Department of Urology

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With the organization in 1934, Bashkir State Medical Institute at the Department of Surgery (Head of VP Pundik) students reported some information on urologic diseases were shown cystoscope and other urological tools, but Urology, once the subject was not taught. During World War II in military hospitals for wounded on the basis of I-th Soviet Hospital (now RSC them. GG Kuvatova) worked in the evacuation of known professor of urology, among them Professor MI Epishteyn. Were prepared urologist. Among the first urologists RB MF Sakaeva. She first led polyclinic urological patients.

The founder of the Urology Service, the specialty of urology in Bashkortostan was our teacher Leonid Krayzelburd. In February 1947, at the Department of Surgery BMI, led by Professor A I.G. Kadyrov was discovered first in the RB urology department, headed by Professor LP Krayzelburd. Inexhaustible energy, benevolence attention especially to the young doctors, the desire to bring their scientific work brought him many disciples. The first to his disciples, assistants companions were MF Sakaeva, RZ Valiahmetov, II Kutuev. Teaching assistant professor of urology began LP Krayzelburdom immediately in 1947 with the organization department, in 1948 lectures on Urology, conducted workshops with students on urology. In 1949, after defending his doctoral dissertation AP: Krayzelburd organized and led a course on the Urology Department of Surgery. Introduced examinations at the rate of Urology, together with examinations in surgery. Practical sessions with students were conducted jointly with II Kutuevym. In November 1955, Leonid organized Society of Urologists of Bashkortostan, which was the real source of manpower urologists. Chairman of the Society urologists as an affiliate of Russian Society of Urologists was before 1965 LP Krayzelburd.
Secretary of the society was DL Kalashnikov. Society of Urologists quickly expanded to offer new urologist. If at the first meeting was attended by seven urologists, and by 1965 the Society consisted of more than 40 physicians. Professor LP Krayzelburd launched productive scientific work that meets current needs and the needs of healthcare. The scientific research was bravely denied by deep-rooted opinions on contraindications kumysolecheniya with genitourinary tuberculosis. In 1958 it was discovered kumysolechebnoe ftiziourologicheskoe office-based all-union resort \”Shafranov\” disciple Leonid ftiziourologom JG Shuvalov. Kumysolechenie in treatment with antibacterial agents has shown its high efficiency. In 1962, it was discovered kumysolechebnoe ftiziourologicheskoe office in sanatorium Glukhivs\’ka \”, as a student of Leonid Petrovich, NG Khismatullin. The curators kumysolechebnyh resorts for many years (1965-1992 years.) Were assistants Department of Urology BMI AI Gafarov, GV Korzhavin headed by the head. Department of Urology Associate Professor RZ Valiahmetovym.
Most of the organizational-methodological and advisory work was conducted by Research Institute of Tuberculosis MZ RSFSR Professor TP Mogapova, AE Davlatyan. The sanatorium \”Glukhivs\’ka\” was open surgical department. Perform complex operations: kavernoptomii, nephrectomy, reconstructive plastic surgery on urinary tract sigmotsistoplastiki.
The scientific works of prof. Krayzelburda LP and his disciples (MF Ca-Kaev, I. Kutuev, MI Kaplun, F. Z. Shakirov, GV Korzhavin) was proved by the high therapeutic efficacy of natural factors resort Yangan Tau, water source Kurgazak. The resort Yangan Tau open offices for treatment of nonspecific inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary (chronic cystitis, chronic pyelonephritis, chronic prostatitis).
In 1957, Leonid transmits charge 40 hospital beds of Urology RCH Sakaevoy MF. Professor LP Krayzelburd spent much organizational work. In the city of Ufa opens first urology department at the hospital No 18 (Head of Dep. Kulagin GM), are allocated a fixed 10 urological beds in the hospital No 1 (M. E. Zlotnik), in the hospital No 9 (IV Ayukhanov, SP Hettserova), called the Republican ftiziourologicheskoe branch-based Hospital of disabled war veterans (Head MH Kidrachev), urology department in the railway hospital No 1 (Head of MI Kaplun). Unfold urological departments in the cities of Bashkortostan. The first opened urology department for 40 beds in Sterlitamak (Head of MI Zevin), in Salavat (Head Olginskiy). Provided for a fixed-bed urology in Ishimbai (R. H. Bashir), in Kumertau (KA Makeev), in Belebey (GV Korzhavin, VS Laskin), in Tuymazy (VF Lubyshev), in Birsk (WA Zakirov, ID KHAUSTOV), in Belorezk (NN Sinyakin, VV Fedorov), in Ciba (In . Mizin TM), in Neftekamsk (F. Z. Shakirov).
On the initiative and direct participation of prof. LP Krayzelburda in 1962 called dialysis – separation of \”artificial kidney» No 14 RCH. Management office is vested in the IF Sakaevu. January 15, 1964 was carried out successfully the first hemodialysis in domestic plate apparatus. The department worked talented hardworking creative doctors – DL Kalashnikov, PM Urazayev, FF Gabbasova, IM Zagidullin.
The office made a huge contribution to the study of natural focal diseases of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome. The results of scientific research shall be given in the form of scientific articles, PhD theses. PM Urazayev, IM Zagidullin, EI Germashev, OE Molodtsova, AD Kravets. State highly appreciated the work of staff offices hemodialysis. MF Sakaeva was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor. Dialysis department – one of the most powerful and sufficiently equipped offices in Russia. It hosts all kinds of afferent therapy. At the base of the dialysis department was opened kidney transplants.
Under the guidance of Professor LP Krayzelburda done and is protected by three master\’s theses. (IB Nasuri, RZ Valiahmetov, MV Ayukhanov), he has written and published two monographs: 1. Clinical and radiological diagnosis of urological diseases. Ufa. 1962. S. 248. 2. Tuberculosis of the genitourinary system. Ufa, 1964. S. 208.
Monographs and today are relevant. Leonid published over 90 scientific papers. He was given the honorary title of Honoured Doctor of Belarus, Honoured Scientist RB.

