Chair of polyclinic therapy

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Chair of polyclinic therapy

Department of outpatient therapy was opened in August 1986 head of the department since its founding Madina doctor, professor, Honoured Doctor of the Republic of Bashkortostan Kryukov Antonina Y. . The first assistants were teachers with extensive experience in academia and practical public health: Assoc. Rodikova NN, Morugova TV, Kildiyarov AB, Rakhmanov GV, Khasanov RJ Employees of the department are currently: Professor Nizamutdinova RS, Ph.D. Associate Professor Ignatiev TP ., MD ass. Tuvaleva LS, ass. Kamalov AA, Senior Assistant Chair Lion AV, which constitute a mature science teaching, the creative team, capable to carry out relevant research, organize the training process at the time requirements and to provide multi-skilled health care practical.

Training and laboratory facilities department

The department is based at polyclinics No No 1,46,49,50,51, each of which has diagnostic unit, precinct office, branches and offices providing specialized care, rehabilitation, prevention. The polyclinic No 1 has a day hospital, VTEK in clinic No 49 (student) – a network of student dispensaries, health centers at universities.
In the process of teaching the basic equipment of all clinics. Clinical analysis of patients is carried out in all parts of clinics. The department has required complex of classrooms (lecture hall, five classrooms, office manager of the department, laborantskuyu). During the training process uses 2 computer software, information booths for students. In the training room on the clinical bases created thematic rooms on the Pulmonology (polyclinic No 1), cardiology (polyclinic No No 49,50). The department operates phantom class.

Personnel potential faculty

The department is headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor A. Ya Kriukova. The age ratio among professors, associate professors and assistant professors at the department\’s favor. A total of six bids department faculty, and 2 units of teaching and support staff.
Over the past 9 years at the Department reserved 5 doctoral and 13 master\’s theses. All teachers in a timely manner have been training, have the highest qualification category and 1 doctor.

Division of Anesthesiology

Organization of educational process is conducted in accordance with the plan. Education at the Department carried on the work programs of students 5 and 6 courses of the medical faculty, medical-prophylactic faculty, doctors, interns, respectively, GOS, taking into account the regional component. Work Programme for 5 completed the course materials on the manufacturing practices for ambulance and emergency medical care. All the programs reviewed. Basic teaching materials in the programs are available and modern. According to the training schedule and the department has educational materials, including guidelines and manuals for students and teachers, educational development of lectures, practical recommendations for students in extracurricular work, albums and visual materials.
The department is continuously improving technology of the educational process: held control of the source and destination knowledge level of students, are widely used set of diagnostic tests to verify the practical skills, business simulations, workshops, rounds, seminars, conferences, tests for the development of practical skills. Practice to providing training at various bases MPI, visiting conferences and exhibitions. In order to practice-oriented training of students in the learning process is actively using proven controls the development of practical skills: working at the reception, processing accounting and reporting documents,
Given that the existing training literature discipline does not meet modern requirements, the department in 2000 was published textbook \”polyclinic therapy and completed Part 2 in 2002.
Educational-methodical providing practical exercises carried out by means of teaching aids for students 5 and 6 courses (published in 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005) containing the test control source of knowledge, common tasks, tests of the final level of knowledge, situational problem for quality learning material with a standard response, 10 manuals and recommendations containing relevant information on key questions of outpatient therapy.
To control the initial and basic knowledge of computer programs are available for testing in all areas of outpatient therapy.
To ensure the educational process at the department updated the table Fund, created videos on a number of sections of outpatient therapy, information stands on the drug provision, educational programs on pulmo,-cardiac, gastro-schools rehabilitation for major diseases of internal organs, information folders on phyto- , pharmaco-, diet therapy, exercise therapy, health resorts of Bashkortostan, reference folder therapist.
Lectures, seminars and workshops are conducted with the demonstration of educational films, using trenazhorov (phantoms), \”round tables\”. Widely used clinical reviews of patients, training expert evaluation of the quality of care. The lectures and workshops focusing on the study of risk factors for major diseases of internal organs, the early clinical manifestations, diagnostic criteria for expert assessment of the severity and level of functional disorders, the basic principles of pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapy, criteria for temporary and permanent disability, the characteristics of outpatient management of patients of different age and gender and social groups.
The department provides methodological and general management of production practices for emergency and first aid to students 5-year medical faculty.
Teaching and research work of students and interns conducted at the Department on current issues outpatient therapy. The department developed and implemented screening system for early diagnosis of internal diseases among the population, an analysis of the effectiveness of dispensary observation of patients at risk, is widely used practice of \”round tables\”.
The department developed a training and methodological framework, introduced in the educational process elective course on \”Preventive Medicine and adaptive\” and \”outpatient gerontology and geriatrics.
There are magazine production meetings, mutual visits of lectures and practical exercises.
Educational-methodical work of the department is under the constant supervision of Head of the Department AY Kriukova. Training and teaching conferences are held on the plan, as well as for operational needs, at which issues of teaching, carrying out production plans and current issues.
The department trained 14 medical residents, the program approved by state education institutions.
Each year the department in accordance with the approved plan are being trained on a cycle \”polyclinic therapy\” doctor-intern. Contingency Plans for seminars, protection coursework.

