Department of Eye and Plastic Surgery IPO

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Department of Eye and Plastic Surgery was founded in 1998 based on the Federal \”All-Russian Center of Eye and Plastic Surgery\” to widespread adoption of transplant technology \”Alloplant\” – the main scientific directions of the Centre.
The chair from the inception of heads-known scientist, an ophthalmologist, founder of a new scientific field of surgery, Professor Ernst Muldashev Rifgatovich, the department taught 5 professors, doctors: 1 Associate Professor, PhD: 2 assistants., PhD, 3 distinguished physician RF 4 Honoured Doctor RB.
Over time, the department defended 4 doctoral and two master\’s theses. Ostepenennost department 100%.
Each year, the department is trained on average 80-100 medical students from different regions of Russia. Employees of the department under the leadership of the head. Chair, Professor ER Muldasheva held retreats in the regions of Russia and countries near and far abroad, such as Estonia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Libya, Italy, Egypt, the United States. As a result, a new transplant technology \”Alloplant\” introduced in the present time in more than 370 clinics in Russia and a number of clinics abroad.
The Chair a wonderful training facilities, modern logistics, including multimedia projectors, video systems in the training room, computers. Operating unit is equipped with video monitors with 5 operating microscopes. Classes with students of physicians conducted in specialized clinics and laboratories: immunological, morphological, in the diagnostic department, department of neurophysiology and psycho-correction of eye, in the operating suite.
During the period of the department staff of the Department to develop sufficient training and methodological material in the form of work programs, policy recommendations and development, multimedia equipped lecture material, video films with the technique of operations; tests, questionnaires, situational challenges.
The department has successfully collaborated with various departments of the Bashkir State Medical University, in order aggregation, together with the Department of Human Anatomy (Head – Prof. V. S. Vagapov), Department of General Surgery (Head – Prof. MA Nartaylakov), Department of Pediatric Surgery ( Head. – Professor A. Gumerov), Department of Surgery of diseases and new technologies (Head – Professor O. Galimov) holds 36 dissertations for the period from 1994 to 2006.
Department staff are active participants in international, Russian and regional conferences, congresses and symposia.

Muldashev Ernst Rifgatovich,

MD, Professor, Director General of Federal State Institution \”Russian Eye and Plastic Surgery of the Federal Agency for Health Care and Social Development, Head of Eye and Plastic Surgery Institute of Postgraduate Education, Bashkir State Medical University

Muldashev ER graduated from Medical Faculty of the Bashkir Medical Institute in 1972. In 1975 he defended his thesis, which were formulated new approaches to reconstructive surgery of the eye, experimentally proved and applied in the clinic of the original allograft.
In 1990 at the initiative of ER Muldasheva based Russian Eye and Plastic Surgery – the only one in Russia specialized in the field of scientific and medical-industrial and educational-methodical complex
Since January 1997, E. Muldashev chair for Eye and Plastic Surgery Institute of Postgraduate Education, Bashkir Medical University, which operates on the basis of Russian Eye and Plastic Surgery.
Under the guidance developed 82 kinds of new transplantation ¬ Tats for plastic and ophthalmic surgery, organized their ce ¬ Riina production. With the use of these biological materials they have developed and implemented more than 90 kinds of new operations, allowing rehabilitate previously inoperable patients. These materials are used to treat not only the ophthalmic patients, and patients with neurological diseases, lesions of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the stomach, liver and other organs. The lectures and operations, he visited more than 40 countries worldwide. Each year, Professor E. Muldashev performs from 600 to 800 complex operations.
Thanks to his initiative and great personal contribution, many kinds of operations are widely applied in public health practice. In order to disseminate new treatments Mul ¬ Dashev ER traveled at the invitation of ophthalmologists in many cities of Russia, including St. Petersburg, Moscow, Perm, Kurgan, Nizhnekamsk, Naberezhnye Chel ¬ HN, Salavat, Sterlitamak and others.
Developed by Professor E. Muldasheva biomaterials awarded gold medals and diplomas of a number of international exhibitions: \”Expo-85\”, \”Invest-86\”, \”Health-90\”, national exhibitions of the USSR in the USA, Finland, India, China. New technologies and transplants are now being successfully implemented abroad.
Professor Muldashev ER does a great teaching / learning ¬ ical and organizational work. Under his leadership over the years conducted training of domestic and foreign spe ¬ Alista on developed methods of operations.
In addition, ER Muldashev held a series of seminars in countries such as USA, Japan, Venezuela, Brazil, Egypt, Mexico and others, where they were read lectures and demonstrations were carried out the operation. He has more than 30 diplomas and certificates of ophthalmologic clinics and companies around the world.
He is the author of more than 60 inventions and foreign patents, about 400 scientific publications.
ER Muldashev in the research process works not only with scientists from different disciplines (physics, molecular biologists and others), but also appeals to the basics of traditional religions.
ER Muldashev is also a prominent social and political activist. He was elected people\’s deputy of the RSFSR, was an activist of the Soviet Peace Fund. On his initiative, the fund adopted the program \”Care and Vision\”, which was successfully implemented.
Muldashev ER has a high rank of \”Honorary Doctor of Russia\”, was awarded the medal \”For outstanding services to the domestic health care, the surgeon of the highest category, Honorary Consultant University of Louisville (USA), a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, a certified ophthalmologist Mexico.

