DEPARTMENT OF Nursing care for Patients

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DEPARTMENT OF Nursing care for Patients

Address: ul. Victory 1, phone 242-99-31

The department of nursing care for patients was established in 1994 in accordance with the order of Bashgosmedinstituta 23.08.1994, No 23 and had no analogue in the history of the university. From September 1, 1994-present Chair headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor VL Nazifullin. Since February 2003, the department operates in a hospital No 8, its classrooms are located in the therapeutic package. Other clinical bases are City Veterans Hospital, Rehabilitation Center sanatorium \”Rainbow\”, RCCH.
Department staff presented to specialists in internal, surgical, children\’s diseases and nursing. Among them: 1 – professor, doctor of medicine specializing in internal medicine, 3 – Assistant Professor, Ph.D. specializing in internal medicine, 3 – assistants, PhD degree in internal medicine, 1 – Associate Professor, Ph.D. medical sciences degree in pediatrics, 1 – Associate Professor, PhD degree in surgical disease, 1 – Assistant Professor, PhD degree in surgical disease, 2 – assistants, specialists with higher nursing education.
The department carries out educational activities in 2 directions. The first is to develop clinical expertise in syndromic and nosological diagnosis, the provision of care for treatment of internal organs, geriatric practice, disease prevention and rehabilitation of patients with listeners faculty of higher nursing education – the future managers of nursing services and staff of institutions of secondary and higher medical education, the second – to impart skills to care for the sick, the first first aid students\’ medical and pharmacy faculties.
The department of nursing care for patients has phantom classes for manipulation of nursing techniques and skills training in first aid (author – Prof. Nazifullin VL).
A special feature of the pedagogical activity of the department of nursing care for patients is the focus on training the new formation, managers of nursing. The chair all education efforts in the study of clinical nursing courses aimed at developing the students of the new technology of highly skilled nursing care – the construction of nursing process. Students are trained in this method of collection and analysis of the patient\’s health, identify basic needs and problems associated with the patient\’s health (establishing nursing diagnosis), planning and carrying out actions to address the problems of the patient, to strengthen their health, disease prevention, rehabilitation and adaptation.
In addition, the department implemented the teaching of the foundations of general nursing and children, the first pre-medical assistance for students 2 nd year of treatment, preventive medical, pediatric and third year Faculty of Pharmacy curriculum, combining the phantom and clinical preparation cycles. After a firm mastery of skills on phantoms, simulators, students are subjected to the computer testing program developed by the department, and subject to successfully overcoming the 70% quota, they were admitted to a clinic where, under the supervision of a teacher being cared for the sick. In the process of teaching students practical skills for nursing care in a clinic, teaching staff pay particular attention to inculcating the principles of medical ethics and deontology, to overcome the psychological barrier in the relationship with patients.
In the course of learning the basics of general nursing students performed coursework in the form of essays based on a review of literature and other sources on various aspects of biomedical ethics. The course concludes with student readings on biomedical ethics that are popular among students. This form of educational work among the undergraduates of the University was first used six years ago, whose author is the head. Chair, Professor VL Nazifullin.
Justifications and feasibility of the phantom study was a real case of recovery of an elderly man with two students of 2 nd year medical faculty of the University, described in \”Komsomolskaya Pravda in Bashkortostan\” on March 2, 1999, and \”youth newspaper\” Republic of Belarus of 25 March 1999. This fact is a conscious determination to students junior year at the university to provide emergency care patient man on the street before a gathering of people since pre-mining on a practical training techniques of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation on phantoms simulator demonstrates the achievement of the ultimate goals of student learning and success of instilling in them the principles of medical ethics.
The aims of moral education of students guided by department of nursing care for patients while creating student humanitarian movement \”Mercy\”, initiated the formation of which in 1996 became Head of Department Professor VL Nazifullin. Most active in its activities over the past 5 years, when based on the motion \”Mercy\” to provide medical social and psychological support at home labor veterans of the Great Patriotic War, the University was established educational, scientific and methodical center \”Mercy and Salvation.\” Called the Center created 15.11.2000, at the base of the department of nursing to care for the sick (Director – Professor VL Nazifullin).
Activists of the Centre are students of the Faculty of Higher Nursing Education BSMU, who in their free time and work to provide humanitarian divergent medical and social assistance to veterans of the University.
In January 2006, Radio and Television Correspondents\’ Bashkortostan, intrigued humane acts of medical students, aired an interview with them and shot story in the apartment, R., 80, whose activists have patronage center services throughout the year.
Work experience student humanitarian movement in the educational, scientific and methodological center of Mercy and Salvation \”can recognize that its activists, students at the Faculty of Higher Nursing Education serves unselfish and worthy example of humanity and doing good, exemplary students from other faculties. This they justify their vocation and the choice of nursing profession in medicine, representatives of which have symbolic ancient name – \”nurse\”.
Research competitors and staff of the Department are carried out in the field of clinical immunology and biochemistry, and rehabilitation of patients with bronchial and lung diseases, primary health care, theory and methods of vocational education (training of medical personnel). In 2004 3 staff department defended his thesis in 2005 – an officer in 2006 – 2 applicant.
Department staff perform medical diagnostic, advisory work in basic health care facilities, hospital and organize large-scale scientific and practical conferences, training cycles to improve on current issues in internal medicine, theory and practice of nursing.
May 12, in 1997 for the first time in the practice of Health of the Republic of Bashkortostan on the initiative of prof. VL Nazifullina celebrated International Nurses Day with conferences that have become traditional, and held annually on the theme \”Practice and study nursing. International Nurses Day, a professional holiday of nurses throughout the world, approved by the International Council of Nurses (ICN) in 1971 and is celebrated annually on May 12, the birthday of a prominent British nurse, pioneer of modern nursing as Florence Nightingale (1820-1910). The solution of MSM each year is devoted to specific topics, reflecting the greatest relevance in nursing and the focus of national nursing associations in the framework of the international professional community.
In the last 4 years on the basis of hospital No 8 organized and held celebrations for the nursing staff during the International Day of nurses with nursing conferences, concerts by famous masters of the stage RB performances (dramatization of the lives of nurses, Bashkir dancing, pop songs, etc.) students of the Faculty Higher Nursing Education BSMU – the winner of the contest \”Student Spring\”.