Medical work department staff

Under the leadership of the head. Chair Professor Kriukova AY conducted a large medical advice, retsenzionnaya and methodical assistance to physicians and public health facilities in the base (polyclinics number number 1, 46,50,51). Each year, Professor AY Kryukov holds up to 250 consultations of patients in outpatient clinics of the city and day care at the polyclinic No 1, advice on cities and regions of Belarus. AY Kryukov is the scientific leader of the scientific and methodical center for general education schools of health, under her leadership, conducted review of abstracts certification practical therapists working in outpatient clinics. She is a member of the Licensing and Certification Commission Chief Health Care and Pharmacy Administration of the city of Ufa, and participates as an expert license-accreditation commission MPI MH republic of Bashkortostan, a freelance expert of urban health insurance fund. In addition, she conducted reviews of 150 scientific articles, guidelines, together with practical public health physicians on topical issues of internal diseases.
Implemented three rationalization proposals with the department staff: Associate Professor Ignatiev TP, approximately 200 new diagnostic methods and treatment and new drugs for diseases of internal organs.
AY Kryukov takes an active part in the conferences on topical health issues. She has done a great expert assessment of the quality of medical care to the population to complete registration of cases in the outpatients clinics, on the work of KEK, in the analysis of controversial cases and complaints of patients. Under her leadership, active pulmo-School at the polyclinic No 1, cardio-school, gastro-school in basic outpatient department of polyclinic therapy.
Under the guidance of Head of the Department Kriukova AY addresses the development of programs to improve prevention and medical care and promoting healthy lifestyles among young people. As a result of treatment and advice of the department during the last 3 years, win prizes. Professor AY Kryukov actively engaged in scientific and practical conferences of international and Russian Republican direction, a member of the Association of Physicians of the Republic of Bashkortostan and board member of the Society of Gastroenterology Russia.

Research and development department staff

Scientific directions of the department are:
1.Razrabotka scientific basis of prevention, medical examination, medical and social adaptation of healthy subjects and patients with pathology of internal organs among different population groups.
2.Sostoyanie health and risk factors of diseases of the internal organs of students.
3. The health of older persons.
4. A healthy lifestyle and raising of awareness to the health in health care, education and health care.
The department developed:
• Public health program students and students of Belarus on behalf of the committees of the House of Representatives State Assembly of Belarus for Education, Science, Tourism and Youth Affairs, Social Affairs, Family and maternity health care. Participates in the implementation of the Republican program for healthy lifestyles and the concept of power on behalf of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Belarus.
Over the past 9 years, the department staff published six monographs (AY Kryukov with employees), prepared and published 52 textbooks and recommendations for medical interns in actual problems of outpatient therapy (Kryukov – AY 30, Nizamutdinova RS -5; Bakirova ZA-4; Ignatiev ETC – 4; Tuvaleva LS-4, Ahmadullina G.H -1, Nizamova EI – 4).
In the central and local press officers of the department and in conjunction with practical physicians have published over 200 scientific papers, including 36 in the central press (Kryukov AY – 105; Nizamutdinova RS – 24; Bakirova ZA-30; Ignatiev TP-25; Tuvaleva LS-23, Nizamova EI – 10). The Department reserved 5 doctoral dissertations, 13 master\’s theses, scheduled a doctoral thesis, 3 master\’s theses.

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