After the death of LP Krayzelburda as the head of urology Heading elected RZ Valiahmetov. From 1965 to 1972 he headed the course, and since 1972 the department of urology. In the course and the department are elected by the contest assistants II Kutuev (1965), GV Korzhavin (1970), IA Tikhonov (1972), FZ Shakirov (1973), AI Gafarov (1974). Radif Zievich Valiahmetov from 1953 to 1965 he worked as an assistant Department of Surgery, headed by Professor I-ai. Kadyrov. Here at the Department Radif Zievich formed and held a magnificent brilliant surgeon. During his management course and the Department of Urology is urogenital surgery intensely fruitful fully developed and reached the heights of the leading urology clinics of the Soviet Union. Successfully developed the problem of surgery in urology: repeated operations on the kidney and urinary tract in urolithiasis, surgical treatment of strictures of obliteration of the urethra, urogenital tuberculosis. In the urological clinic was developed and implemented an effective method of surgical treatment of obstetric fistula from the combined approach, resulting in more than 100 women freed from disease. Introduces new reconstructive plastic surgery at nephroptosis, hydronephrosis, urogenital anomalies, hypospadias. As the chief urologist of the Health Ministry. Radif Zievich took an active part in the expansion of urological service RB. It is open May-district offices in Birsk (Head ID KHAUSTOV), Beloretsk (VV Fedorov), in Belebey (B. Laskin), in Sterlitamak (Head M. Mk . Zevin), in Neftekamsk (DF Yasoveev). Open large urology department in Ufa in the Republican onkourologicheskoe Oncology Center (headed by NK Nurtdinov, N. Hrizman), Republican ftiziourologicheskoe (Head VF Lubashev), urology department in the hospital No 8 (Head of F . Z. Shakirov) in emergency hospital No 22 (Head RG Sahipov), in hospital No 21 (Head KA Chistyakov). Opening a children\’s department uronefrologicheskoe the doctors (headed by H. H. Akhmetshin).
In 41 districts of Belarus, where there are no specialists urologists, urologic care lies with the surgeons CRH prepared by combining and urology. There is a growing school of Bashkir urologists. Members of the Society of Urologists were more than 100 people. Employees of the department of urology, urologist RB involved with presentations at the All-Union, All-Russian conferences, congresses, Urologists, plenary meetings of the DOC.
The greatest merit of Radif Zievicha was the discovery in May 1991, the department lithotripsy for 20 beds. He created his own branch of DLT and head. It was a device \”Litostar plus\” Siemens \”(Germany). In 1995, the department of DLT was opened endoscopic operating with the installation of the apparatus for contact lithotripsy – lithoclasts \”EMC\” (Switzerland). Radif Zievich, as a leading expert on DLT contributed to the acquisition and establishment of units DLT in Ufa in the emergency hospital No 2 in Sterlitamak, Salavat, Dyurtyuli. Under the guidance of Assoc. RZ Valiahmetova protected 5 PhD theses. Among them are assistant Department of Urology II Kutuevym, AI Gafarov, GV Korzhavin. Published over 140 scientific papers, patents were obtained on 2 of the invention, executed in 1915 innovations.
Radif Zievichu Honoured Doctor of Belarus and Russia. He was a member of the Board VROU, was a member of the Council of the spa MH RB, a member of the Council of the spa Urals zonal management professional. sanatoria.