Nazifullin Ville Lutfievich MD, PhD
works in Bashgosmeduniversitete since 1982 after graduate school in \”internal medicine\”. In the period 9.1.1982 – 22.2.1994 years. worked as an assistant and associate professor in the departments of hospital therapy and propaedeutics internal medicine with a course of physiotherapy. On September 1, 1994 to the present head of the department of nursing care for patients, which is unequaled in the history of BSMU. He was awarded the scientific degree of candidate of medical sciences, specialty 14.00.06 – Cardiology and the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences in the field 14.00.05 – Internal Diseases and 14.00.36 – Allergy and Immunology. He has 27 years of scientific and pedagogical work experience in BSMU.
Professor Nazifullin VL is an author and developer of new technology education undergraduate students of the University based on a common care for the sick and children, first aid with the initial pre-clinical training in a specially created phantom classes on handling equipment, the May annual student reading at junior courses biomedetike, student humanitarian movement \”Mercy \”among listeners faculty DCG, patronized, and provide free medical and social assistance to veterans of labor and warriors BSMU, as well as the organizer of educational, scientific and methodical center\” Mercy and Salvation.
Professor Nazifullin VL As chairman of Methodical Council for Higher Nursing Education Bashgosmeduniversiteta purposefully engaged in the development of innovative ideas in higher and secondary professional medical education, is a lecturer at the school and the pedagogical skills of the young school teacher Bashgosmeduniversiteta. As a regional project coordinator Lemon (educational materials in nursing), WHO / Europe has worked to improve the qualifications of teachers of nursing nursing schools and colleges, the university within the named project. He is thanked RB State Committee for Science, higher professional education for a long sterling work and contribution to training and education of medical and nursing staff. In 2005 he was awarded the badge \”Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation\”.
In the sphere of scientific interests of Professor VL Nazifullina and dissertants clinical immunology and biochemistry, medical rehabilitation, primary health care, theory and methods of vocational education (training of medical personnel),. He is the author of over 240 scientific papers, including 9 of teaching aids.
Nazifullin VL – Practitioner of the highest qualification category. During his time at the university has successfully served as deputy dean of the medical faculty, member of the Institute for medical, work with authorities and health agencies and the introduction of science into practice, dean and head of obschevuzovskogo work experience students. For the first time in public health practice at the initiative of Professor RB Nazifullina VL May 12, 1997 to celebrate the international day of a nurse with the conference, which became a tradition and each year as topics of nursing ethics and education theory and practice of nursing. He was awarded the Diploma of Ministry of Health of Belarus.
Professor Nazifullin VL – An active participant in community service, as chairman of the Methodological Council for Higher Nursing Education, a member of the Scientific and Methodical Council on optimizing the learning process Bashgosmeduniversiteta, the Scientific Council of the Faculty of preventive medical and senior nursing education, Bashgosmeduniversiteta, the Expert Council for Higher Nursing Education EMA by medobrazovaniyu MH Russian Federation.

