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In the Bashkir State Medical University Course dentistry in children was organized in 1981. At this time, laid the foundation of educational and methodological framework for the specialty. Then, with the increase in training hours, in 1983 the course was transformed into the department.
The first head of the department was Associate Professor B. F. Tatarinov. In 1991, the chair of the contest, was elected Professor SV Chuykin.
Feature of the department of dentistry in children is its versatility. This necessitates a relatively small team of faculty deal with prevention of dental diseases in children, issues of therapeutic oral surgery, maxillofacial surgery and orthodontics. And the department has successfully cope with their problems. Currently, the Department focused considerable scientific and pedagogical potential of dental faculty BSMU – 1 Doctor of Medical Sciences (Academician of RANS, Honored Doctor RB, prof. Chuykin SV), 6 associate professors, performing doctoral theses : Akateva GG, Mukhametova E.SH., Honored Doctor RB Chudinova TA, Snetkova TV, Averyanov SV, Davletshin NA, 8 assistants: Honored Doctor RB Nazarova L.P ., MD Andrianov, J., MD Karimov, RR, MD EgorovaE.G., MD Gunaeva SA, Shabardina LG, Gabzalilov IM, Buzaeva NV, a residency trained – Kuramshin YA.R., Sovetova ER, Reshetnikov EP, in graduate school – Kutusheva RA, Kapustina EV
In a relatively short period of time the department had conducted research work on key areas of the specialty, which were arranged in the form of dissertations. It\’s important that studies take into account regional peculiarities of the Republic of Bashkortostan and have relevance and of great practical importance.
The main scientific directions are dictated by the needs of the department of practical public health – prevention is key dental diseases in children, treatment and rehabilitation of children with congenital and acquired pathology of the maxillofacial region. The organization of specialized assistance for children with congenital pathology of maxillofacial region were studied by V. S . Tatarinov. Epidemiological studies on the prevalence of dental diseases in children and adults in the Republic of Bashkortostan held GG Akateva. Actual problem – the prevention of dental diseases in children in a city with a developed petrochemical industry – were devoted to scientific work E.SH. Mukhametova. VI Avramenko developed a testimony to the preservation of the pulp of deciduous teeth in children with various trends of caries. Comprehensive research was conducted, RA Khasanov, and NI Hammatovym on clinical and experimental substantiation of methods of preparation, preservation and transplantation of teeth. FF Mannanovoy also made significant contributions in research and development of the methodological section in the teaching of orthodontics at the department. The first chief physician child dental clinic No 3 candidate. med. Sciences AA Sataeva participated in the research and training of dentists in the department.
From the first days at the department worked assistants LA Nyrkov and LP Nazarov. Nyrkov LA has carried out research on the prevention and treatment of dentofacial anomalies in the republic, LP Nazarova recommendations for clinical examination of children with destructive osteomyelitis of the jaw bones.
Under the guidance of head of department of dentistry in children, Professor S. B. Tchouikina protected 10 candidate dissertations, studies and 4 doctoral and 15 candidate dissertations.
The Department for several years for leading positions in the faculty for research work. Outcome research is the publication staff of the Department in 1020 of scientific publications, 18 inventions, 17 monographs, 60 textbooks and teaching recommendations, participate in international, all-Russian, Republican congresses and conferences and exhibitions. In the past decade, conducted a study on perinatal prevention of dental diseases Children and comprehensive prevention of dental diseases in the region with a developed petrochemical industry (doctoral dissertation GG Akatevoy and E. Sh Mukhametova) defended his Ph.D. thesis on the prevention and treatment of dental diseases in children in rural areas of petrochemical region (SV Averyanov), rehabilitation of children with congenital malformations of the sky (T. Snetkova), completed dissertation applicant of MI Astakhov in progress doctoral dissertation NA Davletshina, T. Snetkova, GG Akatevoy , SV Averyanova. Last year, four master\’s theses are protected by: EG Egorova \”Phytopreparations a comprehensive prevention of dental caries in children in the city with the petrochemical industry, Y. Andrianov, \”Clinical and situational analysis of the rationale of the algorithm rehabilitation of children with a congenital cleft lip and palate, living in the region with the Petrochemical Industry\”, SA Gunaeva \”The prevalence of dentofacial anomalies in the child population of the city of Ufa and their rationale for the integrated prevention, AR Baymuhametov\” Application licopid in treatment of lymphadenitis maxillofacial area in children living in the city with the petrochemical industry. \” Department staff are actively involved in the work of the Problem Commission for Dental Public Health Ministry, the International Association of Craniofacial Surgeons, the editorial boards of 3 Russian dental journals, the International Scientific Programme on craniofacial surgery, an international dental training center, medical consultation center.
The department issued 25 training manuals, marked by the Problem Commission on Dental Health Ministry and the EMA of medical and pharmaceutical education universities in Russia, recommended for training students at the faculty of our country. At the initiative of members of the department for the first time in Russia in 1992 was organized by the Association of Pediatric Dentistry RB. This allowed a more detailed discussion and address issues of pediatric dentistry, improve the provision of dental care for children. In 2003 at the initiative of the Department organized the Association of Dental Education Code.
In accordance with the orders of the Health Ministry and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus under the leadership of the Department of pediatric dentistry dental epidemiological survey conducted in the Republic of The WHO (1995), which allowed science to justify and to develop preventive and curative activities in Belarus.
Department of pediatric dentistry is the coordinator of School educational programs for the prevention of dental diseases in the Republic of Bashkortostan.
Department staff pay great attention to working together with practical public health. Actively introducing modern methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of major dental diseases in children. Department staff conducted an educational program on prevention of dental diseases among doctors dental clinics of the city. On the basis of clinical dental clinics BSMU organized medical counseling center, where consult professors and associate professors.
Force the Department conducted a survey and treatment of children cared for outside the family in the House of the Child (Ufa) and Kuganakskom orphanage. Regularly organizes trips to mentoring Sterlitamakskij and other areas of the republic for the medical advice work.

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