Department of Maxillo – facial surgery.

Department of Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery IPO

Department of Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery IPO BSMU organized by the decision of the Academic Council BSMU noyabrya1996 of 28 years. Order No 45 dated December 4, 1996. Department was headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Mingazov Gaidar Gilyazovich, previously organized and headed the department since 1982, oral surgery.
At the department had originally been invited MD, assistant dental surgeon Khafizov Azat Amirovich then – Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic – Dentist Davletshin Anif Musanifovich, as assistant – Aydagulova Guzel Radikovna, which subsequently received her PhD (supervisor Mingazov GG), specializing in therapeutic stomatology. In 1997, the department as a surgeon, a dentist, was adopted by the MD, PhD, Shestakov Yuriy, and in 1998 – Associate Professor dentist childhood Avramenko Valentina Ivanovna.
Department of the profiles. Mingazova GG, docents Avramenko VI, Shestakov, JN, Aydagulovoy GR and part-prof. Khasanov RA (0,5 rate) with a degree in dental surgery \”and\” maxillo – facial surgery, assistants: MD Faizullin DB (0,5 rate) with a degree in therapeutic stomatology \”, Zharkov Y. (0,5 rate) with a degree in Prosthetic Dentistry \”
The department has a training base: Department of Maxillofacial Surgery, in the hospital No 21, where classes on maxillofacial surgery and oral surgery; SP number SP number 2 and 5 – are teaching in the specialty dentistry and prevention of dental diseases; PO number 9 – are taught in orthopedic dentistry courses for dental, child and prevention of dental diseases among children and adolescents conducted at the CPD No 7. Database faculty are also NII Vitadent \”and\” Angelica \”.
At these training bases by teaching and methodological, organizational, methodological, therapeutic and advisory work and research.

The department under the guidance of prof. Mingazova GG for 10 years, 3 doctoral and 8 PhD theses. Preparing to defend two of the applicant, student, academic work is carried out a post-graduate student.
The main scientific direction of the department – Rehabilitation of dental patients.
Head of the department is the creator of biologics and biotransplant have received recognition in Russia and CIS. Products manufactured in the scientific and industrial laboratory on the basis of the ME Hospital No 21, open orders from the Minister of Health of Russia and Bashkortostan, and then transformed into the Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Belarus of Directors has appointed Professor Mingazov GG
Training is conducted in accordance with state educational standards (Moscow, 2001) and model programs (Moscow, 2004) the system of postgraduate education, which reflect the modern educational technologies.
The department has modern teaching aids – computers, printers, overhead projectors, a scanner, copier, TV, DVD – player, a video of modern dental technology.
The Department entered into a permanent agreement with the Office of Health in Ferghana Oblast of Uzbekistan, where staff carry out research, treatment and counseling, training and other activities under the Charter of the contracting parties.
Employees of the department, except for pedagogical, medical and scientific activities, exercise and social activity: a freelance experts Licensing and Accreditation Commission MOH RB (senior Shestakov YN), members of evaluation committees MH RB (senior Avramenko VI), members of the Association of Dental and maxillofacial surgeons (all members of the department).
At the department there are 2 distinguished physician of Belarus, Honoured Doctor of the RF and 2 excellent worker of Health of Belarus, 5 staff have higher qualifications.
Professor Khasanov RA – President of the Dental Association of RB. For the first time in the region of the Volga and the Urals in 2001, established a professional newspaper Dentistry of Bashkortostan \”and is chairman of its editorial board.

According to the order of 11 March 2008 No 112N. Reg. No 11384 of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of RF \”On the nomenclature of specialties specialists with higher and postgraduate medical and pharmaceutical education in the health sector of the Russian Federation\”, the department trains specialists:
¾ Maxillo – facial surgery (040126.08) from among the graduates of general medicine, pediatrics (with certificates of basic specialties: pediatric surgery and surgery) via a two-year clinical internship;
¾ Specialties requiring additional training:
§ 040401.01 Orthodontics: PP – 576 hours;
§ Dentistry Children 040401.02: PP – 576 hours;
§ Dentistry Orthopaedic 040401.04: PP – 576 hours;
§ Dentistry therapeutic 040401.03: PP – 576 hours;
§ Dental surgery 040401.05: PP – 576 hours – in the presence of the certificate of primary specialty (dental 040,401 since March 2008 – general dentist)

Those who qualify for the professional activities in the field, retain the right to professional work and further training in line with the existing specialty is conducted:
§ Maxillo – facial surgery 040126.08: TU – 144 hours;
§ Orthodontics 040401.01: TU – 144 hours;
§ Dentistry Children 040401.02: TU – 144 hours;
§ Dentistry Orthopaedic 040401.04: TU – 144 hours;
§ Dentistry therapeutic 040401.03: TU – 144 hours;
§ Dental surgery 040401.05: TU – 144 hours;
§ Dentistry 040401: TU – 144 hours;
§ general dentist 040401: TU – 144 hours (May 2013).