Muslyumovo Sazhida Samigovna associate professor, Ph.D.
Born in 1937 in. Abzanova Zianchurinskogo area BSSR in the family farmer. In 1945-1955. Abzanovskoy studied in high school in 1955-1957. studied in Ufa Medical College. From 1957 to 1959. worked as assistant to the district hospital Abzanovskoy Zianchurinskogo district, from 1960 to 1962 – a nurse City Hospital No 1 Ufa.
Muslyumovo SS after graduation with a degree in pediatrics she worked as a pediatrician in the children\’s home No 2. From 1970 to February 1979 she worked in UfNIIVS them. II Mechnikov in the laboratory of immunology researcher, where in 1978 she defended her thesis on the topic: \”Leukocytosis and limfotsitozstimuliruyuschaya activity of the pertussis component of DPT vaccine.\” Since February 1979 she worked as an assistant food hygiene course at the department of general hygiene Bashgosmedinstituta, since 1981 – senior lecturer of the course, since 1987 – assistant outpatient department of pediatrics, since 1991 – assistant of the department of nursing care for patients Between 2003 – Associate Professor of the same department.
Muslyumovo SS – Pediatrician highest qualification category.
From 1985 to 1998 he was curator Tuimazinskaya district and Tuymazy on health care of the child population since 1987 – Consultant in the Republican Children\’s Clinical Hospital, basic health clinics No 3, 6, led by school health services for adolescents at school number 91. In 1988 he led the medical teams – the assault force to combat morbidity and mortality in the Evenki National District. Within 5 years was mainly a freelance dietitian MH BASSR.
Muslyumovo SS has 137 published works. With its participation issued and put into practical public health for more than 10 policy recommendations, including \”Organization outpatient treatment of children suffering from chronic diseases in outpatient, \”Predicting immunogenicity pertussis vaccines limfotsitozstimuliruyuschemu effect \”,\” Therapeutic feeding children with acute and chronic diseases \”,\” Organization of methodological care and preventive measures under the action of subtoxic doses of phenol \”,\” Prevention of suppurative-inflammatory diseases maxillofacial region in children in children\’s clinics, \”Prevention of respiratory diseases of children with congenital individuals who have congenital immunodeficiency state and others is co-author of \”Healthy lifestyle – the guarantee of health.\”
Muslyumovo SS all the years of actively participating in public life, faculty, university teaching hospital as chairman of Union Bureau Pediatric Department, Secretary of the All-Union Society of Hygienists, member of the Scientific Council for Environment, Academic Council of pediatric Faculty, staff trade union, the Social Insurance Commission BSMU. It takes an active part in promoting the scientific and medical knowledge among people, speaking in the press, on radio, television. For
long sterling work and contribution to the preparation and education of health workers Muslyumovo SS awarded a diploma MH RB, Health Ministry, the Presidium of the Supreme Council BASSR, badge \”Excellent Health of the Russian Federation\”.

Shamsutdinov Albert Rashitovich Associate Professor, Chair Ph.D.
was born in 1963 in the village Atyashevo Fedorovsk area Bashkir ASSR.
In 1978 he graduated from the 8 Atyashevskoy classes of elementary school and enrolled in Salavat medical school.
In 1982, after graduation from medical Schools recruited into armed forces of the USSR.
In 1984, after demobilization entered the medical faculty Bashgosmedinstituta. In While studying at the institute he worked as a nurse in the emergency room GKB No21. Internship took place on the basis of GKB No21 Ufa.
After Institute in the period 1991-1995. worked as a therapist at pulmonary branch SCM No 21 of Ufa.
in 1995 to the position deputy director for clinical work sanatorium \”Rainbow\”, from 1998 – the director of the same company. Work head combines with practical work as a doctor therapist.
Physio-therapist of the highest qualification category.
C 1996 working as an assistant, and since 2002 – Associate Professor nursing care for patients Bashgosmeduniversiteta.
In 2001 master\’s thesis on the subject: \”Rehabilitation patients with concomitant diseases of the digestive system and chronic nonspecific lung diseases.
has 46 scientific publications.

