Department of Traditional Medicine IPO

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Department of Traditional Medicine IPO

Address: RCH them. GG Kuvatova Str. Dostoevsky, 132, 9 fl. therapeutic Corps, Department of Rheumatology Telephone: 228 79 95.

Department of Traditional Medicine was organized in 1994 on the base rate reflex Faculty of Advanced Medical, which was opened in 1991.

Head of Department Professor Lepilin Larisa.
The department is based on RCH them. GG Kuvatova. Department staff conduct treatment methods of traditional medicine in the offices of therapeutic, neurological department. The department operates six
Teachers: Head. Department Lepilin LA MD, professor, practitioner of the highest category, reflex highest category;

Professor Tirnova TP MD, a physician reflexologist highest category; assistant Minyaeva OV MD, a physician reflexologist 1 category; assistant Tukhvatullin RR MD, reflexologist, Shestopalova assistant GM, a doctor reflexologist, Akhunov AA Neurologist higher category, Honoured Doctor RB.
Currently, the department offers programs of six cycles, including a general improvement of reflexology, the cycles of thematic advanced training for doctors in various specialties: auriculodiagnostics and auriculotherapy, lazerorefleksoterapiya, hardware diagnosis and therapy, the overall improvement of homeopathy, herbal medicine and naturopathy (natural and treated drug-free methods).
The priority areas of research the department is to study the clinical efficacy and mechanisms of action of classical acupuncture, laser puncture, electropuncture and homeopathic remedies.
Department staff are authors of published books: \”Laser therapy in rheumatology\”, \”Osteoporosis in rheumatoid arthritis\”, \”Integrated-redundancy in zhen-chiu therapy.
Over the last 5 years published 140 scientific papers, received 5 patents for inventions.
During the work the Department reserved a doctorate and 12 master\’s theses (supervisor prof. Lepilin LA)
In the Republic of an association of physicians on traditional medicine. In BSMU works Certification Commission for MH RB – Certification Commission, specialty reflexology.

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