Department staff:
Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor
Mingazov Gaidar Gilyazovich
Mingazov Gaidar Gilyazovich works in the medical university in 1980. From 1982 to 1997 – head of the department of dentistry, from 1997 – present – Head of the Department of Stomatology and Maxillo – facial surgery IPO.
From 1980 to 1999 – chief specialist of Maxillofacial Surgery RB, and since 1999 – the supervisor of the Republican-maxillo-facial center.
Through his active personal initiative in 1981, only 45 hospital beds in the Republic Hospital of Maxillofacial Surgery, where hospitalized children and adults with pathology of the person has not only expanded but also reorganized: the children were 30 beds in the Republican Children\’s Hospital, adult- 60 in hospital No 21.
In 1987 he was awarded the badge \”Izobretatelm CCCR. As the best inventor and innovator, he was presented to the National Museum of Belarus in 1976, he – the first president of the Association of Dental RB. For the active therapeutic activity in 1987, the Supreme Council of the Republic awarded him the title \”Honorary Doctor of BASSR.
In addition to organizing activities, he actively engaged in devising new and more effective methods of purulent – inflammatory diseases, and particularly finding ways for their prevention, as well as issues of regeneration of bone tissue. For the first time in the world for these purposes it is used as an obstetric tissue transplant, from which we obtained a series of drugs KNOW-HOW – \”Bioplant. This was the basis minesterstvam health of Russia and Bashkortostan to oterytiya laboratory, headed by inventions and patents – Mingazov G. The preparation \”Bioplant has found the widest application, especially in Russia and CIS. MPI the declared need for it, expansion of indications for its use in virtually all surgical disciplines have become an occasion to convert the laboratory into a state unitary enterprise, Academy of Sciences of Belarus – State Research and Production Institute biotransplants and biological preparations AN RB. August 7, 1995 The Government of Belarus issued Decree No 853-p to open the named and the appointment of its director.
During 26.5 years of work in the medical university, he published 285 (7 international) scientific papers, the author of 15 inventions, 2 patents, 40 rationalization proposals, 2 of them – the industry values. By 17 candidates of medical sciences and 4 doctors. Researches scientists will improve outcomes in patients. Currently continuing scientific and practical training for 6 more specialists.
For success in treatment and research activities, training of qualified personnel for practical health, development of new technologies in maxillofacial surgery and the introduction of effective methods of treatment, he was encouraged by the rector of the university, is thanks to the Minister of Health of the RSFSR, was repeatedly awarded diplomas Goskomnauki RB, MOH RB BSMU.
In 1998 he was awarded the title \”Honorary Doctor of the Russian Federation\”.

assistant professor
Shestakov Yuriy
Shestakov, N. In 1976 he graduated from the Dental Faculty, Volgograd State Medical Institute. From 1976 to 1980 worked as a Maxillo – Facial Surgery RCH them. GG Kuvatova BASSR. In 1980 he enrolled in graduate school full-time task of the Moscow Medical Dental Institute in the department of dentistry in children.
In 1984 he defended his thesis on the topic: \”The restorative and reconstructive surgery on the TMJ in children.\” From 1984goda works as an assistant, and since 1985 – Associate Professor of Operative Dentistry BSMU. In 1987 he was elected to contest lecturer at the Department of Stomatology and Maxillo – facial surgery IPO BSMU, where he works for now.
His research work related to purulent – inflammatory XKJ / author of 85 scientific and methodical works, Honored Doctor RB. doctor of the highest category.

MD, assistant professor of
Avramenko, Valentina Ivanovna
She graduated from the Dental School of Stavropol GMI in 1971. As the distribution was sent to Bashkortostan, where she worked in the office of the surgeon-dentist Republican dental center from 1971 to 1979.
With the opening of the dental faculty in 1979 as an experienced specialist elected to the post of assistant pediatric dentistry. Absentia completed her graduate studies, successfully defended his thesis in 1987.
Developed and implemented on the territory of Bashkortostan and Tatarstan individualized scheme of prevention and treatment of caries and its complicated forms, non-carious lesions of teeth hard tissues to the extent that the activity of the caries process and the state of nonspecific resistance.
Held conferences, seminars, dentists, pediatricians and nurses in health facilities dedicated to the introduction of skills among the population aimed at prevention of dental diseases among the adult and child population. She took active part in the preparation of national programs for the prevention of dental diseases.
In 1992 and 1998 she worked at the Department of Operative Dentistry.
As a teacher of dental faculty actively involved in social activities: Member of the Bureau of dental faculty union, a member of the methodological council, secretary of the Problem Committee, member and secretary of the Academic Council of the dental faculty.
In connection with the opening of the Department of Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery Institute of Postgraduate Education, she as the most experienced doctor and a teacher-specialist of the Republic, was invited in 1998 to this department as a resource cycle of dentistry in children with prevention of dental diseases and the outcast.
In 2000, it has been prepared and published typographic way to a teaching aid for dentists, dedicated to the prevention of dental diseases, and selected questions of pediatric dentistry. This manual is a reference book for practicing physicians.
Avramenko VI has a higher qualifying category, conducts medical-diagnostic and advisory work on the basis of CPD No 7, introducing modern methods of prevention and treatment of dental diseases among children and adolescents. Develop problems \”Conceptual approaches reforming dental assistance to children of a large industrial city.\”
Completed and published 80 scientific and educational works.
Member profile of certifying commission MZ of RB on dentistry, op-todontii, freelance expert license-accreditation commission MZ RB, a member of methodical council on clinical residency and internship Institute of Postgraduate Education BSMU.
Excellent Health RB.

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