Lyudmila Galkina Maximovna associate professor, Ph.D.
Date of Birth – 24.11.1947 year. Graduated with honors from medical faculty Bashgosmeduniversiteta in 1977
Worked as an intern in the hospital No 8, then a researcher in CSRL BSMU.
In 1989 she defended her thesis on \”prenosological characteristic of the initial manifestations of insufficient blood supply to the brain according to the study of microcirculatory hemostasis.
In 1989 – 1991 years. worked as assistant at the Department of Faculty Therapy, in the period 1991-2004 is analyzed. – Assistant of the department of internal medicine propaedeutics with a course of physiotherapy Bashgosmeduniversiteta.
In recent years, Associate Professor at the department of nursing care for patients BSMU.
He has 53 scientific works on gemostaziologii, gastroenterology, therapy.
Physio-therapist of the highest qualification category.

Gazimov Adanis Hayrullovich, PhD, assistant chair of 01.09.1999 year.
Gazimov AK, serves as an assistant, holds workshops on \”overall care\” for the second course of medical and pediatric faculties, students FVSO full-time and part-time courses by subject \”Propedeutics internal medicine\”, \”Nursing in geriatrics \”,\” Nursing in therapy with a course vac, Faculty of Pharmacy students – on \”first first aid. But also attracted to the leadership and work experience of students of medical and pharmaceutical faculties.
He has published a teaching aid.
Gazimov AK has the highest qualification category therapist. In 2004, his specialization \”Questions therapy\” for therapeutic medical offices, hospitals and clinics BSMU IPO, has a certificate. Currently, medical diagnostic work physician – therapist performs on the basis of therapeutic offices GKB No 8.
Published 49 scientific papers.

Nigmatullin Malik Salimovich associate professor, Ph.D.
1948 birth, graduated from the Medical Faculty of Moscow Medical Dental Institute in 1972, working as an assistant department nursing care for patients from 1 September 1995 present. Nigmatullin MS teaches first and first aid to uhdom for patients on medical and pharmaceutical faculties. He reads lectures on the first first aid in the pharmaceutical fakultete.Vedet practical lessons with students 2, 3, 4-year Department of the WZO, the third year Faculty of Pharmacy, lectures FVSO students and Faculty of Pharmacy. In 1981 he defended thesis, they have published over 50 scientific papers and methodological publications, for the period – 7. Of those in the central press – 3.
Nigmatullin MS conducts medical advisory work on clinical basis – in the hospital Otdelencheskoy Art. Ufa in the 1 st Surgical department, is a surgeon 1 category, performs in the year at least 100 operations on abdominal organs, is involved in scientific, practical and clinical-anatomical conferences, reviews the history of the disease died patients.

Imelguzina Gulfia Farhetdinovna Assistant Chair.
born in 1974. 1989 graduated from secondary school and enrolled in Tuimazinskaya medical school.
In 1992, she received a diploma – qualified nurse in specialty nursing.
From 1992 to 1996 he worked as a nurse in a rural district Sharansky, a hospital district.
In 1996, she entered BSMU on Faculty of Higher Nursing Education. In 2000, having graduated Diploma manager for specialty nursing.
since 2000. on 2001. worked as a teacher of the discipline \”Nursing in Pediatrics in Tuimazinskaya Medical College.
From 2001 Currently working as an assistant BSMU Department of Nursing with caregiving. Teaches discipline \”basic nursing\” 2 nd year medical students of the faculty.

Nasretdinova LM assistant lecturer, PhD
born 1951, graduated from the Faculty of Higher Nursing Education BSMU in 2002
Nasretdinova LM since 2000 implementing the teaching of discipline \”nursing case management MSO\” for students – older sisters and their reserves in the BMC, as well as \”Nursing case in oncology for listeners School for Advanced Studies, reads full course of lectures on these subjects. Participated in the development of work programs of these disciplines, a set of tests and questionnaires medical work. Nasretdinova LM is the head nurse of higher Categories Thoracic Surgery RKOD. It performs organizational and methodological work in RKOD, is chairman of the Council senior nurses, chairman of educational and methodical work RKOD. Nasretdinova LM is a regular participant of hospital, city, All-Russian scientific-practical conferences.
Research: Published 13 scientific and 3 methodological works. Nasretdinova LM her PhD on the theme: \”Building productive clinical experience of pre- graduate education students of medical colleges. Took participate in the All-Volga-Urals Research Conference in 2006, lectures on the theme \”Adapting students to jobs.

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