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Management and economics of pharmacy is one of the leading discitis-Plin specialty 060108 \”Pharmacy\”, and medical and pharmaceutical commodity research – the leading discipline in specialty 060109 \”Nursing\”.
Department of Management and Economics of Pharmacy with a course of medical and pharmaceutical merchandising in accordance with qualifications pharmacist prepares the graduate faculty of pharmacy to the profession a pharmacist – an organizer in the drug (drugs), including research, development, production, creation, registration, certification, quality control , licensing, storage, sale, advertising, the destruction of worn-out drugs and other pharmaceutical products range and the graduate faculty of the Higher Nursing Education in the activities of the manager.
In recent years there have been significant changes in the Russian economy had a great impact on the pharmaceutical service. The number of subjects of the pharmaceutical market has changed ownership, there was a decentralization of the system, much refreshed regulatory framework, dramatically increase the range of medicines and medical items, pro-drained shift from deficit to saturation of the market of medicines.
To bring the educational process in conformity with modern requirements to the level of training, pharmacists and managers in the curriculum of management and economics of pharmacy and medical and pharmaceutical Commodity introduced new sections.
Teaching at the department made taking into account the fundamental changes in the Russian economy, the characteristics of the formation of the domestic pharmaceutical market, as well as in connection with updating of legal and regulatory framework governing relations in the sphere of circulation of drugs.
Based training of pharmacists and managers of provisions HN modern methodological and didactic teaching approaches, originating from the requirements of the educational standard of higher education in specialty 060108 \”Pharmacy\” and 060,109 \”Nursing.\”
Education is based on legislation and government regulations on higher education, laws and regulations governing the professional activities of a pharmacist and manager, is based on a scientific, systemic, humanistic, predictability, practical relevance, allowing to construct training and education of students in line with trends higher education and provides a learning theoretical foundations of disciplines and forms the practical skills. Department of Management and Economics of Pharmacy Course-ITF is profiled on the pharmaceutical department prepares pharmacists in specialty pharmacy management and economics for work in the pharmacy network and RB firms holding pharmaceutical activities, and the Faculty of DCG managers of nursing.
Department of Pharmacy Organization and Economics in operation since September 1984, in 1999, renamed the Department of Management and Economics of Pharmacy. The department is located on the second floor of Building 11 BSMU (Zaton Str. Letchikov, 1).
In connection with severe provizorskih personnel in the country in 1981 was open Faculty of Pharmacy, Bashkir State Medical Institute, the first with the active support of the Council of Ministers and pharmacy management, CM BASSR.
For the establishment and operation of the department and eco-ki Pharmacy rector, Professor VG Sahautdinovym
were invited from the Khabarovsk State Medical Institute associate professors, candidates of Pharmaceutical Sciences Boris Lozovoy and Galina Lozovaja.
From 1984 to 1991. founded and headed the department OEF professor BV LOZOVOI.
Over the years, our department worked: Shajdullin R. H. (graduate of the Kazan MI), Kuznetsova LV and Zaripov ZR (Graduates of the Perm FI), Solov\’eva TN, Davletshin IA, Ph.D. Krasovskii, IA (A graduate of Zaporizhzhya MI), PhD Urazlina OI, PhD Pustovoitov SA, Uskov AA, Shakurova R., PhD, PhD, associate Dianov, VM, Ph.D. Ryzhov SA
In 1985, the post of teacher of OEF was adopted Likhoded TA, completed Zaporozhye Medical Institute and have-schaya experience in public pharmacies. In 1994 she participated as a competitor on the job she defended her thesis. In 1986, the department began working as an assistant graduate BGMI SAMIGULLINA FR From 1987 to 1990. She studied at the graduate school of the Moscow Medical Academy, in 1990 defended her dissertation
In 1987-1989 worked as an assistant department Ibrahimova GY, which then entered graduate school in the MMA of IM Sechenov and in 1994 defended her thesis for degree in pharmaceutical sciences \”Modeling the organization of drug supply of the population in emergency situations that violate the ecological balance of the environment. Currently Associate Professor at the department, op-Organised courses \”History of pharmacy\” and \”Pharmaceutical Ethics and deontology. Actively involved in scientific – research work with students and faculty applicants, supervises student research society. For many years, took part in the Admissions Committee BSMU, urging students come to our faculty. He is a member of the audit of the Commission of the Scientific Pharmaceutical Society of Russia.
Since 1991 the department was headed by associate professor, and then in 1994, Ph.D. Professor LOZOVAYA GF, with great experience in the pharmacy network and extensive experience teaching and methodical work and graduated in 1992 Bashkir Academy of Management degree in theory and practice of management and marketing.
The department UEF worked and currently continue to invest all their knowledge, skills, experience and soul proactive creative personality – the real professionals. Department of UEF has always distinguished democratic, cohesive composition, emotional atmosphere, motion, energy, youth, beauty, cheerfulness, the desire to do something bigger and each time discover and surf new.
Features faculty UEF:
• ability to achieve your goals
• Ability to adapt quickly to changes in the world
legislative, economic and political environment
The department taught the following subjects: management and economics of pharmacy, medical and pharmaceutical commodity research, the pharmaceutical ethics and deontology, the history of pharmacy, Elective courses (pharmacy management, marketing and business, medical optics, marketing research in the pharmacy).
Employees of the department Lozovoy GF, Likhoded TA, Samigullinoy FR, Mironenkova JV, Ibragimova GY, Harutyunyan SR, Ivakina SN, Badakshanovym AR developing a work program on governance and the economy of pharmacy, health and pharmaceutical commodity research for the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Faculty of DCG, pharmaceutical ethics, ethics, psychology, history of pharmacy full-time and distance learning, production practice, elective courses (medical optics, foundations of business affairs , marketing research in pharmacy.
The department staffed in accordance with the staffing. Ostepenennost department – 90%.

Department of UEF with the ITF is famous courses:
• Attention to students, decency, honesty, team, atmosphere, history. Department is equipped with enterprising creatives. Gives students new, modern knowledge in business, management, marketing.
• cohesive composition, many of energy, movement, striving to make something bigger and more each time to open a new, professionalism, punctuality, honesty, good methodological support and literate possession, as well as songs, enthusiasm, concentration of-date, relevant, youth , beauty, cheerfulness.
Department of UEF generalizes and logically arranges studied in other faculties material and directs this knowledge into the mainstream of people management and pharmaceutical organization. UEF trains – the organizer – the head. Democracy, the speed of thought officers, manner of teaching. Constantly in motion, improvisation. Nothing so quickly changed as UEF. Quickly adapt to changes in legislation, environmental economic and political environment.
Who is it for me, students, staff, BSMU?
For self-realization, self, love for souls, to make money not to sit at home, push a great future, promotes personal fulfillment, rest, elevation of mood.
to obtain the skills and knowledge for the diploma, the most necessary items, expanding horizons.
for joint research activities, life, for financial support.
to us to be proud, for the quantity, to ensure a continuous learning process, for example, points, gives a great contribution to the material and spiritual life BSMU, for variety.
What can I wish for the development of the department?
It\’s time to go out on a world level, more doctors, research activities, the money to organize a council, a business club, laboratory management and marketing, all of our thoughts need to be implemented, more visual material aids, colors, good students, prototyping Pharmacies with a cash register, etc., shine always and everywhere, more recruitment of students to full-time office, beauty, love, youth, and to my students, order and organization.
And most importantly – to see it burning eyes and
great desire of knowledge for our students!

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