Pedagogy and Psychology Course-IPO

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Pedagogy and Psychology Course-IPO

Department of Pedagogy and Psychology from the IPO rate was established in 1993.

Head: Doctor of Education, Professor Arthur Amirov Ferdsovich.
AMIROV Ferdsovich Arthur (b. 19. 01. 1958, Ufa, BASSR), teacher.
Doctor of Education (2001), Professor (2001). Excellence in Education RB (2001). In 1985 he graduated from the Bashkir State Pedagogical Institute, worked as a teacher. In the years 1989-93. professor of Bashkir State Pedagogical Institute. Since 1993 – Head of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology of the Bashkir State Medical University. Vice-Chairman of the Presidium of the Bashkir Branch of the pedagogical community of Russia. Consultant Scientific Information Resource Centre (Nimtz) at the department of education of Ufa. Member of the Board for the protection of theses for the degree of candidate and doctor of pedagogical sciences in the field of 13.00.01 and 13.00. 2008 at the Bashkir State Pedagogical University. The main directions of scientific activity – professional and occupational socialization of students. Author of more than 210 scientific publications.

Head Course IPO: Associate Professor, PhD, Elena Efratovna Lipatov.
Lipatov Elena Efratovna (r.23.12.1968 PM, Ufa, BASSR). Ph.D., associate professor. In 1992 he graduated from the Bashkir State Medical University. From 1992 to 1995. – Held training in internship and residency in neurology. From 1995 to 1998. graduate studies in biochemistry and traditional medicine. In 1998 – defended Ph.D. thesis. Since 1998 lecturer in pedagogy and psychology with the course IPO, s1999 – Senior lecturer in pedagogy and psychology. Since 2001 – Associate Professor of Pedagogy and Psychology. Since 2004, the head of the course pedagogy and psychology IPO Bashkir State Medical Institute. Main scientific activities – non-chemical dependency, psychological protection of the individual. Author of 30 scientific works.
Head teacher of the department: associate professor, Ph.D., Elena Yakovleva.

Responsible for the scientific work of the Department: Associate Professor of Konshin Julia E..
Konshin Julia E. (r.02.10.1971., Ufa, BASSR), educator. Ph.D. (2004), Associate Professor (2006). In 1993 graduated from the Bashkir State Pedagogical Institute. Since 1993 – Senior Laboratory Department of Pedagogy and Psychology of the Bashkir State Medical University, from 1995 to 1998. worked as a teacher. Since 1998 – Senior Lecturer, since 2006 he serves as associate professor. Key research areas – vocational guidance for students on the medical profession. The author of 26 scientific papers.
Cit.: Workshop on the subject \”Age and educational psychology\” – Ufa, 2006.

Responsible for the SSS: lecturer Kudashkin Oksana.

Ostepenennost faculty
The Department of Pedagogy and Psychology Course-IPO BSMU works: 1 Professor (Doctor of Education), 6 associate professors (4 of pedagogical sciences, 2 candidate of medical sciences), 2 senior teachers, 5 teachers (one of them – PhD).

Advances in educational and methodological work
Educational-methodical work.

Teachers of the department engaged in educational work in all departments BSMU. Teachers of the department are lectures, practical and seminars on medical, dental, pediatric, preventive medical faculties, as well as on the faculties of Microbiology and faculty of medical and nursing care with the department of social work case (intramural and extramural studies). Teaching load is carried out in full.
Teachers of the department are developed and updated work programs in the disciplines \”General and Social Psychology,\” Psychology and Pedagogy, \”\” Medical Psychology \”,\” Pedagogy of the methods of teaching special subjects, \”\” Psychology of Management \”,\” Age and educational psychology \”,\” Bioethics . Also, teachers of the department developed a set of model assignments for the students according to disciplines, APIM-tests, guidance on the subjects.
Also, the department has successfully carried out work on the implementation of psycho-pedagogical and pre-diploma practice (Executive – Associate Professor, Ph.D., Trusov S.V) has developed the program.
The Department of Pedagogy and Psychology has developed a number of elective courses for students of medical, pediatric, dental faculty, as well as for students BCD and FPM (\”Communicative skills of health workers\”, \”Socio-psychological training,\” \”The moral and legal foundations of medical practice,\” Introduction to Pedagogy, \”\” Fundamentals of pedagogical skills.
Department staff in a timely manner are upgrading.
The Department of Pedagogy and Psychology is working \”School of the young teacher (for teachers BSMU with less than 5 years). The purpose of the course is to train young teachers Bashgosmeduniversiteta to teaching at the university on the basis of the main program of higher education. The course also aims at personal growth of teachers, develop their professional abilities. Contents of the course are knowledge of pedagogical and psychological theories of the educational process, its main objectives, laws and principles of organization, classic and innovative pedagogical techniques, and procedures for managing training and education Responsible: (Amir A., Lipatov EE).
The head of the department Amirov AF holds regular sessions with graduate students.
Department of Pedagogy and Psychology is available in the Faculty of DCG, actively participating in the final state attestation commission. In the 2008-2009 academic year the department planned for 32 theses on pedagogy and psychology. Department staff are members of the IGAC (Amir A., Lipatov EE, Yakovlev EA).
Is underway at the department dealing with foreign students.
As a result of educational and methodical work for the year 2005-2006 the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology was 20,706 points. Average per employee: 2071 points.
For the year 2006-2007 the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology has 47,125 points, the average score per employee: 5233 points.

Advances in research work

The Department of Pedagogy and Psychology Course-IPO BSMU is active scientific research. Responsible for scientific work – Konshin JE
Over time, the department had successfully defended: 5 PhD and 1 doctoral dissertation (two master\’s thesis).
Actively carries out scientific research work among students. Annually, as part of the student\’s final conference, the department operates Section of Psychology, Chairman: Yakovleva EA), student scientific circle-otvetsstvenny – Kudashkin OV).
Active Department and the publication of monographs, textbooks, textbooks.

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