90-s 20 th century marked the global socio-political and socio-economic processes in the country. Formed budget and insurance medicine. Financing of urological offices and units catastrophically worse. In these conditions is extremely difficult to purchase new equipment maloinvazionnoy endoscopic equipment. In the years since 1992, Acting Head. Heading Urology RB performed professor Herman V. Korzhavin.
Revitalize the Society of Urologists RB. Close contacts with Russian society urologists. Every year there are conferences, presentations, under the auspices and sponsorship of major domestic and foreign firms. Large delegations of Bashkortostan urologists participate in conferences, congresses urologists Russian Federation, the Plenary Meetings of the DOC. Major events in the life of the Republic of Belarus has been carrying out cross-area conferences devoted to 100 anniversary of the founder of the Urology RB Professor LP Krauzelburda, 50 th anniversary of Urology RB. In the course of Urology elected assistant NR Akhmetov, RI Safiullin. They work and protect the master\’s theses. 7 practical urologists Urology Department DLT RCH them. GG Kuvatova, Clinical Hospital No 8, Clinical Hospital No 21, No 22 emergency hospital work and in terms of defending candidate\’s dissertations.
Under the guidance of Associate Professor GV Korzhavin protected 2 Ph.D. dissertation, he published nearly 150 scientific papers, received 12 patents for inventions and utility models, certificates for more than 30 innovations.
In terms of financial difficulties urological department RB equipped with modern minimally invasive endoscopic equipment. Urology RCH open endoscopic operating. It is equipped with modern equipment, including production TOUR. Purchased equipment such Sterlitamak, Beloretsk, Kumertau, Ciba, Salavat.
Andrology is booming on all fronts: Human Reproduction, conservative and operative treatment of erectile dysfunction, reconstructive plastic surgery on the genitals. RB is a leading andrologist MD DS Gromenko.

Urology RCH introduced the first new operation: retropubic prostatectomy with pelvic prostatovizikuloektomiya limfoadenodissektsiey for prostate cancer, organ-preserving surgery for cancer of the kidney, nefropeksii by VV Krasulin, operations such as Haynes Anderson with stenting for hydronephrosis, minimally invasive endoscopic operatsii among them the Tour. Since 1996, the curator of the Urology Department of the Department of Surgery BSMU appointed Professor Valentin Pavlov. Introduces new surgical interventions: organ and radical surgery for kidney tumors of the transabdominal approach, iliotsistoplastiki for Studer, Bricker operation. After defending his doctoral dissertation in 1999, Prof. VN Pavlov completely converted to the course of Urology. In 2000 he was elected to head the course of Urology. VN Pavlov has shown outstanding leadership ability. Establish close contacts with leading urological clinics in Russia, headed by prof. prof. G. Alyaev, OB Laurent, IG Rusakov, academician AMN, director of the Institute of Urology NA Lopatkin, SB.Petrovym etc. In 2002, Prof. VN Pavlov was elected a member of the Academic Council of the Moscow Medical Academy for the thesis defense of Urology.
In 2003 he formed and headed the department of urology with the course of IPO. VN Pavlov organizer of several inter-urological conferences. Urology Bashkortostan is located in the new stage of development. In urology rushed talented young doctors. Number of members of the urological community has risen to 200 people. Under the guidance of Prof. VN Pavlov\’s protected 12 Ph.D. theses, he is a consultant to 3 doctoral dissertations. He has published over 150 scientific publications, patents were obtained in 3 of the invention, and 15 certificates of innovations.

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