Department of Surgery with the course of endoscopy IPO

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Department of Surgery with the course of endoscopy IPO

The department was founded in 1985, first as an advanced course of surgeons at the Department of Surgical Diseases No 2 at GKB No 21 of Ufa. The head of the course was elected professor VM Timerbulatov. Employees of the course were: prof. Nikov NP, prof. Bikbaeva AI, MD Lopatin VM, MD Rafikov MS, Ph.D. Giniyatullin SH.H., PhD Pashayev IV, MD Vlasov A., PhD, AN Vasiliev
In 1988 he founded the Department of Surgery with the course of endoscopy Faculty of Advanced Medical BSMU. In 1993, the clinical base of the department is newly constructed emergency hospital Ufa. Currently the department is headed by Academy of Natural Sciences, Honored Worker of Science, corresponding member of Academy of Sciences of Belarus, corresponding member of RAMS, MD, Professor V. Timerbulatov.

Timerbulatov Ville Mamilovich
director of the clinic, rector BSMU, MD (1989), Professor (1991), corresponding member of RAMS, graduated BGMI (1975). Honored Scientist of Russia, Honored Doctor of Belarus, academician RB (2009), Academy of Natural Sciences, awarded the Inventor of the USSR in 2004 was awarded the Prize RAMS AN Bakulev. He is Chairman of the Scientific Council of doctoral and master\’s theses, President of the Association of Surgeons of Bashkortostan, a deputy of the National Assembly of the Republic of Bashkortostan, a member of the Problem Committee of Medical Sciences, coloproctology, a member of the editorial board of a number of central medical journals, was awarded the Order of Salavat Yulayev. Author of more than 800 scientific papers, 42 monographs, 70 inventions, has prepared 18 doctors and 60 candidates of science.

Fayazov Radik Radifovich
Professor, Department of Surgery with the course of endoscopy IPO BSMU, MD (2000)
He is the author of more than 300 scientific publications, 5 monographs, 10 inventions.

Kunafin Marat Saubanovich
Director of the IPO BSMU, MD (2000), Professor of Surgery with the course of endoscopy IPO BSMU.
Co-author of 4 monographs and has 16 patents for inventions, about 30 rationalization proposals, published in the press about 140 scientific papers.
From 1995 to 2006 was Secretary of the Association of Surgeons of RB.
He is Chairman of the Central Certification Commission BSMU, Chairman of the Certification Commission for surgery, endoscopy, proctology, thoracic and cardio – vascular surgery.
She is an expert Research Council of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus, an expert of the National Insurance Fund and Insurance Fund of Ufa.
Scientific work, medical work: Emergency surgery of the abdominal cavity, minimally invasive surgery and puncture treatment, laser surgery.

Urazbahtin Ildar Midkhatovich
Professor, Department of Surgery with the course of endoscopy IPO BSMU, MD (2006)
The author of 263 scientific papers, including co-author of 4 monographs, 6 patents of Russia.

Ciba Wazir Mazgutovich
MD (2006), assistant professor of surgery with the course of endoscopy IPO BSMU.
Co-author of 2 monographs, 4 patents for invention, 150 publications.
Secretary of the Association of Surgeons of RB.

Kalanov Rome Garipovich
Professor, MD (1998), Academy of Natural Sciences.
Author of more than 250 scientific publications including books and patents of Russia.

Mehtiyev Namik Muradovich
associate professor, MD (1999)
He is the author of a monograph. 4 inventions, two patents. 23 rats.pred., 119 scientific papers.

Mehdi Jamal Isayevich
Professor, MD (1996), head of surgical department of emergency hospital.
Author: 53 – rational proposals, 7 – Inventions, 5 – monographs, 278 – scientific papers.

Sagitov Ravil Borisovich.
Assistant Professor, Ph.D. (2004).
Head of the Endoscopy Unit emergency hospital.
He is the author of 4 patents of Russia, more than 60 publications in print, 2 monographs.

Timerbulatov Shamil Vilevich
assistant lecturer, Ph.D. (2007).

Assistant Chair, Ph.D. (2000), deputy chief doctor of the emergency hospital surgery.
Author of 35 scientific articles, 8 of rationalization proposals, 1 guidelines.
Achieving faculty in teaching, research and medical activity in 1992 – 2006 he was.
– Training activities: the Department staff engaged in postgraduate training of surgeons, endoscopists Belarus and Russian regions to 8 thematic work programs of improvement.
During the last period of the workers developed courses on \”emergency surgery of abdominal organs,\” \”minimally invasive surgery\”, \”Endosurgery.\” Each year, the department trained 120 – 150 cadets surgeons and endoscopists. Organizing primary specialization in endoscopy.
– Research: During the current period, the department defended 18 doctoral dissertations – prof. Kalanov RG (1994), prof. Mehdiyev D.I (1996), prof. Gainutdinov FM (1998), prof. Garipov RM (1998), prof. Khasanov AG (1999), prof. Mustafin TI (1999), prof. Popov OS (1999), prof. Mehtiyev NM (1999), prof. Verzakova IV (1999), prof. Latypov RZ (1999), prof. Kunafin MS (2000), prof. Fayazov RR (2000), prof. Shamigulov FB (2000), prof. Karabanov GN (2000), Victor V. (2001); Astakhov IN (2001); Urazbahtin IM (2005); Ciba VM (2006), and 75 Ph.D. theses.
During the current period, published: 28 monographs, 12 textbooks, 106 guidelines, 38 newsletters, more than 2700 published articles and abstracts were received 273 rationalization proposals; 102 inventor\’s certificates; 41 certificate for utility model.
The priority research activities of the department are: emergency surgery, mini-invasive surgery, endoscopic surgery, coloproctology, purulent surgery, vascular surgery and hand surgery. Employees of the department carries out fundamental research on adhesive disease of peritoneum and its complications on the grant of Sciences, Academy of Sciences of Belarus.
The department operates 2 academicians of Natural Sciences: Professor Timerbulatov VM (1998), Professor Kalanov RG (2000).
Therapeutic activity: For the current period, the department staff in conjunction with practical physicians developed over 100 new and improved methods of diagnosis and treatment of patients for a variety of surgical diseases. For the first time in our clinic in 1994 conducted minimally invasive surgery on the biliary tract in 1999 – minimally invasive hemicolectomy, in 1999 – minimally invasive resection of gastric ulcer. Since 1992, successfully performed laparoscopic surgery for acute cholecystitis (1992), gynecological diseases (1992), acute adhesive intestinal obstruction (1994), diverticular disease of the colon (1995), suturing of perforated ulcers of 12 duodenal ulcer (1999), trauma of the abdominal cavity (2000). Also for the first time in laparoscopic cholecystectomy RB for the child (1992), for the first time underwent the transplantation of embryonic hepatocytes in liver diseases (2000).
The department operates five distinguished physicians RB, all members of the department have the highest qualification category surgeon, certified professionals.
< Prospects of development:
In the next 3 years planned execution of 5 doctoral and 25 master\’s theses.
Promising directions of scientific and medical department activity is the development of minimally invasive surgery, transplant surgery, vascular surgery of the hand and neurosurgical diseases, Coloproctology, purulent and emergency surgery, the use of cellular technology in clinical practice, basic research through research grants and Sciences, Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

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