Galimova Venus Uzbekovna,
MD, Professor, zav.uchebnoy part of the Department of ocular
and Plastic Surgery IPO Bashgosmeduniversiteta, I Deputy Director General of Federal State Institution \”Russian Eye and Plastic Surgery Medical\”

Galimova VU graduated from Medical Faculty of the Bashkir State Medical Institute in 1973. Worked ophthalmologists, junior and senior researcher of the Ufa Research Institute of Eye Diseases, from this moment under the leadership of the then young, and now a famous scientist, Professor Muldasheva ER started a study on the processes of tissue allotransplantation, further results of these long-term studies have allowed to formulate the concept of regenerative surgery with the use of transplant technology \”Alloplant for diseases of eye and its appendages. Have been developed framework of plastic and reconstructive ophthalmic surgery at the effects of trauma and burns, oftalmoonkologii. The department operates with a view to large-scale introduction into clinical practice of promising new direction – the use of transplant technology \”Alloplant\” in ophthalmic surgery and plastic surgery. Being a head teacher, Professor VU Galimova contributed greatly to the creation of the department, in providing its material-technical, educational and methodological base. Professor Galimova VU at the invitation of a number of clinics held in conjunction with the department staff field training in various regions of Russia and the CIS and foreign countries, such as Estonia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Italy, Libya and others, where she lectured, demonstrated exemplary operation.
The scientific work of Professor VU Galimova associated with the development of methods of surgical treatment of patients with hereditary diseases of the vascular net and shells, eye and optic nerve, the effects of trauma and burns the eyes and its appendages. In 1983, she defended his Ph.D. thesis: \”Alloplasty conjunctival fibrous capsule of the kidney\”, in 2000 a doctoral thesis: \”Surgical treatment of pigmentary degeneration of the retina. She is the author of 125 scientific publications and 17 patents for inventions, 2 monographs. Under her leadership, defended 10 theses, including 2 doctorates. Leading surgeon and consultant clinics. Honorary Doctor of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Bashkortostan, Bashkortostan Komsomol Award in science.
In addition, VI Galimova is a public figure, she was a member of the Presidium of the Association of ophthalmologists Russia and board member of Plastic Surgeons RB, judge of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education of Russia in the section.

Kornilaeva Guzel Galeevna,
Professor zav.uchebnoy part of the Department of Eye and Plastic Surgery IPO Bashgosmeduniversiteta, doctor of the highest category, Honoured Doctor RB.

Kornilaeva Guzel Galeevna graduated Bashkir State Medical Institute in 1976. After one-year internship in ophthalmology from 1978 to 1980. specializing in clinical internship at the Department of Eye Diseases BGMI.
From 1980 to 1987. Worked as an intern offices glaucoma and cataracts UfNII eye diseases. Since 1987 he has continued his career in ophthalmic Russian Eye and Plastic Surgery, combining with the management training courses for ophthalmologists from different regions of Russia and abroad.
Over the years, engaged in scientific studies on the treatment of glaucoma and its complications and has been actively involved in introducing new technologies in ophthalmology clinics Alloplant Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia, the CIS countries.
The result of these developments was a Ph.D. on the topic: \”The operation two-chamber drainage with primary glaucoma\” (Samara, 1998).
Further scientific research conducted by one of the fundamental problems of Ophthalmology – surgical treatment of secondary glaucoma and its complications Alloplant biomaterials. The outcome of the scientific work was the protection of the 2004 doctoral dissertation on the topic: \”Reconstructive Surgery of secondary glaucoma and its complications biomaterials Alloplant\” (Moscow). On the topic published 2 monographs and more than 100 scientific works, the novelty of the study results confirmed the patents of Russia.
Currently, GG Kornilaeva is a leading consultant and ophthalmic highest category mentor young professionals FGU Russian Eye and Plastic Surgery Medical \”, runs training courses and a professor of the Department of Eye and Plastic Surgery Institute of Postgraduate Education, Bashkir State Medical University.
In 2005, the title of Honored Physician of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Sagit Askhatovich Muslimov
Professor of Eye and Plastic Surgery IPO Bashgosmeduniversiteta
Head, Department of Morphology FGU Russian Eye and Plastic Surgery Medical \”

Sagit Askhatovich Muslimov finished Bashkir State Medical Institute in 1977, and then – post-graduate studies at the Department of Human Anatomy. In 1984 he defended his thesis on the topic: \”Microcirculatory bed of the conjunctiva of the eyeball in the normal and experimental alloplastics\”. In 1985, with the participation of SA Muslimova the laboratory tissue preservation at the hospital No 10 of Ufa, where he led the work. In 1991, at its basis the research laboratory Russian Eye and Plastic Surgery. The results of long-term experimental and morphological studies carried out under the supervision of SA Muslimova helped to develop the concept of controlled tissue regeneration, the foundation of a new direction of regenerative surgery. In 2000 he published a monograph \”Morphological aspects of regenerative surgery, and then defended his doctoral dissertation\” Morphological basis for the use of allogeneic biomaterials in regenerative surgery. \” SA Muslimova published over 100 scientific papers.
In recent years, under the leadership of SA Muslimova made more than a dozen Ph.D. theses on the morphology, ophthalmology and surgery.
* The SA Muslimov administered by the morphology of Russian Eye and Plastic Surgery and a professor of the Department of Eye and Plastic Surgery Institute of Postgraduate Education, Bashkir State Medical University.

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