Therapeutic stomatology

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Department of Therapeutic Dentistry is located at 6 clinical databases:

1. B preventive BSMU (hostel No 1 BSMU, ul.Teatralnaya, 2a, bus stops House actor). Staff: Associate Professor, Ph.D. Shaidullina Muhlisovna Hamid, Associate Professor, Ph.D. Gubaidullin Ilfat Rimovich, MD Kuznetsova Lilia Ilinichna.
2. B clinical dental clinic BSMU (st. Chernyshevskogo, 104, office. No 24, 25, 58, bus stops ul.Chernyshevskogo). Staff: Associate Professor, k.m.n.Chemikosova Auntie, MD Astakhov Margarita, MD Zaripova Naila Rahimzyanovna).
3. Klinika “Dental Studio” (st. Bakalinskij, 68 / 6, stopping transport “bread-baking plant No 4”). Instructor: Head of the Department, MD Gerasimov Larisa Pavlovna.
4. B UfNII MT and ET (ul.St. Kuvikina, 98, bus stops “Institute of Occupational Diseases”). Staff: Associate Professor, Ph.D. Kabirova Milyausha Fauzievna, MD Usmanov Irina.
5. B dental polyclinic No 1 (st ring, 180, bus stops “Khmelnitskogo”). Instructor: Belozerova Svetlana.
6. B Republican dental clinic (st. Factory, 15, stop transport Firm World “). Instructor: k.m.n.Shamsiev Marat Rimovich.

Department of preventive dentistry is a graduating department faculty. Over 80% of graduates of dental faculty work-dental therapists.
In 1980 was organized by the Department of Therapeutic Dentistry, 1980-1981gg. department was headed by Professor Chemikosova TS
From 1981 to 1986. Department was in charge of Professor V. Mironov, MD, Honored Doctor of Russia. The direction of its scientific work – use of physical methods of treatment in complicated forms of caries.
The first teachers of the department were Akbirova RZ, Gordeeva DK, Kadyrov, VA, Belozerova SS, Pahtusova NM In 1983 he defended his thesis targets graduate student, studying in MMSI – Shaidullina JM, Shamsiev MR
In 1986-1987. head of department was MD Shamsiev MR At the department came to work the graduates of our faculty Zemlyanova OV, Zharkov, SV, Kozhevnikov, LA, Khamidullina GM, Sultanov GM, Makovskaya EA, Aydagulova GR They defended their candidate dissertations.
From 1988 to 2003. chaired the department honored doctor RB, professor Chemikosova TS
Currently, the department includes 1 professor, 4 associate professors and 8 assistants: Professor Gerasimov LP, associate professor Shaidullina JM, associate professor Chemikosova TS, associate professor Kabirova MF, associate Gubaidullin IR, MD Astakhov, MI, MD Usmanov, IN, MD Zaripova NR, MD Kuznetsova LI Veteran of the department continues to work Belozerova SS Ostepenennost at the Department of 90,9%.
Since November 2003, the department in charge of MD, doctor of the highest category Gerasimov, LP

Therapeutic stomatology
Professor Gerasimov Larisa Pavlovna 17 years worked as the head office of the National Center for rehabilitation of children with congenital and acquired pathology of the maxillofacial region.

From 1999 to 2002. led the orthodontic department of the Republican dental clinic.
In 1991 he received a doctorate from the city of Perm on the theme “Comparative analysis of the effectiveness of various methods of complex therapy of children with congenital cleft lip and palate.
In 1997 she defended her doctoral thesis in Moscow on the topic “Application Software multichannel bioelectric control in rehabilitation of children with congenital and acquired maxillofacial region.
From 2000 to 2005. worked as a professor of dentistry in children Bashkir State Medical University.
MD Gerasimova LP active member of dental congresses, conferences and seminars. He is the author of 15 patents, more than 170 scientific papers, 8 books, co-authored a textbook “Dentistry” (published by “Science”) and 3 textbooks. Under her leadership, holds 6 master’s theses. The manager of three part-time graduate students.

Therapeutic stomatology
Kabirova Milyausha Fauzievna – Assistant Professor, PhD, a physician the first qualifying category.
At the department works after training in the residency since 1996. In 2002 she defended her thesis on “Clinical and immunological basis of treatment of inflammatory periodontal disease in chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Since 2007 he is zav.uchebnoy part of the department. It is the author of 84 scientific and methodological publications, 3 monographs, 2 textbooks.

Therapeutic stomatology
Chemikosova Auntie – Associate Professor, PhD, Honored Doctor RB, doctor of the highest qualification category.
Auntie is one of the organizers of the Faculty of Dentistry, the founder of therapeutic dentistry. In his role as head of the department has worked 18 years, 12 years was the dean of the dental faculty. Posted 223 methodical and scientific papers, is co-author of 4 patents, 1 monograph.
PhD dissertation defended in 1971 on the theme “The clinic, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of high-abrasion of hard dental tissues (clinical and experimental research). Under her leadership, is protected by 6 master’s theses. He is chairman of the Board of Veterans dental faculty.

Therapeutic stomatology
Shaidullina Muhlisovna Hamid – Associate Professor, PhD.
At the department since 1983, until 2007 was assistant principal department. She has published 126 scientific papers and teaching, 2 manuals, it is the author of 4 patents and 5 innovations. In 1984 she defended her thesis entitled “Activity of lysosomal proteinases in saliva, mucous membrane of the gums and plaque at different periodontal status”.

Therapeutic stomatology
Gubaidullin Ilfat Rimovich – Assistant Professor, PhD, a physician the first qualifying category.
The department works with 2000. In 1996 he defended his thesis on “Microcirculatory bed of synovial membrane and articular cartilage morphology of the temporomandibular joint on the stages of ontogeny. Posted of 46 scientific papers, 1912 guidelines, the monograph “Morphology structures of temporo-mandibular joint, the author of a rationalization proposal. Since 2007 he is deputy. Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry of production practice.

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