Department of Psychiatry and Toxicology, Course-IPO

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Department of Psychiatry and Toxicology, Course-IPO

In the direction of scientific research in all periods of the department noted unifying line: clinical and pathogenetic, clinical entities focused orientation. This applies to study the effect of exogenous harmful factors on the mental state of a person (traumatic brain injury and pathogenesis of epilepsy, the role of infectious-allergic and somatic factors in the etiology and pathogenesis of nervous disorders, the effect of convulsive therapy and pharmacotherapy in the dominant patodinamicheskie structure, the immune status of the mentally ill and the clinical (psychopathological and pathopsychological) expression in neuro-psychiatric disorders).

Immunology of mental illness were devoted to major works of Professor MN Krasilnkovoy, combined for tuberculosis and schizophrenia, associate RS Galeev, mental disorders in emergency situations, Professor RG Valinurova, features of formation of delusion in schizophrenia Associate Professor VV Dezortseva, vascular pathology of mental illness assistant, Ph.D. AF Koltsova outpatient treatment of mental patients associate BL Uritskogo, deviant behaviors among adolescents of assistants RK Khairullina, Yu Kiryukhina. The last 5 years at the Department of attention paid to the study of aggressive behavior among adolescents, successful research in this area is student VL Yuldasheva Professor RM Masagutov, sexual disorders in psychiatric patients, the history of psychiatry (Prof. MM Gataullin). Problems of forensic psychiatry are actively developing docent EN Wyman, Assistant Professor, Ph.D. AA Beschastny, MD, PhD, ER Kunafina, assistant MD AS Poryvai. Biochemical and psychopathological aspects of neurotic depression successfully exploring Assistant OA Permyakova, under the direction VL Yuldasheva and Professor FH Kamilov, who presented to a doctoral thesis on this issue. Graduate student A. Kopaneva presented in a doctoral thesis on the issue of the border nervous and mental disorders among schoolchildren younger innovative schools and schools of general type. Applicant head of the department, AR Asadullin successfully completing a thesis on the genetic aspects of affective disorders with the participation of a member of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus Prof. EK Khusnutdinova. Several candidates have successfully defended their PhD thesis in immunology drug treatment patients, mental disorders in cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, bronchopulmonary diseases in children. PhD work is nearing completion of the applicant department Practitioners Galimova R. on psychotherapeutic treatment of alopecia alopecia. Under the direction of VL . Yuldasheva reserved two doctoral and 14 master\’s theses, published in the press more than 300 research papers. In recent years, the Department of attention paid to modern innovative technologies in teaching. Force members of the department created a multimedia lecture on 40 topics, Audiocassettes subjects for practical training, 15 case stands by the main disciplines for training rooms and 2 stand for the educational-methodical, scientific and medical work in the department. Collaborate with health authorities, including advisory work on the basis of the Republican Psychiatric Hospital, as well as in many health facilities of the city and the republic. VL Yuldashev and employees of the department took an active part in parliamentary hearings in 2003, the Congress of the Riigikogu, on the problems of addiction in the preparation and implementation of the Program to combat drug abuse and illicit trafficking in the Republic of Bashkortostan, 2004-2006, in the preparation and implementation of the Decree President of Belarus 29.12.2004, No U11-642 \”On Declaring 2005 the Year of the prevention of drug addiction, alcoholism and smoking in Belarus\”, the adoption of the Law \”On prevention of alcoholism, substance abuse, in adopting the\” Programme to combat trafficking and drug prevention in Belarus for 2007-2009.. \”Refresher course psychiatrists and drug treatment was founded in 1979 in the Department of Psychiatry and Addiction Bashkir State University. Sessions were led by Professor Galeev RS, professor Dezortsev VV, assistants Gataullin MM, Koltsov, AF, Adgamova ZA In 1989 the course was separated geographically and became an independent unit within the Faculty of Advanced Medical BGMI (and in the Department of Psychiatry and Addictions). Headed by the course lecturer Galeev Suleimanovich Raphael, PhD, Honored Doctor RB. In the faculty of the course includes Gataullin Magarif Magsumovich, Adgamova Zemfira Akramovna (1989-1990 Gg.) Wyman Elizabeth Nathanovna (since 1990). Since 2002, the course manages Valinurov Rinat Gayanovich, MD, Professor Doctor of Russia and RB, a member of the Bureau and board member of the Society of Psychiatrists of the Russian Federation, President of the Association of Psychiatrists and psychotherapists RB (main scientific direction: post-traumatic and psychosomatic disorders. \”) From the first days of the establishment of the course work Magarif Magsumovich Gataullin, MD, Honored Doctor RB. In January 2001 for a course and started working for the assistant Kunafina Elena Rafaelevna, PhD, since 2003 – Associate Professor of the course. Nathanovna Elizabeth Wyman, Honored Doctor RB, works on the course since 1990, first as assistant, then assistant professor .

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